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Director Zoroark

Character Names
  • English / United States: Director Zoroark
  • Japanese / Japan: ゾロアーク
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Zoroark
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Zoroark
Zoroark was assigned to the Adventure Division (アドベンチャー部) with Robert in the first episode of Pokémon Smash. It is often seen traveling to events with Robert and sometimes goes with TIM on their off set location shoots. It's main role is to cheer and help out by making the kids feel excited about what's going on. In Smash 105, it was promoted to "Chief of Pokémon Enterprise's Moscow Department", which is just a way of writing it out of the show.

Pokémon Smash #14

In Pokémon Smash #14, Zoroark had a banner which when revealed stated: Learn a new move (あたらしいわざをおばえる). Robert decided they would be willing to help and they 'reveal' its newly learned move, Rest (ねむる). Baba states that it recovers HP. Professor Red though states that Zoroark already knows how to Rest, so it didn't learn a new move. Robert decides they need to show off another 'new' move and this time Zoroark uses Leer (にらみつける) with a pair of modified glasses on but Red and Shoko quickly state it isn't really using that move. Finally Robert gets Zoroark to show off their final move they have prepared for it, Attract (メロメロ) but once again Professor Red isn't fooled by the fake hearts in Zoroark's eyes that were used to emulate a real Attract move. Maria gets mad at Robert for trying to fool them with fake moves. Golgo then tells them to go help Zoroark learn a new real move.

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Robert and Zoroark then head out to meet Professor Wazama Shin to see if they can get him to teach Zoroark a new move. Wazama pulls out what looks like a Record Player to Yamamoto from his bag. He pulls out an Agility (こうそくいどう) TM but Yamamoto thinks its just a record and wonders if the professor is actual a D.J. They hook Zoroark up to the TM machine, insert the TM and begin to teach it to it. When they try to get him to use Agility it becomes apparent that even though Zoroark learned the move, his Agility was a bit slow still as its side to side movements were a bit lacking. The TM Professor decides to enlist Baba to test out a theory to improve Agility's speed. He also gets the Rope Pull Game Team - Wai Wai Women of Tokyo (つな引きチーム ワイワイレディース東京のみなさん) to help carry out his theory. He attaches Baba to two ropes and splits the team in half, 3 team members grabbing hold to one rope. He hopes by alternatively pulling the ropes, Baba's side to side Agility speed will be increased and they can use the technique on Zoroark to increase his Agility speed. Unfortunately the only thing it really accomplished was almost ripping Baba appart.

The professor dig out another TM disk from his bag, this time its Hone Claws (つめとぎ). They then send Zoroark to a 'Nails' shop and it comes out 20 minutes later its nails done and hearts and jewels all over it. Robert are all confused until they realize that 'Nails' translates to tsume (つめ) in Japanese and that Zoroark had gone to a Nail Salon.

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The professor goes at it again, this time they decide to teach it Detect (みきり). Detect enables the Pokémon to evade all attacks and its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession. They decided to test it out by setting up a bamboo practice sword to a pulley system to see if Yamamoto could catch it before it hit him. The test proved to be a failure as it always hit Yamamoto on the head when he wasn't paying attention but luckily he had a helmet on. They decided see if Baba was any better but he got hit on the head as well but without a helmet on. Finally they decide to see how Zoroark would do with its newly learned Detect move. Unfortunately it couldn't reach above its head high enough to catch it before getting hit on the head.

Zoroark gets a bit mad at the fact that none of the new TM moves it learned were working out as they should and just as that happened it started using a new move which caused Robert and the professor to fall on the ground. They are all amazed by the power of the move that Zoroark just used but they didn't have clue what move it was. They decide to go visit Jun'ichi Masuda to see if he could figure out what move Zoroark learned. He asks Zoroark to try to use the move again so he can see what it is and Zoroark uses it again. Robert, the professor and Jun'ichi Masuda all fall to the ground. He then realizes that the move Zoroark learned was Bark Out (バークアウト). He explains that Bark Out deals damage and lowers the target's Special Attack by 1 stage as well as hitting all opponents in double battles and all adjacent opponents triple battles. Jun'ichi Masuda then states they will be giving out a present. It will be a Zoroark that knows Bark Out, a move no other Pokémon can learn or use.

The official Japanese Pokémon Website posted more detailed information about the Smash Zoroark event just after the episode finished airing. The Smash Zoroark will be available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from February 15th, 2011 until March 14th, 2011. Below are the full details.


Zoroark (ゾロアーク)
Level: 50
OT: PokéSma! (ポケスマ!)
ID: 01161
Poké ball: Cherish Ball
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon
Ability: Illusion
Attack 1: Agility (こうそくいどう)
Attack 2:Embargo (さしおさえ)
Attack 3: Punishment (おしおき)
Attack 4: Bark Out (バークアウト)
Known Moveset
Agility Type
First Seen: Smash 14
Learned before Pokémon Smash #14
Embargo Type
First Seen: Smash 14
Learned before Pokémon Smash #14
Punishment Type
First Seen: Smash 14
Learned before Pokémon Smash #14
Snarl Type
First Seen: Smash 14
Junichi Masuda identifies the move it learned in Pokémon Smash #14
Series Title
Smash 1 Lizardon! I Choose You!! / The New Members and Chief Executive Officer Enter / Let's Study the Basics of BW Pokémon! / What is Robert's Assignment?/リザードン!きみにきめた!! /新メンバー&会長が登場!/BWでポケモンを基礎から学ぼう!/ロバートの配属は?
Smash 2 Manene Enters! House of Relaxation! / An Investigation of Mysterious 'Power Spots' That Make Good Things Happen in the Games! /Group Member Baba of the Adventure Division Gets in Trouble!?/マネネ登場!休息の館! / ゲームをやるだけで色んなイイことが起こる不思議な「パワースポット」を調査! / アドベンチャー部の馬場隊員が大変なことに!?
Smash 3 Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!? / The Adventure Division's Great Investigation of Different Types of Sommeliers / Director Masuda from Game Freak Visits! / The Desicion to Distribute the New Pokémon 'Kumashun' via Wi-Fi!/コイルはでんきネズミのユメをみるか!? / アドベンチャー部がいろいろなソムリエを大調査 / ゲームフリーク・増田部長が登場!/新ポケモン「クマシュン」のWi-Fi配信が決定!
Smash 4 ハピナスのハッピーナース! / 新メンバーにポケモンを教える新企画「ポケモンクイズキャラバン」開催 / 新ポケモン22匹一挙大放出 / バトルサブウェイの情報も!/Happinas' Happy Nurse! / The New Plan to Teach the New Members About Pokémon, the 'Pokémon Quiz Caravan' Meeting / Releasing 22 New Pokémon at Once / News on the Battle Subway!
Smash 5 Rescue Ralts! Hurry Masato! / Robert Teaches the New Members How to Enjoy the Pokémon Card Game / Pokémon BW News - Pictures Drawn by the PokéSma Members Appear in the Game!?/ラルトスを救え! 急げマサト! / ロバートが新メンバーにポケモンカードゲームの楽しみ方を伝授 / ポケモンBW情報・ポケスマメンバーが描いた絵がゲームで登場!?
Smash 6 ゼニガメぐんだんとうじょう! / アドベンチャー部・ロバートがCギアを使ってすれ違い調査 / ポケモンBW情報・ヒウンアイスが買えるのは何曜日?/Enter the Zenigame Squad! / Robert of the Adventure Division uses the C-Gear to Examine Differences / Pokemon BW Information - What Day can you Buy Hiun Ice Cream?
Smash 7 Startled by Ringuma!! / The International Division's Card Battle with Robert of the Adventure Division! / A Battle in Pokémon BW Between Beginner Misaki and Group Member Akiyama!/リングマでドッキリ!! / インターナショナル部がアドベンチャー部・ロバートとカードバトル / ポケモンBWで初心者のミサキと秋山隊員がバトル!
Smash 8 Lots of Subame, Lots of Peril! I got one in the Touka Forest!! / Wazama Shin Akiyama Teaches About 'Venom Shock' in the BW TV Program 'Live Technically' / A Pokémon Battle between the Third Champion, Group Member Yamamoto, and AAA!/スバメがいっぱい危険がいっぱい! トウカの森でゲットだぜ!! / BW内のTV番組「わざとくらす」に合わせてワザマシン秋山が「ベノムショック」を教える / 3代目王者・山本隊員とAAAがポケモンバトル!
Smash 9 Pikachu and Pichu! / The New Members Participate Actively in the 'Pokémon Quiz Caravan'? / The Pokémon BW Television Viewer Battles Start / Announcing the PokéSma Original C-Gear Skin Results!/ピカチュウとピチュー! / 「ポケモンクイズキャラバン」で新メンバーが活躍? / ポケモンBWで視聴者バトル開始 / ポケスマオリジナルCギアスキンの結果発表!
Smash 10 ディグダがいっぱい! / アドベンチャー部がそだてやじいさんからナゾのタマゴをゲット、その正体は!?/インターナショナル部もポケモンのタマゴ情報を入手!/Lots of Digda! / The Adventure Division Gets Mystery Eggs from the Day Care Man, What Will They Hatch Into!? / The International Division Obtains Information on Pokémon Eggs
Smash 11 Sing! Purin! / The Adventure Division Predict how the Main Pokémon of the Movie will be Used / The 3rd PokéSun Champion, Group Member Yamamoto, Participates in a Pokémon Battle!/うたって! プリン! / アドベンチャー部が映画で活躍するポケモンを勝手に予想 / ポケモンバトルに第3回ポケサン最強王者・山本隊員が登場!
Smash 12 Pokémon the Movie! / The International Division and the Adventure Division's Pokémon Card Searching Showdown! / Director Shoko-tan's Pokémon Battle / Goods Present Project /ポケモン・ザ・ムービー! / インターナショナル部とアドベンチャー部がポケモンのカード探しで対決!/ポケモンバトルはしょこたん部長/グッズプレゼント企画
Smash 13 The Jungle Trio! Hot Spring Battle!! / Delivering Presents to Those who Sent in 'Cosplay Pictures' / AAA Perform the PokéSma ED Tune / Presents: Trade Pokémon with the PokéSma Members/ジャングルのさんびき! おんせんバトル!! / 「なりきり写真」を送ってくれた方にプレゼントを届ける / AAAがポケスマ!ED曲を披露 / プレゼント・ポケスマメンバーのポケモンと交換
Smash 14 Fushigidane's Mysterious Flower Garden / Professor Wazama Shin Teaches Zoroark a Move & A present from that Person Who Knows All Pokémon / Professor Red's Television Viewer Battle! /フシギダネのふしぎのはなぞの / ワザマシン教授がゾロアークに技を伝授&ポケモンのすべてを知っているあの人からプレゼント / 視聴者バトルにはレッド博士が登場!
Smash 15 Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!! / The Legendary Pokémon 'Reshiram' and 'Zekrom' Appear in a Card Game Battle!? / Announcing the New Move for Victini, Which Will Appear in the Movie!/タケシ&サトシ! タッグバトルでニビジムを守れ!! / ポケモンカードバトルに伝説のポケモン「レシラム」「ゼクロム」が登場!?/映画に登場するビクティニの新しいワザを公開!
Smash 16 The Great Starter Pokémon Panic!! / The New Quiz Caravan Game 'Dotekkotsu's Focus Blast Relay Quiz' Starts! / Information on the Anime-related Present for 'Pokémon BW'!/はじめてのポケモンで大パニック!! / クイズキャラバンで新競技「ドテッコツのきあいだまリレークイズ」がスタート! / アニメに関連した「ポケモンBW」へのプレゼント情報!
Smash 17 Metamon and the Copycat Girl / Handsome Yamamoto Makes his 'PokéSma!' Appearance, Helping Others While Well Disguised / The Parent and Child Participating in the 'PokéSma! Great BW Plan' Event Fight in a Television Viewer Battle!/メタモンとモノマネむすめ / 「ポケスマ!」にハンサム山本が登場、得意の変装で人助け / イベント「ポケスマ!BW大作戦」に参加した親子が視聴者バトルに登場!
Smash 18 ポケモン ゲットだぜ! / 新ポケモンはモンメンしか知らない秋山隊員の「ポケモンづけ生活」/ 新わざを身につけた秋山隊員がポケモンバトル!/Get Pokémon! / 'Immersed in Pokémon Life', starring Group member Akiyama, who is Ignorant About All New Pokémon but Monmen / Group Member Akiyama Engages in a Pokemon Battle with a New Move Attached!
Smash 20 トゲピーはだれのもの!? / 「ポケモンクイズキャラバン」でサッカーチームのところへ所長と博士が出動! / 映画「ビクティニと黒き英雄 ゼクロム」の最新情報!/Whose is Togepi!? / The Chief and Professor Head to the Soccer Team's Arena in the 'Pokémon Quiz Caravan' / The Latest News on the Movie 'Victini and the Dark Hero - Zekrom'!
Smash 21 Pull Yourself Together, Lisyan! / Game Designer Morimoto from Game Freak Invited to a Training Gathering! / A battle between Morimoto and Group Member Yamamoto!/シャンとしてリーシャン! / ゲームフリークの森本さん(ゲームデザイナー)をお迎えしてバトルの集中特訓!/森本さんと山本隊員がバトル!
Smash 22 Lots of Patcheel! Searching for Happiness on the Other Side of the Mountain!? / A Signature Campaign to Release the Complete Version of Group Member Akiyama's 'Immersed in Pokémon Life' on DVD / SKE48 Participates in a Pokémon Battle! / The Latest Clips from the Movie!/パッチールがいっぱい! 幸せさがして山の彼方に!? / 秋山隊員が「ポケモン漬け生活BW」完全版をDVD化するため署名運動 / SKE48がポケモンバトルに登場! / 映画最新映像!
Smash 24 Strike! A Soldier's Pride / Does the Hana Team get their First Victory in the 4th PokéSma Original Card Battle!? / The Latest News on the Movie; Announcing How to Recieve the Victini that Knows 'V-Create'!/ストライク!せんしのほこり / ポケスマオリジナルカードバトル第4弾、ハナチームは初勝利なるか!?/映画最新情報「Vジェネレート」を覚えているビクティニの入手方法も発表!
Smash 25 Rival Showdown! Getting Windie! / Black Team and White Team Competition Match Quiz Caravan, Debuting New Iwapalace and Victini Events / If Group Member Yamamoto loses this Pokémon Battle, He's Fired?/ライバル対決!ウインディをゲットかも! / クイズキャラバンは黒チームと白チームで対抗戦、イワパレス&ビクティニの新競技が登場 / 山本隊員がポケモンバトル、負けたらクビ?
Smash 26 A New Land! A New Adventure!! / Robert's and the International Division's Spring-themed Pokémon Charaben-making Showdown / If Director Shoko-tan Loses This Pokémon Battle, She's Fired?/新たなる大地!新たなる冒険!! / ロバートとインターナショナル部が春にピッタリのポケモンのキャラ弁作りで対決! / しょこたん部長がポケモンバトル、負けたらクビ?
Smash 27 Hiun Gym Match! Purehearted Bug Pokémon Battle!! / The PokéSma Members' Showdown Gathering Supporters from Around the City to Cheer on the 2 Different Pokémon movies that will Premiere Together! / SKE48 Make a Return Appearance!/ヒウンジム戦! 純情ハートの虫ポケモンバトル!! / 2作品同日公開のポケモン映画、ポケスマメンバーが街でそれぞれの映画の応援サポーター集めで対決!/SKE48が再び登場!
Smash 28 Beware of the Cute Face! Paralyzed by Emonga!! / The Biggest Pokémon Quiz Caravan Yet, with 141 Kids Participating / The Special Victini Received Through the Preorder Movie Ticket's Moves are Confirmed!/かわいい顔に要注意!エモンガでシビレビレ!! / ポケモンクイズキャラバンに史上最多の141人の子供たちが参加 / 映画前売り券で貰える特別なビクティニの技が判明!
Smash 29 Unknown in Wonderland! / Soccer Players Shinji Ono and Naohiro Takahara are Supporters of the Pokémon Movies!? / A Challenge at 'Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS'!/ふしぎのくにのアンノーン! / サッカーの小野伸二選手と高原直泰選手がポケモン映画サポーターに!? / 「バトル&ゲット!ポケモンタイピングDS」に挑戦!
Smash 30 こどものひだよぜんいんしゅうごう / ポケスマカードバトルに格闘家のボビー・オロゴンさんが登場 / ポケモンバトルにミサキが初登場!/It's Children's Day, Everyone Gathers / Martial Artist Bobby Ologun Participates in a PokeSma Card Battle / Misaki's First Pokémon Battle!
Smash 31 メイドカフェのミルタンク! / ヤドン秋山をこえる新ゆるキャラ登場!? / ポケモンバトルには初代王者・馬場隊員が登場!/The Maid Cafe Miltank! / The New Character to Succeed Yadon Akiyama Makes His Entrance!? / A Pokémon Battle for the Original King of Pokémon Battles, Group Member Baba!
Smash 32 The Carrier Poppo of the Poppo Service! / Pokémon Quiz Caravan Black-White Competition / Movie News - Announcing the Pokémon to be Distributed in the Theaters / In a Pokémon Battle, Professor Red's Bad Luck...!/ポッポやのでんしょポッポ! / ポケモンクイズキャラバンで黒白対抗戦/映画情報・劇場で貰えるポケモンを発表 / ポケモンバトルでレッド博士に不運が…!