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  • Japan 2013-11-17 ピッピとつきのいし / 「ポケモン捜査官FPI密着24時」、ポケモン竜王戦の出場者をスカウトするべく竜の名を持つ有名人を突撃!
  • Japan 2013-11-17 Pippi to tsuki no ishi / 'Pokémon sōsakan FPI mitchaku 24ji', Pokémon Ryūōsen no shutsujōsha wo scout surubeku ryū no na wo motsu yūmeijin wo totsugeki!
  • Japan 2013-11-17 Pippi and the Moon Stone / In This Installment of 'Around the Clock with Pokémon Investigators from the FPI', the FPI Assault Celebrities with Names Relating to the Word 'Dragon' in Order to Recruit Contestants for the Pokémon Dragon King Match!
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