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21 Aug 2010 03:23 PM
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With the confirmation of the new characters in the new animated series, Pocket Monsters Black and White, the character design has been radically altered from the previously designed characters.

Three of the main characters have been revealed, Iris, who is most likely a traveling companion of Satoshi, Dento, the first Gym Leader in the Isshu region and Shooti, the local regional Pokémon Photographer.

Iris (アイリス): Being good at climbing trees and taking huge bites out of berries, she is a very wild girl with initiative. For some reason, she travels together with the Dragon Type Pokémon Kibago. Iris seems to be able to store Pokemon in her giant hairdo.

Dento (デント): A Pokémon sommelier who, with his abundance of knowledge and experience, determines the compatibility of Trainers and Pokémon and gives them advice on how to befriend each other.

Shooti (シューティ): Is a Pokémon Photographer that enjoys taking photographs of Pokémon he has never seen before.

Have the character designers lost focus on what is considered to be 'appropriate' for the Pocket Monsters anime or is the new spin on character design a way to freshen up the series?

Should the anime have used the protagonists character designs featured in the Black and White games as the main characters in the anime like Haruka and Hikari were used in previous series?

Was creating a new character like Iris just for the anime a fatal flaw or an advantage that will separate in from the games and other Pocket Monsters anime series?

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21 Aug 2010 06:14 PM
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I can't belive that they're replacing officer jenny and nurse joy with younger people. oh, and does anyone know if dento has a thing for girls, like brock did?
21 Aug 2010 10:10 PM
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I think we're all surprised that the BW heroine from the games isn't the new girl, and instead Iris is.

Also, anyone notice the lack of fanservice in Iris design? She actually looks like a little kid. Meanwhile the BW heroine from the games really did have the same "older looking" fanservice we're used to.

I think Iris is a big risk, honestly. Bringing in the main girl from the games was successful for the series, but why bring in a new female who kids can't even play as in the upcoming games?

If Iris bombs, I don't know what the writers will do.