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A new DVD box set has been announced for release in Japan on August 2nd, 2011. Pocket Monsters BW Pokémon TV Anime Collection DVD ~A New Journey!~ (ポケットモンスターBW ポケモンTVアニメコレクションDVD ~新たなる旅立ち!~) is an 8 disk DVD set similar to previous box sets released in the past. The DVD's can be purchased separately or as a full box set for 3,192yen. The DVD's each contain 2 episodes, one from the new Best Wishes series and one from the original Kanto series. Below are the details for the DVD's.

Episode Information
DVD # Series Name
DVD 1 SL 1 Pokémon! I Choose You! / Pokémon! I Choose You!
DVD 1 BW 2 Enter Iris And Axew! / Iris and Kibago!
DVD 2 SL 3 Ash Catches a Pokémon / Get Pokémon!
DVD 2 BW 3 A Sandile Gusher of Change / Mijumaru! Meguroco! Close Call!!
DVD 3 SL 10 Fushigidane of the Hidden Village / Fushigidane of the Hidden Village
DVD 3 BW 4 The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice / Battle Club! A Mysterious Pokémon Appears!!
DVD 4 SL 11 Charmander the Stray Pokemon / Stray Pokémon Hitokage
DVD 4 BW 7 Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! / Tsutarja - Attraction via Getting!?
DVD 5 SL 12 Here Comes the Squirtle Squad / Enter the Zenigame Squad!
DVD 5 BW 8 Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! / Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!
DVD 6 SL 39 Pikachu's Good-Bye / The Forest of Pikachu
DVD 6 BW 9 The Bloom Is on Axew! / Pendror's Rampage! Rescue Kibago!!
DVD 7 SL 72 Go West, Young Meowth / Nyarth's ABCs
DVD 7 BW 11 A Home for Dwebble / Ishizumai! Take Back your Home!!
DVD 8 SL 56 The Ultimate Test / Pokemon Certification Test!?
DVD 8 BW 13 Mincinno-Neat and Tidy / Chillarmy is Tidy!?