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The official Japanese Pokémon website has revealed that a bunch of Lizardon related goods, some of which are for adults, will be going on sale at the Pokémon Centers on March 9th, 2013. Lizardon was made popular when it debuted on the cover of Pocket Monsters Red. Below are the revealed items.

The Lizardon illustration is really fantastic and very cool!

Plenty of Lizardon stationary items as well!

lizardon lizardon
Lizardon Wallet (ウォレット LIZARDON) 3,300yen / Key Case (Coins and cards can also be housed) (キーケース LIZARDON カードやコインも収納可能。) 2,300yen

lizardon lizardon
Lizardon Ties (ネクタイ(2柄)) 4000yen Each / Tie Clip (ネクタイピン LIZARDON) 2000yen 

lizardon lizardon
Lizardon Cufflinks (カフスボタン LIZARDON) 3000yen / Lizardon Hard Jacket iPhone 5 Case (ハードジャケット LIZARDON iPhone 5専用) 1880yen 

Simple designed items for adults

Other Lizardon Items

A4 Double Pocket Clear File Lizardon (A4ダブルポケットクリアファイル LIZARDON) - 350yen
Spiral Notebook Lizardon (リングノート LIZARDON) - 500yen
General-purpose Notebook Lizardon (じゆうちょう LIZARDON) - 170yen
Lizardon Underlay (下敷き LIZARDON) - 230yen
2B Pencil set of 5 Lizardon (2B鉛筆5本セット LIZARDON) - 350yen
Pencil Cap Set Lizardon (鉛筆キャップセット LIZARDON) - 280yen
Lizardon Eraser (消しゴム LIZARDON) - 160yen
Ruler Lizardon (定規 LIZARDON) - 250yen
Lizardon Sticker (ステッカー LIZARDON) - 300yen
Ballpoint Pen 6 Colors (6色ボールペン LIZARDON) - 600yen
Pencil Case Lizardon (筆入れ LIZARDON) - 1,800yen
Lizardon Handkerchief (ハンカチ LIZARDON) - 350yen
Lizardon Purse (巾着 LIZARDON) - 580yen
Lizardon Wristband (リストバンド LIZARDON) - 680yen
Bandana LZ (バンダナ LZ) - 600yen
T-Shirt LZ (Tシャツ LZ) - 2,400yen Each
Socks LZ (ソックス LZ) - 500yen Each

Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2013/02/130215_p02.html
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