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The Pokémon Global Link has added a new Attraction to the PokéMiles Club for players of Pokémon X and Y. Players can spend their PokéMile Points to play Attractions, where they will receive one item from a specific selection upon completion. The item can be transferred into a players Pokémon X or Y game via Game Sync.

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In Graffiti Eraser, players scrub away the paint splotches to reveal three Pokémon. Players then find out if the Pokémon they chose will earn them a top score! Players can earn fun and useful items that they can send to their Pokémon X or Pokémon Y game the next time they use Game Sync. The items players can earn include held items such as Power Band, plus items like Zinc and Iron to make their Pokémon stronger and other useful items such as a Rare Candy and Heart Scale.

We have added a Graffiti Eraser page listing all the rewards players can get at each level.

Source: http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/5a082b06-b954-4b0b-918c-32a805794fe8
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