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Last week marked the 14th anniversary of the Pokémon Live! Musical premiering in the United States. Pokemon Live! was a multi-million dollar musical stage show featuring the adventures of Ash, Brock, Misty, Pikachu, Giovanni, Team Rocket and the mechanical Pokémon, MechaMew2. It premiered on Broadway at Radio City Music Hall in September of 2000 and then toured the United States and Canada.


To mark this anniversary, we have compiled a content database article about Pokémon Live. Most of the information in this Pokémon Live! Musical article was obtained from Production Stage Manager Chris Mitchell in late 2012 and is posted with his permission. The information posted is used in an editorial context and only the information relating to the finalized Call Script that we were given permission to post can be viewed in this Pokémon Live! Musical article. Pokémon Live! is Copyright ©2000 Radio City Entertainment, 4 Kids Entertainment and Nintendo.

The article contains the following: Main Page - About the Musical - Permission - CD - Original Cast - Understudies - Staff - Tour Locations - Script - Show Timings - Scene Shift Plot - Meowth and Pikachu Dresser Cues - Sound FX - Cast Flow - Story/Information - Features - YouTube Videos