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Leaks from the September 2015 issue of Corocoro Comic have surfaced online. Translations follow:

"Summer movies mean Pokemon movies! But this movie includes a startling video clip no one knows much about!"
"Don't take your eyes off this year's movie until the last second!!"
You get to fully enjoy a magnificent story starring the mythical Pokemon Hoopa and the legendary Pokémon!... but that's not the end of it!!

Hoopa is not the only new Pokemon in the movie!? A startling clip awaits you!.

A mysterious Pokémon appears in the trailer for the 2016 Pokemon movie!?
An unfamiliar Pokémon appears in the trailer for next year's Pokémon movie!? Is this bouncing little fellow a new Pokémon!?

It's a green little guy. Will it appear in next year's movie!?
It will appear in the below anime TV special too!

Does it have something to do with this shadow?
Another giant Pokemon appears in the trailer!? Does it have something to do with the green one!?

Take extra note of "The Strongest Mega Evolution Act IV", which will air this fall!!!!!!!
You can see Zygarde in the background there. Haven't we seen that color before...!?

We just announced shocking news on the little green guy, the big shadow and the TV anime! The answers to all this will be revealed next issue!!

There were also feature pages on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: