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The official Pokémon Shuffle websites announced that the Emboar’s Evolution Stage event will be taking place this week for the 3DS version. Details of this event have been added to our Nintendo 3DS version event page. It was also announced that the Kyogre Competitive Stage is available for the mobile versions. Details of this event have been added to our Mobile Versions event page. Our Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Versions Patch page has been updated with the details of the new patches.

Emboar’s Evolution Stage - 3DS Version


After beginning with Tepig and Pignite, players had the chance to catch Emboar in Pokémon Shuffle to complete the evolution chain.

Distribution Dates: September 4th, 2015 until September 18th, 2015
Stage Info: 22 Moves

Kyogre Competitive Stage - Mobile Version


Players that catch Kyogre will be able to use Kyogre’s skill is Rock Break which will randomly erase a single stone disruption.

Distribution Dates: September 3rd, 2015 until September 18th, 2015.
Stage Info: 30 Turns
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