Posted By: TSS_Killer | Dec 17 2015 22:41:02
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Our friends over at TSG (TheSpeedGamers) is once again hosting a Pokémon Marathon for charity. This time they will be playing through the first two generations of Pokémon games on the Game Boy/Game Boy Color in a period of 72 hours.

TSG has been holding video game charity marathons since 2008, and they have raised over $500,000 for over a dozen different charities.

This Pokémon Marathon is raising money for Rocking H Ranch (Est. 1992), which in turn supports many different charities, including:

Paws for Reflection Ranch
Tara Sawyer Foundation
Trent's Retreat Nonprofit Foundation
Backpacks for Kids

If you would like to donate to Rocking H Ranch, click here.

We wish the best of luck to TSG during this marathon and we hope all donation goals are met. Game on!