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SELL (Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs) presented the yearly results of the video game industry in France with their March 2021 issue which is titled Essential Video Game News and it revealed the sales figures for France in 2020. Pokémon Épée and Bouclier are both in their second year and Pokémon Épée (Sword) placed 19th overall in sales selling 158,598 copies generating 8,086,911 € and Pokémon Bouclier (Shield) did not make the charts. Last years sales info for France is available here.


Source: https://www.sell.fr/sites/default/files/essentiel-jeu-video/essential_video_game_news_sell_march2021.pdf and https://www.sell.fr/sites/default/files/essentiel-jeu-video/ejv_mars_21_def_web_.pdf
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