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The official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account announced a new YouTube series called: After School Pokémon Research Club (放課後ポケモン研究部). The first episode broadcast on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel on December 1st, 2022 but was region locked to Japan.


Hajime Syacho (はじめしゃちょー), Hina Kagei (景井ひな), Tomu Muto (武藤十夢), Orin Muto (武藤小麟), the younger sister of Tomu Muto, Kenshiro Kato (加藤憲史郎), and Sasaki Saku (笹木咲) gather in the club room to discuss Pokémon!

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During the episode, the hosts showed off the Sandwich making feature in the latest games. At the end of the episode, a serial code for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was announced to give viewers the following Sandwich ingredients:

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