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Scans from the latest issue of CoroCoro are now available and have been posted below. This issue contains a ton of new information about the upcoming Nintendo DS games Pokémon Black and White (ポケットモンスター ブラック・ホワイト).

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New Features:

  • The player's home town is Kanako Town (カノコタウン)
  • Plasma Gang (プラズマ団) gives a speech in Karakusa Town (カラクサタウン). They steal Pokémon to 'protect' and liberate them. (おまえたちのポケモンわたしたがすくいたしてやる!). After players listen to the speech, they will encounter Plasma Gang everywhere.
  • Dento (デント) is Gym Leader in Sanyou City (サンヨウシティ). He is the first Gym Leader players will battle.
  • Makomo (マモコ) lives in Sanyou City (サンヨウシティ).
  • Aloë (アロエ) is the Gym Leader in Shippou City (シッポウシティ).
  • Shippou City (シッポウシティ) also has a cultural museum.
  • The Isshu region (イッシュ地方) has 8 badges.
  • TM's can be used multiple times now.
  • The PokéShifter (ポケシフター) can only be used after the game has been completed.
  • The games feature seasons now. 1 month in real life is a season in the games.
  • Wild Pokémon change depending on the current season.
  • Victini (ビクティニ) is located in the Liberty Garden Tower (リバティガーデンとう) on Liberty Island. Players require the Liberty Ticket (リバティチケット) in order to access the location.
  • Victini's Dex Entry: It makes limitless energy inside its body. It releases this energy on any Pokémon who touches it.
  • Pokémon Musicals (ポケモンミュージカル) takes place at the Music Hall (ミュージカルホール).
  • Items are stored in the Goods Case and the audience at the Pokémon Musical can gift the player items.
  • Berries do not grow in Isshu. Berries can only be obtained in the Dream World.
  • Players can trade Items and Berries with friends over the Global Link though.
  • Swanna can learn a new move called Windstorm (ぼうふう) and the accuracy of the move depends on the current weather.

New Pokémon

Picture Pokémon Info Ability Type Height Weight
thumbnail Gigaiasu
High Pressure Pokémon
1.7m 260kg
thumbnail Kurumiru
Sewing Pokémon
0.3m 2.5kg
thumbnail Mamanbou
Nursing Pokémon
Healing Heart
1.2m 31.6kg
thumbnail Shikijika
Deer Pokémon
0.6m 19.5kg
thumbnail Miruhoggu
Precaution Pokémon
Keen Eye
1.1m 27.0kg
thumbnail Moguryu
Mole Pokémon
Sand Throw
Sand Power
0.3m 8.5kg
thumbnail Swanna
Swan Pokémon
Keen Eye
Pigeon Heart
1.3m 24.2kg

Source: Serebii.net & コロコロコミック
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