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Clay's Excadrill

Character Names
  • English / United States: Clay's Excadrill
  • Japanese / Japan: ヤーコンのドリュウズ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Yācon no Doryuzu
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Yacon's Doryuzu
Voice Actors
Clay's Excadrill was Clay's third and final Pokémon that battle against Ash Ketchum during his gym battle. Ash Ketchum kept his Snivy out to battle against Clay's Excadrill but that matchup didn't last long as Clay's Excadrill was able to defend against all of Ash's Snivy's attacks. Ash's Snivy was quickly knocked out with a strong Horn Drill.

Battle Against Ash's Roggenrola/Boldore

Ash Ketchum realized that only one of his Pokémon would be able to endure the attacks from Clay's Excadrill and keep enduring them until there was a chance to counterattack and that was Ash's Roggenrola. Ash's Roggenrola kept on enduring all the attacks for quite awhile until it evolved into Ash's Boldore. After evolving it learned two new moves and it became even stronger than when it was a Roggenrola. The battle then turned into a frontal power match between two Pokémon with strong bodies and Ash's Roggenrola was able to counterattack against Clay's Excadrill. Clay's Excadrill was unable to match the power of Ash's Roggenrola's Rock Smash and Clay's Excadrill was knocked out giving Ash Ketchum the overall victory in the gym battle.
Known Moveset
Horn Drill Type
First Seen: BW 63
Defeated Satoshi's Tsutarja's with it.
Rapid Spin Type
First Seen: BW 63
Was able to block Satoshi's Tsutarja's Vine Whip
Rock Smash Type
First Seen: BW 63
It's Rock Smash wasn't as strong as Ash's Boldore's Rock Smash
Drill Run Type
First Seen: BW 63
Used it from underground multiple times