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Ash's Roggenrola


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Known As:
  • Flag Ash's Roggenrola
  • Flag サトシのダンゴロ
  • Flag Satoshi no Dangoro
  • Flag Satoshi's Dangoro
Voiced By:
While stopping for some lunch on route to Raimon City, a distressed Roggenrola jumped on the table that had all the food that Cilan had prepared. Ash Ketchum wasn't certain what the Roggenrola wanted but he decided to battle it and try to get it.

While Ash Ketchum and his friends went to check out the cave to see about fixing the water supply for the Pokémon Center, he reunited with the Roggenrola who was eager for them to come with it into the cave. Team Rocket had captured its friends and as they were escaping they collapsed the entrance to the cave. Rocks began falling above Roggenrola and Ash Ketchum quickly rescued it from being crushed.

After Team Rocket was defeated and the Roggenrola were rescued, the wild Roggenrola challenged Ash Ketchum to a battle to get it. Ash's Tepig was sent out and after numerous Tackle attacks, managed to weaken the Roggenrola enough for Ash Ketchum to get it.

Hearing/Tracking Skills

While investigating the disappearance of many Tabunne in BW38, Cilan suggested to Ash Ketchum that he should send out his Roggenrola as its sense of hearing is sophisticated just like a Tabunne's as it can sense sound waves that humans can't hear. Ash's Roggenrola proved that it could hear the same sound waves that were being used to control the Tabunne but it was unaffected and was successfully able to track down the Tabunne that were captured by Team Rocket. The Tabunne Sonar Emitting Device was destroyed by Ash's Roggenrola's Stone Edge.

Battle against Clay's Excadrill

Ash Ketchum realized that only one of his Pokémon would be able to endure the attacks from Clay's Excadrill and keep enduring them until there was a chance to counterattack and that was Ash's Roggenrola. Ash's Roggenrola kept on enduring all the attacks for quite awhile until it evolved into Ash's Boldore.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Sandstorm Type BW 37 Satoshi's Pokabu pushed forward through it
Flash Cannon Type BW 37 Rocket Gang wanted Roggenrola to make a really powerful cannon mecha
Stone Edge Type BW 37 Dent noted that it had amazing power