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Edmund's Seismitoad

Character Names
  • English / United States: Edmund's Seismitoad
  • Japanese / Japan: エドモンドのガマゲロゲ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Edmond no Gamageroge
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Edmond's Gamageroge
Voice Actors
Edmund's Seismitoad participated in the Don George Donamite Tournament. Edmund's Seismitoad is a perfect match for Edmund as it Ability is Swift Swim so when it rains, its speed increases. Since Edmund seems to be able to summon rain, Edmund's Seismitoad greatly benefits.

Initially the battle went well as Edmund's Seismitoad's speed made it hard for Stephan's Sawk to hit it. The two Pokémon began having a rally of heavy blows, trying to stop one another but it wasn't until Stephan's Sawk successfully hit it with a Low Sweep and injured it a bit, that Edmund's Seismitoad's speed decreased. Edmund noted that with its speed, it should be able to dodge attacks but the injury proved to be the turning point in the match and Stephan's Sawk was able to Bulk Up and then finished it with a Close Combat. With the loss, Edmund was eliminated from the Don George Donamite Tournament by Stephan in the first round.
Known Moveset
Brick Break Type
First Seen: BW 72
Followed up Mud Shot with it
Mud Shot Type
First Seen: BW 72
Used to so that Dageki couldn't get close
Drain Punch Type
First Seen: BW 72
First attack of the tournament to land