Known As:
  • Flag Nini
  • Flag ネネ
  • Flag Nene
Nini is a Pokémon Tripokalon performer who was traveling through the Kalos region. While practicing for her performance with a Heartbreak theme, she encountered Serena and her friends and asked for their opinion on her performance. She was working hard to enter her first Tripokalon. She became a friend and rival of Serena's.

Serena suggested it might be good to synchronize Kamonegi's and Muchul's dancing more and Ash Ketchum suggested that she make the move Heart Stamp more flashy which she used midway through. Nini wrote the suggestions down and then wanted to see Serena's performance and use it as a reference.

Renri Town Tripokalon Tournament

Nini's Gothita was revealed just before the start of the Renri Tripokalon Rookie Class Tournament. She obtained it some time before the Tripokalon but after her last encounter with Serena at the Hyakkoku Tripokalon Tournament. Nini also revealed that she'd only needed one more Princess Key and she hoped to win it at this tournament.

She participated in the first stage theme performance where she performed while making Pofflés and Meowth noted that the colors used on the Pofflé where the colors gothlolis use. She also participated in the free performances but she wasn't good enough to defeat Jessie to get the Princess Key that day. Serena noted to Nini that they would have to wait a bit longer a bit longer for them to both get their last Keys.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nini's Farfetch'd
  • Japan ネネのカモネギ
  • Japan Nene no Kamonegi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Nini's Smoochum
  • Japan ネネのムチュール
  • Japan Nene no Muchul
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  • United States Nini's Gothita
  • Japan ネネのゴチム
  • Japan Nene no Gothimu