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Character Names
  • English / United States: Goh's Raichu
  • Japanese / Japan: ゴウのライチュウ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Go no Raichu
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Go's Raichu
Voice Actors
Goh's Pikachu was caught in a mountain forest in the Kanto region. At Professor Cerise request, Ash Ketchum and Goh went to investigate an outbreak of Pikachu's there and Go wanted to catch a Pikachu. When he tried to catch one of the Pikachu's, it hit the Poké Ball back in his face. One of the Pikachu's came up to see if Goh was okay and he ended up catching that Pikachu who had already begun to befriend them.

Team Rocket showed up at captured a lot of her friends and she wanted to rescue them. She had found a Thunder Stone earlier and tried to give it to Ash's Pikachu as a present but it didn't want it, so Goh kept it instead. As it was being sucked up into the machine, it motioned to Goh to throw the Thunder Stone to it so it would evolve while in the pipe and destroy the cage vehicle.

Goh's Raichu is the evolved form of Goh's Pikachu. It's quick to make friends and it likes to give gifts like berry's.