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Ryogo Matsumaru

Character Names
  • Japanese / Japan: 松丸亮吾
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Ryogo Matsumaru
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Ryogo Matsumaru
Ryogo Matsumaru (松丸亮吾) is the president of RIDDLER Corporation, creator of riddles. After entering the University of Tokyo, Ryogo Matsumaru became the head of a riddle-solving production circle, and has since become a "riddle-solver" who has created a huge boom in various fields. His book series has sold over 1.55 million copies. He is also the author of many other books.

Get a Flash of Inspiration! Let's PokéRiddle!! (ひらめきゲット!Let’sポケなぞ!!) is presented by Ryogo Matsumaru. For this segment, a word problem related to the episode that just aired before it is presented to the audience to solve.

Ryogo Matsumaru has been a guest star on many episodes of Pokénchi as well. He joined the cast of PokéDoko as a regular and gave the following comment:

Comment by Ryogo Matsumaru about PokéDoko
I'm Ryogo Matsumaru, and believe it or not, I've just become the leader of a group that's going to expose the world to the wonders of Pokémon in "PokéDoko"!

I've loved the Pokémon shows to the point of admiration ever since I was little, and I still can't believe I'm actually going be in one as a host this time. The show hasn't even started yet, and I'm still moved to tears. I will do my absolute 100%, no, 100000% best to show how amazing Pokémon is...!

I'm really looking forwards to visiting Pokénds all over the world with Abareru-kun and host Shoko Nakagawa.

These will be encounters created through Pokémon. Let's go to a world where excitement never ends!
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