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Move Details

Thunder Shock Introduced in Generation 1


Types Move Type Damage Class Special Cool
PP 30
Power 40
Accuracy 100


Language Local Name
Chinese (Cantonese Hong Kong) 電擊
Chinese (Mandarin Taiwan) 电击
English Thunder Shock
English (Pre-Gen 6) ThunderShock
French Éclair
German Donnerschock
Italian Tuonoshock
Japanese でんきショック
Japanese (Romanized) Denkishokku
Korean 전기쇼크
Spanish Impactrueno

Damage Done

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water
0.5x 0.5x 2x 0.5x 0x 2x

Pokémon List

By Level Up

Pikachu Type Icon
Raichu Type Icon
Magnemite Type Icon Type Icon
Magneton Type Icon Type Icon
Electabuzz Type Icon
Jolteon Type Icon
Zapdos Type Icon Type Icon
Pichu Type Icon
Mareep Type Icon
Flaaffy Type Icon
Ampharos Type Icon
Elekid Type Icon
Raikou Type Icon
Magnezone Type Icon Type Icon
Electivire Type Icon
Rotom Type Icon Type Icon
Emolga Type Icon Type Icon
Klink Type Icon
Klang Type Icon
Klinklang Type Icon
Stunfisk Type Icon Type Icon
Thundurus Type Icon Type Icon
Helioptile Type Icon Type Icon
Dedenne Type Icon Type Icon
Togedemaru Type Icon Type Icon
Tapu Koko Type Icon Type Icon
Xurkitree Type Icon

By Breeding

By Machine

Pokémon Anime Characters

Thumbnail Ash's Pikachu SL 3 First called in the battle with Pidgeotto, presumably the electric attack used in earlier episodes too.
Thumbnail Lt. Surge's Raichu SL 14
Thumbnail Nurse Joy's Pikachu SL 2
Thumbnail Cilan's Stunfisk BW 35 Shocked Ash and Pikachu out of the water
Thumbnail Ellie's Ampharos BWS2N 5 Other attack it used against Team Rocket
Thumbnail Travon's Mareep BWS2N 5 Multiple times on Denryu
Thumbnail Clemont's Dedenne XY 4 Combined with Pikachu's Thunderbolt to send Team Rocket flying away!
Thumbnail Professor Belmondo's Magneton XY 66 The move was dodged by Elezard.
Thumbnail Billy's Shinx PM2019 98 It trained by shooting at a target.
Thumbnail Billy's Elekid PM2019 98 It trained by shooting at a target.
Thumbnail Billy's Helioptile PM2019 98 It trained by shooting at a target.