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  • Japan 2012-12-19 ポケモン TV Show! ロケット団ひみつ帝国・ポケットモンスター
  • Japan 2012-12-19 Pokémon TV Show! Rocket-dan himitsu teikoku Pocket Monsters
  • Japan 2012-12-19 Pokémon TV Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire: Pocket Monsters
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As part of the special Pokémon TV Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire: Pocket Monsters airing on Kids Station, the Rocket Gang introduced the episode. Musushi indicated that this was one of her favorite episodes of the series.

In a house, Jessie is sleeping or at least she's pretending to be. Someone walks in the door and Meowth unleashes a net and captures Santa Claus. The Santa Claus is actually James in disguise. So their trap was just for practice. Jessie says that Santa is a thief. She tells a story about her past on Christmas Eve. Jessie punches her doll and hears Santa. So she hides behind the bed sheets. Jynx comes down the chimney and looks around. She sees Jessie's broken down and Jynx puts it in the bag. Then Jynx walks back up the chimney. Her flashback ends and Jessie goes off crying. Jessie thinks that Santa is a Jynx.

Ash looks at Jynx with his binoculars. The creep out closer to Jynx. Ash gets out his Pokédex and he looks at what Dexter has to say about Jynx. Ash wants to capture Jynx. He has Pikachu use Thunderbolt on Jynx. Jynx doesn't seem to be hurt after the attack. It picks Pikachu up and kisses it. Pikachu falls asleep. Ash sends out Charmander and it uses Flamethrower on Jynx. Once Jynx is burnt, Ash throws a Pokéball at Jynx. However, Jynx blocks the Pokéball with the boot it is holding. Misty thinks that the boot it is holding belongs to its trainer. Jynx gives Misty the boot. Misty looks inside of it and assumes that the boot belongs to Santa. Ash and Brock agree too. Jynx tries to kiss Brock but it fails. Then Jynx begins to glow and it projects an image of its past to Ash, Misty, and Brock.

Jynx is cleaning Santa's boot when all of a sudden the ice splits and Jynx is floating away across the ocean. Ash tells Jynx that they will bring the boot and it back to the North Pole. Jynx tries to kiss Ash as a thank you. Team Rocket is on an above cliff spying on Ash and co. Ash and co. build a raft out of logs and they Ash and Brock push it in the water. Then they get out their water Pokémon to help pull the raft to the North Pole. Team Rocket is in their Gyarados sub following Ash. After awhile, they drift off course because the Pokémon are very tired. Ash decides to pull the raft now. After a bit, he is also tired. Then Ash hears a voice. Misty tells him to keep on going. Ash hears the voice again, but then a wave comes and the raft is swept away. Ash is underwater and he hears the same voice again.

Ahead of him is a Lapras who can talk into Ash's mind. The Lapras pulls Ash to the surface.

Misty takes out the Pokédex and scans Lapras. Dexter says that Lapras can understand human speech. Lapras tells them that it was sent from Santa in search for the Jynx. Lapras thanks them for bringing it the Jynx and offers them a ride to Santa's workshop. Everyone cheers and Jynx tries to kiss Brock again.

Team Rocket is falling behind in trying to catch up with Ash and co. Now it's raining hard. Lapras warns Ash that it will start to get colder. Ash doesn't mind the cold. However, once they reach closer to Santa's workshop, all three of them are wrapped in Jynx's hair. Suddenly, Team Rocket pops out of the water in front of them. They're very tired but they say their motto anyways. Jessie orders them to hand over Santa to them. She says that Santa is a Jynx. All of them laugh at her. Jessie gets mad and Meowth fires a rocket in the air. Team Rocket quickly grabs Jynx and the rocket turns into a net which captures Lapras, Ash, Misty, and Brock.

Team Rocket has made it to the North Pole and they are looking at the inside of Santa's workshop through the window. They have Jynx tied up in rope. Team Rocket sees lots of Jynx in Santa's workshop. Then they see the real Santa in working. Jessie now thinks that the Jynx isn't the real Santa Claus.

Jessie takes out the boot and shows it to Santa Claus. Suddenly, Ash and co. come in telling Santa that Team Rocket is bad. James and Meowth quickly tie up Santa with rope. Meowth orders all the Jynx to put the presents in their sub. Team Rocket now has everyone tied up and the Jynx begin to load the bags of presents into their sub. Jessie tells Santa that Jynx stole her favorite doll from her. Jynx comes and a strand of its hair touches Jessie to try to remember what happened that day. Jynx walks away and comes back with Jessie's doll. Jessie wonders why Santa never brought the doll to her before. Santa tells her that he was but that she didn't believe in him anymore.

Jessie quickly takes the doll and they are off with the presents. Lapras appears and it tells Team Rocket not to steal Christmas. Then Lapras uses Ice Beam on their sub. Ash sends out Charmander. He tells it to burn the ropes. Then Ash tells Charmander to use Fire Spin on Team Rocket. Jessie sends out Weezing and it uses Sludge attack on Charmander. Charmander's face is covered with sludge. Then Team Rocket gets away. Santa tells all the Jynx to use Psywave. With their psychic attacks, the Jynx bring Team Rocket back up above the water and then the Jynx shake the presents out of the sub. Then their sub explodes and Team Rocket goes blasting off again.

Santa takes off with his Rapidash and then it begins to snow. Ash forgot to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. Jynx comes out and brings gifts for everyone. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is in their bed hoping that Santa will visit them. Jynx comes and it uses a Lovely Kiss on Team Rocket and they all fall asleep.


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  • Japan ムサシ
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