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  • Japan 2012-12-20 ポケモン TV Show! ロケット団ひみつ帝国・ポケットモンスター
  • Japan 2012-12-20 Pokémon TV Show! Rocket-dan himitsu teikoku Pocket Monsters
  • Japan 2012-12-20 Pokémon TV Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire: Pocket Monsters

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Aim To Be A Pokémon Master
Type: Wild
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As part of the special Pokémon TV Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire: Pocket Monsters airing on Kids Station, the Rocket Gang introduced the episode. Nyarth indicated that this was one of his favorite episodes of the series.

Ash and co. are in Pallet Town getting ready for the Pokémon League. Ash and Brock are excercising, while Misty is sitting on the couch. The mailman brings Mr. Mime a special invitation. The group gathers around Mrs. Ketchum while she reads the letter. The invitation reads that Ash and co. have been invited to go to Hollywood. Ash decides to go to even though he has to train for the Pokémon League.

Meanwhile, Jessie wants to go to Hollywood even though they didn't get an invitation. James is afraid that they might kick them out, but Jessie convinces him to go. Hollywood is a place that Meowth would like to forget. Meowth begins to tell his story about his youth.

It all starts off with Meowth outside. He has no friends and no home. Meowth is very hungry. He heads to a baseball field and wants to eat the baseballs. Failing to do this, the baseball team ties Meowth to a tree. Hours later, a movie is played. Meowth tells to himself that he will never forget this moment. Meowth breaks free from the ropes and decides to head west for Hollywood. He finds a truck that is heading to Hollywood, and he rides on it. Meanwhile, Ash and co. have arrived at Hollywood, but it turns out to be a dump. They search around the place until the theater is found. Schpealbunk walks out with a big smile. Team Rocket is also at the theater. Jessie and James are surprised that Meowth has been to Hollywood before. Meowth tells them that there are some things that he likes to keep private.

Meowth continues with his story. He has finally found a restaurant. Stealing the food, Meowth runs away because the owner is chasing him. Meowth runs all the way to an alley. A Persian and other Meowth walks up to Meowth. Persian gives Meowth some fish bones. Meowth is happy that he finally got to it. Then across the street, Meowth finally met its true love. Across the street was another Meowth. Meowth runs up to the other Meowth. The other Meowth's name was Meowzy. Meowzy's trainer comes up and hits Meowth with her umbrella. Then she holds out a diamond Pokéball. Before Meowzy goes back with its trainer, Meowzy tells Meowth that he is not even rich or human. Then Meowzy's trainer returns Meowzy back into its Pokéball.

Meowth realizes that he has to act like a human to win Meowzy's heart. Meowth starts to practice walking like a human. Then Meowth steals from the same restaurant. The owner chases Meowth again, and he catches up with Meowth because Meowth can't run fast enough.

Now Meowth has to learn how to talk like a human. He sees a group practicing their english, and so Meowth decides to learn. He gets out a picture book and begins to practice reading. Again, Meowth gets caught again by the owner of the restaurant. He listens to the group again saying, "She sells sea shells by the seashore." Meowth practices reciting the alphabet. The next day, Meowth goes back up to Meowzy. He tells her that he can talk like human and stand on two feet. Meowth even presents some flowers to Meowzy. Meowzy tells Meowth that he is a freak. This upsets Meowth, and Meowth now wants to become rich and powerful. That's when he decided to join Team Rocket.

Meanwhile, Jessie and James are waiting for Meowth to return. They see Meowth walking with the same Persian and other Meowth from before. Persian tells Meowth that they want Meowth to return. Meowth tells Persian that he has decided to join Team Rocket. From the group of Meowth is Meowzy. Meowth asks Meowzy what happened. Meowzy has a flashback on how her trainer abandoned her because her trainer didn't have any money left. Meowth discusses the situation with Meowzy. He tells her that he will free Meowzy from the gang. Persian doesn't want Meowzy to leave. The other Meowth surrounds Meowth and Meowzy. Just before the other Meowth can attack, Jessie and James comes to the rescue. They can't have anything bad happen to Meowth because Jessie and James are friends with Meowth. Jessie sends out Arbok, and James sends out Weezing. The other Meowth are scared away. All that is left is Meowth, Meowzy, and Persian. Meowth and Persian faces at each other. They both attack each other, but Persian receives damage. Meowzy is about to cry. It runs past Meowth and to Persian. Meowzy tells Meowth that Persian was the one that helped her, and that it wouldn't be right to abandon Persian. Meowth is surprised that Meowzy still thinks that he is a freak.

The movie that Ash and co. were watching comes to an end. Schpealbunk asks for their opinions. Ash and co. weren't even in the movie. Misty wonders why they are even in the movie. Sphpealbunk tells them that he couldn't find any movie stars to come. Suddenly, Team Rocket walks out on stage. Team Rocket does a bit dancing, and then they leave. Ash, Misty, and Brock realizes now that their movie career is now over. Later at night, Meowth gazes at the moon. He wonders if Meowzy is looking at the moon too.


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  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
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  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
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  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
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