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Scans from the latest Weekly Famitsu No. 1189 (週刊ファミ通 1189号) have revealed new information about the new game PokéPark 2 Beyond the World (ポケパーク2 ビヨンド・ザ・ワールド) due to be released this winter for the Nintendo Wii. The game will feature 5th generation Pokémon and Tsutarja, Mijumaru and Pokabu will now be able to be controlled in addition to Pikachu. Muma's Photo stand has returned which allows players to copy game screenshots to an SD card to be transferred to another device. There are now two distinct areas in the game: PokéPark (ポケパーク) and Another World (もうひとつの世界).

Also announced was a new Japanese Dream World expansion "Old Mansion" (古びた洋館) which will be released on the Pokémon Global Link starting on September 28th, 2011. It features the new mini game "Extinguish the Candles" (ろうそく消し) as well as new Dream World Pokémon such as Mikaruge and new decor items.

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