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To promote and tie in with the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes episodes Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! (トルネロスVSボルトロスVSランドロス!), a Japanese Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection event was announced in the December 2011 Corocoro. Players of Japanese version of Pokémon Black can receive the legendary Pokémon Voltolos while players of the Japanese version of Pokémon White can receive Tornelos.

In Pokémon Smash 62, the details of the event Pokémon were fully revealed.

Voltolos Tornelos Tornelos

In the original airing of Pocket Monsters Best Wishes #61 on December 15th, 2011, the Okido segment at the end of the show featured a promotion for the Voltolos and Tornelos event distribution. The event distribution was then activated a half an hour after the airing of the episode at 20:00JST on the the 15th, despite the official start distribution date of December 16th, 2011.

Voltolos Tornelos Tornelos

McDonalds commercials that were promoting the Happy Set collection for December 2011 also had a promotion for the event which was also being distributed at McD de DS (マックでDS) locations.

Voltolos Tornelos

Milos Voltolos and Milos Tornelos have been added to our Event database.

Chill Out Mamoswine

The official Pokémon website has also announced that the Mamoswine that was distributed throughout the world is now available for the United States and Australia. Below is the press release.

Press Release

Befriend a cool Mamoswine at the Pokémon Global Link with this password!

It may be getting colder outside, but your Pokémon battles are about to heat up! Copy down the following password and enter it at the Pokémon Global Link to befriend Mamoswine, a huge Ice- and Ground-type Pokémon that's ready to send chills through your opponents. This Mamoswine has the Thick Fat Hidden Ability, a trait exclusive to Mamoswine found in the Pokémon Dream World. Thick Fat provides extra resistance to both Fire- and Ice-type attacks, making this already tough Pokémon even harder to defeat!

The password is: POKEMONDOTCOM

Once you befriend Mamoswine at the Pokémon Global Link, use Game Sync to add the cool Pokémon to your copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version. Don't wait—Mamoswine will be available for only a limited time!