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Jan 30 2010 Pokémon Sunday 276
Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Do Your Best! Face Front, Rocket Gang / The Mega-popular PokéSun New Record! / Chief Golgo Battles the Chiba Prefecture Representative! (がんばれ!前向きロケット団 / 大好評!ポケサン新記録! / ゴルゴ所長と千葉県代表がバトル!), aired today in Japan.

The anime rerun episode for this week was 'Do Your Best! Face Front, Rocket Gang' which originally aired on Shūkan Pokémon Hōsōkyoku (週間ポケモン放送局 ), episode 9. Rocket Gang is sent flying into the air after being defeated by Satoshi's Pikachu and they land in front of a bunch of villagers who mistaken them for good guys. What will Rocket Gang decide to do?!

During the Pokémon Game Arena segment, Golgo battled the Chiba Prefecture representative, Keigo-kun.

At the end of the show Lucario runs into the room with a package from Game Freak director Jun'ichi Masuda in his hands. The crew goes crazy and wants to open the package immediately but before they can the show ends leaving a cliff hanger for next weeks episode.

During the preview for next week, as it was announced on Jun'ichi Masuda Game Freak directors blog earlier this week, a clip showing him with a card revealing new information was shown but a big question marked covered the card. Next weeks episode also includes Robert trying to find out "Who Phantom Champion Z is!?" (幻影の覇者Zってダレだ!?).

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