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Title: Re: BW 10: ライバルバトル!強敵プルリル!/Rival Battle! Kyōteki Pururill!
So unbelievable for mijumaru and pokabu were defeated so easily by shootie pokemon, only ash's tsutarja, pikachu and mamepato show many improvements.
Title: Re: Movie 12: Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life/Arceus - Chōkoku no Jikū e/アルセウス超克の時空へ
WAO! The movie is so cool and exciting! Marvelous!
Title: Re: BW 9: ペンドラー暴走!キバゴを救え!!/Pendra's Rampage! Rescue Kibago!!
at last, i can see iris calling another pokemon!
Title: Re: BW 8: ダルマッカとヒヒダルマ!時計塔の秘密!!/Darumakka to Hihidaruma! Tokeitō no himitsu!!
nice, cant wait for this episode
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl 189 - Best Wishes Website
Ash loses le, but i hope he can compete and win the league in the isshu region.
Title: Add me on Pokemon Go!
File: 15514566230014.jpg (591px x 1280px - 60.70 KiB)
9297 9040 1344, add me on Pokemon Go. It's merrier to have more international friends around. We can exchange gifts with chance of shiny babies from 7km eggs. Thank you.
Title: Shiny Moltres from Legendary Community Day of Pokemon Go
File: 15365064630098.png (720px x 1280px - 311.61 KiB)
It's been a wonderful moltres community day for everyone yesterday. I was able to meet up and play with my locals and friends for 3 fun hours. There were server errors for the first 20 minutes which made our team to lose one raid pass. But everyone got at least one shiny moltres from next raids using both free and premium raid passes, thanks Pokemon company and Niantic. After getting this shiny fiery chicken, my next target is shiny fiery Magby from egg and evolve into shiny chicken Magmar! Been working hard on hatching eggs!
Title: Shiny Swablu Caught in PoGo!
File: 15184162900048.png (1080px x 1920px - 656.55 KiB)
I caught my shiny Swablu on the very first day of its release! I was very happy and evolved it into Altaria.
Title: Pokemon Go Shiny Pikachu
File: 15166810310072.png (1080px x 1920px - 426.89 KiB)
Thanks Niantic for hosting Community Day event last Saturday. I managed to catch 8 shiny pikachu.
File: 15166388660096.png (1839px x 855px - 1.11 MiB)
... it's been 2 days since the community day event. Seriously, I think you hired the wrong admin for this official Malaysia Pokemon Page.