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Character Names
  • English / United States: Chili's Pansear
  • Japanese / Japan: ポッドのバオップ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Pod no Baoppu
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Pod's Baoppu
Voice Actors
Chili's Pansear was first revealed in the Sanyo Gym when Ash Ketchum was shown the three gym leaders Pokémon and he looked it up in his PokéDex. Baoppu is Chili's main Pokémon and is relied on for gym battles.

Chili's Pansear battled against Ash's Tepig during Ash Ketchum's gym battle. Chili's Pansear showed its was a strong opponent but Ash Ketchum's tactics proved to be enough to get Pokabu to be able to defeat Chili's Pansear.

Battle Against Dent's Yanappu

Chili wanted to see the results of Cilan's studying and he challenged him to a battle. Chili thought that it would be an easy battle as they had the super effective type advantage but as the battle progressed Chili didn't like the fact that Cilan's Pansage kept avoiding all of Chili's Pansear fire attacks and Chili told Cilan that running away all the time doesn't make a battle. Cilan though told him that running away is a perfectly fine way to battle. Chili got more angry during the battle and after loosing he blamed his Baoppu for the loss as it missed its Fire Blast at the most crucial moment. Chili's Pansear ran away in anger as it was mad it was getting blamed for the loss and Cilan then blamed Chili for the loss in the battle which only fueled Chili's anger and he ran off as well.

Dent's Pokémon Sommelier Tasting of Pod and his Baoppu

After Chili made up with his Baoppu, Cilan conducted his Pokémon Sommelier Tasting of Pod and his Baoppu. Baoppu has Gluttony as its Ability and they found Baoppu in a tree eating a bunch of apples while Chili's a glutton too as Cilan found him in the donut shop pigging out, so they're a good match in that regard. The tuft on Baoppu's head increases in temperature when its angry, so its attack taste gets spicier as well. Chili's similar as well as he gets all hot in the head when he's angry so they are perfectly compatible in that department. After taking Chili's and Baoppu's personality into account, Cilan thought that instead of creating an unfavorable taste with defensive moves, making them master their passionate, aggressive offensive taste even further would produce a better flavor. Cilan though said that balance is important too and all of Chili's Pansear's moves were offensive fire attacks and he suggested that Chili's Pansear learn SolarBeam.

Mastering SolarBeam

Chili and his Baoppu wanted to do their best so that Chili's Pansear could learn SolarBeam. Cilan was the one that taught Chili's Pansear how to use the move. First, they began their practice by taking in the sun's power by stretching their arms out wide to soak up the suns rays. Ash Ketchum, Ash's Pikachu, Iris and Iris' Axew also did all the techniques along with Chili's Pansear for moral support. Cilan told Chili's Pansear to listen for the voice of the grass and the trees and to open its heart and it should be able to hear them. Chili and Chili's Pansear heard the really soft and kind voice of the grass and the trees and then they moved on to the next step which was to focus on the sun power that Chili's Pansear had taken in on one point.

Chili's Pansear first attempt to use SolarBeam failed but Cilan decided that they needed to increase its strength. After a bit of strength training, Chili's Pansear tried again and it was successful and it had mastered using SolarBeam thanks to Cilan.

Battle Against Satoshi's Mijumaru

Initially, Ash Ketchum was going to battle Chili's Pansear with his Ash's Pikachu, but Ash's Oshawott popped out and wanted to battle it instead. Ash Ketchum agreed and despite the type disadvantage in this battle, Chili just got more fired up. Chili's Pansear managed to cover its weakness with power and momentum and taking Cilan's advice into account, it used Flame Charge to increase its speed to become useful when dodging Ash's Oshawott moves. Chili's Pansear managed to endure Ash's Oshawott super effective moves just long enough for it to use its newly learned SolarBeam attack which Ash's Oshawott was unable to dodge and it was knocked out. Chili's Pansear won the battle despite the type disadvantage.
Known Moveset
Fire Punch Type
First Seen: BW 5
Knocked down Satoshi's Pokabu
Flamethrower Type
First Seen: BW 5
Used to try to stop a counterattack from Satoshi's Pokabu
Dig Type
First Seen: BW 5
Satoshi told his Pokabu that Dig was powerful and to be careful
Solar Beam Type
First Seen: BW 60
Dent taught it the move
Fire Blast Type
First Seen: BW 60
A last attempt to try to finish off Dent's Yanappu
Flame Charge Type
First Seen: BW 60
Increased its speed to become useful when dodging