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Character Names
  • English / United States: Chili
  • Japanese / Japan: ポッド
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Pod
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Pod
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Chili was a gym leader of the Sanyo City Gym where he shared the responsibility with his brothers Cilan and Cress. He is also a Pokémon Sommelier who, with his abundance of knowledge and experience, determines the compatibility of Trainers and Pokémon and gives them advice on how to befriend each other.

Battle with Ash

Chili's Pansear is his main Pokémon, a fire type, which was sent out to battle against Ash's Tepig when Ash Ketchum challenged all three of the Sanyo City Gym Leaders. He was surprised that Ash's Tepig was able to defeat him.

Battle with Cabernet

Burgundy a Pokémon Sommelière and a Pokémon Trainer decided to challenge Cilan at the Sanyo Gym for the Tri Badge. Cilan defeated her but when Burgundy returned to challenge Cilan at the gym, Chili and Cress had to explain that Cilan was on a journey and was no longer at the gym. Angry that Cilan was not the gym leader when she visited, she battled and defeated Chili to win the Tri Badge.

Beginning his Journey

Cress explained to Cilan over the video phone that he had a chat with their brother Chili about his aggressive battling style, which ignores defense and solely concentrates on offense. Instead of giving him advice like Cress had intended, it seemed like Cress hurt Chili's feelings when he pointed that out to him and he ran off. Chili then showed up Driftveil City where Cilan was with Ash Ketchum as they waited for Clay to be ready for the gym battle. Chili told Cilan that he had started a journey to study just like Cilan had done when he went off with Ash Ketchum. Chili wanted to see the results of Cilan's studying and he challenged him to a battle. After loosing the battle though he blamed his Baoppu for the loss and it ran away in anger. Cilan blamed Chili for the loss in the battle which only fulled Chili's anger and he ran off as well to a donut shop where he usually goes to eat away his stress whenever he's upset.

Cilan found Chili at the donut shop and the two of them talked and Chili explained the reason that he left home was because Cress ticked him off and he didn't want to return to the Gym, so he ended up setting off on a journey. But as time passed, he began thinking about Cress's suggestion that he should change his battle style. Cilan realized that Chili had the time to let his thoughts ripen to make a good decision and that he'd like to do a Pokémon Sommelier tasting between him and his Baoppu.

Dent's Pokémon Sommelier Tasting of Pod and his Baoppu

After Chili made up with his Baoppu, Cilan conducted his Pokémon Sommelier Tasting of Pod and his Baoppu. Baoppu, the High Temperature Pokémon, has Gluttony as its Ability as they found Baoppu in a tree eating a bunch of apples and Chili's a glutton too as Cilan found him in the donut shop pigging out, so they're a good match in that regard. The tuft on Baoppu's head will increase in temperature when angry, so its attack taste gets spicier as well. Chili is similar as he gets all hot in the head when he's angry so they are perfectly compatible in that department. Cilan though said that balance is important too and all of Chili's Pansear's moves were offensive fire attacks and suggested that it learned SolarBeam. After taking Chili's and Baoppu's personality into account, Cilan thought that instead of creating an unfavorable taste with defensive moves, making them master their passionate, aggressive offensive taste even further would produce a better flavor.

Continuing his Journey towards opening the first Fire type Gym in the Isshu region

Chili explained to his Baoppu that he has a dream to someday open the first Fire type Gym in the Isshu region with Baoppu but first they have to master Fire types. After defeating Ash's Oshawott in a battle, Chili and his Baoppu's enthusiasm grew and he decided to return home to make up with Cress before continuing on their journey towards that goal.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States Chili's Pansear
  • Japan ポッドのバオップ
  • Japan Pod no Baoppu
  • Japan Pod's Baoppu
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