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Cameron's Ferrothorn

Character Names
  • English / United States: Cameron's Ferrothorn
  • Japanese / Japan: コテツのナットレイ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Kotetsu no Nutrey
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Kotetsu's Nutrey
Voice Actors
Cameron's Ferrothorn was the first Pokémon that Cameron sent out to battle against Marlon as he forgot to bring his Riolu over to the battle area. Marlon's Jellicent was matched up against Cameron's Ferrothorn which was odd considering it was a water based gym arena and there was only a small platform for it to stand. Cameron thought he did well in the battle and was going to have an easy victory in the match by quickly defeating Marlon's Jellicent but Marlon's tactic was revealed when Marlon's Jellicent Ability Cursed Body disabled Cameron's Ferrothorn Thunderbolt.

Isshu League Tournament

In the preliminary round of the Isshu League, Cameron's Ferrothorn was matched up against Kendrick's Eelektross and defeated it. As a result Kendrick was eliminated from the competition.

In the second main round, Cameron's battle was briefly shown and Cameron's Ferrothorn was shown defeating a Morobareru.
Known Moveset
Pin Missile Type
First Seen: BWS2 10
Wasn't very effective against Burungel who dove underwater
Thunderbolt Type
First Seen: BWS2 10
Knocked out Shizui's Burungel