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Clemont's Luxio

Character Names
  • English / United States: Clemont's Luxio
  • Japanese / Japan: シトロンのルクシオ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Citron no Luxio
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Citron's Luxio
Voice Actors
While taking a recreational stroll while struggling with his graduate research, Clemont encountered a Kolink in the park and quickly took it to Nurse Joy (Kalos). It was quite weak so it took a while for it to recover but Nurse Joy (Kalos) made a suggestion that it would be nice if there was a place in the town where Electric Pokémon could freely absorb electric energy. This became Clemont's project and he befriended Kolink.

During his research and development stage for the Citronic Shower, Kolink often visited Clemont and tested the experiment. Upon graduation, Clemont was planning to ask Kolink to be his my partner and come with him to Miare. He even got a cake with blended just the right amount of sweetness for Kolink but Clemont was sidetracked by the Mayor of the town and he missed his meeting with Kolink.

When Clemont returned to the town where he went to school, the Kolink had evolved into a Luxio at some point and was living underground near the power generating area for the city. It was angry with Clemont for not meeting with it that day. Working together to stop Rocket Gang from stealing the town's power restored a part of that friendship they built before and Luxio decided it would finally partner with Clemont.

Clemont's Luxio evolved into Clemont's Luxray. It evolved at the Kalos Power Plant while it was under the control of Team Rocket and Clemont was trying to save it. It grew significantly during its evolving and Clemont had to hold onto it while it evolved fully. It learned to use Electric Terrain upon evolving which powers up Electric types and all the Pokémon in the plant fought back against Team Rocket.
Known Moveset
Swift Type
First Seen: XY 48
Move wasn't confirmed in the first episode it was used but the animation is unique enough to recognize.
Discharge Type
First Seen: XY 48
Fought against Team Rocket
Wild Charge Type
First Seen: XY 49
Citron seemed to know that Luxio knew this move when it was ordered to be used.