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Ilima's Kangaskhan


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Ilima's Kangaskhan
  • Flag イリマのガルーラ
  • Flag Ilima no Garura
  • Flag Ilima's Garura
Ilima's Kangaskhan is one of Ilima's Pokémon, probably caught in the Kalos region. It can Mega Evolve.

It battled against Guzma's Scizor in the Top 16 round of the Alola League. Initially Scizor wasn't able to land attacks, but then its strategy changed as Guzma made sure that Scizor always lined up in front Kangaskhan and its little one to use it as a shield. Kangaskhan was always worried that its attacks could hit the little one and because of that its moment were too slow. Despite Mega Evolving during the battle, it couldn't keep up with Scizor and it lost the match.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Low Kick Type SM 130 Ilima barely gave Scizor a moment to breathe.
Rock Slide Type SM 130 Scizor punched away the rocks.
Power-Up Punch Type SM 130 Hit Guzma's Scizor and the Caster announced called it a magnificent attack.