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  • United States Showdown at the Oak Corral
  • France Pour une poignée de Pokéball
  • Spain Enfrentamiento en el Rancho de Oak
  • Mexico Confrontación en el Corral Oak
  • Brazil Batalha no Laboratório Carvalho!
  • United Kingdom Showdown at the Oak Corral


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At Professor Oak's lab, a black helicopter is flying in the sky and Noctowl notices this. In the lab, Professor Oak is working on the computer while Tracey is preparing food for the Pokémon. Bayleef helps push the cart and then all the Pokémon start to eat.

The black helicopter has landed. The helicopter belongs to Team Rocket. Cassidy and Butch cover up the helicopter and they hide it behind the trees. They then use their binoculars to search for the Professor's lab. Butch spots it. Cassidy thinks that Professor Oak has lots of Pokéballs for them to steal.

Cassidy says that only Professor Oak and Tracey are working in the lab. Tracey and Bayleef head back to the lab. While they are on their way, Tracey hears the doorbell ring and so he goes to answer it. When he answers it, a guy holds out a Magikarp and gives it to Tracey. It's the same guy who rips off James from Team Rocket. The guy tells Tracey that this Magikarp lays golden Pokémon eggs. Tracey doesn't want to buy it and then Professor Oak comes in. He gets a little frustrated when he hears that the guy is selling Pokémon. The guy runs off. Then the doorbell rings again and Tracey plans on teaching the guy a lesson. He answers the door only to see that it's Mrs. Ketchum. Mrs. Ketchum brought cookies and Tracey invites her in.

Bulbasaur is walking by when he sees a Skiploom and Jumpluff talking to each other. Then Bulbasaur sees a Nidoqueen and Golem walking together. In the Nidoqueen and Golem is Cassidy and Butch in disguise. Cassidy is the Nidoqueen and Butch is the Golem. Bulbasaur watches them go past and then walks along. Cassidy and Butch passes by Totodile who dances happily and follows them. Totodile sprays water in Cassidy and Butch's face. Butch gets mad and kicks it. This gets Totodile mad and Totodile sprays some more water at Butch. Butch takes out an item and it deflects the water back at Totodile.

Team Rocket wipe their faces with cloths. Oddish comes and watches them and then it runs away. Oddish goes to Bulbasaur and tells it what it saw. They go back but Team Rocket is gone. Cassidy and Butch continues to walk along. Cassidy accidently steps on a sleeping Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil flames go on and it burns Cassidy's foot. Butch takes out a fire extinguisher and sprays it on Cyndaquil. Bulbasaur and Oddish walk up to Cyndaquil and they ask if it's okay. Bulbasaur just glares at the Nidoqueen and Golem.

Back at the lab is Mr. Mime who is cleaning up the place. Mrs. Ketchum asks if Professor Oak has heard from Ash lately. Professor Oak tells her that he called in yesterday saying that he was in Petalburg City. Suddenly, two vines tap on the window. Mrs. Ketchum goes to see what it is. She says that Professor Oak is too busy and the Pokémon sigh. Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, and Oddish go talk to Noctowl and Noctowl flies around to search for Cassidy and Butch. The Pokémon then go to talk to Tracey. Bulbasaur takes Tracey by its vines and he goes to follow them.

Cassidy and Butch have now arrived at the lab. Noctowl is above and it sees Cassidy and Butch. It uses Foresight to see through the costumes and it sees that it's not a real Nidoqueen and Golem. It goes to warn the others. Cassidy and Butch take off their costumes and they break through the window. They head inside and they go off to steal the Pokéballs.

Meanwhile, Tracey is still following Bulbasaur, Oddish, and Cyndaquil when they hear Noctowl. Tracey thinks that they should follow it and they run after it. At the lab, Professor Oak invites Mrs. Ketchum and Mr. Mime to stay for dinner. Cassidy and Butch are peaking through the door. They then close it and sneak to the back where all the Pokéballs are. They open to door and they see all the Pokéballs stacked on shelves. Outside, Tracey sees that the window is open and assumes that someone has broken in the lab. He goes to tell Professor Oak and they search in all the rooms for Team Rocket. They open the last room containing the Pokéballs and they find out that they are all gone. Professor Oak thinks that Team Rocket did it but Tracey doesn't think that Jessie, James, and Meowth could've done it. Tracey goes outside and tells Bulbasaur, Oddish, Squirtle, Bayleef, and Noctowl to spread the word about the thieves.

Bayleef tells Heracross and they both search for the thieves. Bulbasaur tells a group of Skiploom and Jumpluff, which tells Bellossom and Oddish, which tells a Kingler, which tells the Tauros, which tells Snorlax. Now all the Pokémon are looking for the thieves but none of them can seem to find them.

Cassidy and Butch are walking along the road with their cart full of Pokéballs hidden beneath a Muk. Suddenly, a Nidoking appears and follows them. It falls in love with Nidoqueen even though it's fake. Cassidy tries to push Nidoking to the side but that doesn't work. Cassidy then gets thrown high into the air and she lands on the ground. Butch asks if she's okay and she's fine. A Muk appears and it appers to like the Muk on the cart. Butch tries to push the Muk off the cart but that doesn't work.

Noctowl is flying above and spots the tarp that's hiding the helicopter. It uses Foresight and it sees the helicopter. It goes to tell Tracey. Tracey thinks that Noctowl has found something and they go to follow it. Muk is on Cassidy and Butch and it slams them to the ground. Totodile suddenly appears and uses a Water Gun on Butch which reflects it again but misses. Totodile uses Water Gun again and this time is hits Butch so hard that he slams into a tree. Cassidy gets free and they rush out.

Tracey looks behind some bushes and he tells Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip. It takes the tarp off and reveals a black helicopter. Totodile is at the lab and it tries to tell Professor Oak of what happened. All the Pokémon are chasing Cassidy and Butch. They are running like crazy and they hope to find their helicopter there, however they run right into Tracey. Professor Oak and the all the other Pokémon surrounds them so they can't escape. Then they begin to say their motto. Tracey says that he's heard of them before. Professor Oak lectures them on how they are supposed to earn their Pokémon and not steal them.

Butch sends out Hitmontop and Cassidy sends out Houndour. Professor Oak chooses Bulbasaur, Tracey chooses Scyther, and Mrs. Ketchum chooses Mr. Mime. Houndour uses Ember but Mr. Mime blocks the attack off with Light Screen. Hitmontop uses Rolling Kick but blocks off its attack. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip on Hitmontop and Scyther uses Quick Attack on Hitmontop as well. Houndour uses Bite but before it can reach Mr. Mime it does a Doubleslap. Hitmontop then gets up and aims a Rapid Spin on Bulbasaur. Before it can reach Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and spins Hitmontop towards Team Rocket. Team Rocket gets knocked down. Scyther uses Cut on Hitmontop which takes it out. Cyndaquil uses a Flamethrower and Bulbasaur uses a Solarbeam which frys Team Rocket. Totodile uses Water Gun and Team Rocket is sent blasting off again.

All the Pokéballs are returned and everyone thanks all the Pokémon for their help. Back at the lab, Professor Oak reads the poem to them. Bulbasaur is walking along and smiles.
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