Biography Details: David Lapkin
David Lapkin
First Name: David
Last Name: Lapkin
Main Country: United States United States
Main Language: English
David Lapkin is a voice actor for the English dub of "Pokémon the Series", originally joining in Season 7. Originally leaving after Season 8, when the show was recast, he returned in Season 10. He is sometimes credited as Clyde Hunter.
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  • United States Lucian
  • Japan ゴヨウ
  • Japan Goyō
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  • United States Magikarp Salesman
  • Japan コイキング売り
  • Japan Koiking Salesman
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  • United States Marcel
  • Japan マッキー
  • Japan McKee
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  • United States Mayor Renee
  • Japan ルネ市長
  • Japan Renee Shichou
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  • United States Mr. Cheeves
  • Japan カニリ
  • Japan Kaniri
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  • United States Pokétch salesperson
  • Japan ポケッチ営業マン
  • Japan Pokétch Eigyou Man
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  • United States Professor Cozmo
  • Japan ソライシ博士
  • Japan Soraishi-hakase
  • Japan Professor Soraishi
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  • United States Professor Proctor
  • Japan モロボシ博士
  • Japan Moroboshi-hakase
  • Japan Professor Moroboshi
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  • United States Professor Rowan's Assistants
  • Japan ナナカマド博士のアシスタント
  • Japan Nanakamado-hakase no Assistant
  • Japan Professor Nanakamado's Assistants
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  • United States Shachou
  • Japan シャチョウ
  • Japan Shachou
Episodes Details:
Role Series Title
Voice Actor
Professor Cozmo
AG 54 Fight for the Meteoriteマグマ団VSアクア団、再び!えんとつ山の戦い!!The Magma Gang VS the Aqua Gang Again! The Battle of Mt. Chimney!!
Voice Actor
Kid (Final)
AG 68 A Double Dilemmaパパはアイドル!?いつわりのジムリーダー!!Papa is an Idol!? The Fake Gym Leader!!
Voice Actor
AG 88 The Kabigon of the Banana-Namakero Garden!!/バナナナマケロ園のカビゴン!!/The Garden of Eatin'
Voice Actor
Professor Proctor
AG 103 Where's Armaldo?/ドクター・モロボシの島!化石ポケモン現る!!/The Island of Doctor Moroboshi! Fossil Pokémon Appear!!
Voice Actor
Mayor Renee
AG 111 Rune Gym! Water Artist Adan! (Part 1)/ルネジム!水のアーティスト・アダン!(前編)/The Great Eight Fate!
Voice Actor
Professor Rowan's Assistants
DP 1 旅立ち!フタバタウンからマサゴタウンへ!/Setting Off! From Futaba Town to Masago Town!/Following A Maiden's Voyage!
Voice Actor
Mr. Cheeves
DP 2 Find Pikachu! Route 202!/Two Degrees of Separation!/ピカチュウをさがせ!202番道路!
Voice Actor
DP 10 Not on My Watch Ya Don't/Pokétch Unavailable?!/ポケッチ入手困難!?
Voice Actor
Pokétch salesperson
DP 10 Not on My Watch Ya Don't/Pokétch Unavailable?!/ポケッチ入手困難!?
Voice Actor
Magikarp Salesman
DP 21 The Strongest Koiking and the Most Beautiful Hinbass!/Ya See We Want an Evolution!/最強のコイキングと最も美しいヒンバス!
Voice Actor
DP 35 Elite Four Goyō and Dootakun!/四天王ゴヨウとドータクン!/An Elite Meet and Greet