Character Information:

Bianca's Emboar


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Bianca's Emboar
  • Flag ベルのエンブオー
  • Flag Bel no Enbuoh
  • Flag Bel's Enbuoh
Voiced By:
Bianca's Emboar evolved from Bianca's Pignite sometime before the Donamite Tournament. It was first revealed that it had evolved when it was sent out to battle against Trip's Conkeldurr during the first round of the Donamite Tournament.

Isshu League Tournament

In the preliminary round of the Isshu League, Bianca's Emboar was matched up against Mikael's Watchog and easily defeated it. As a result Mikael was eliminated from the competition.

In the first round, Bianca was matched up against Cameron. Bianca's Emboar was sent out to battle against Cameron's Samurott despite the obvious type advantage to Cameron after Bianca's Escavalier was defeated. Bianca's Emboar got baptized with Water type moves right as it was switched in and made Enbuoh lose a lot of its energy. Bianca has a secret move to help her win the match and Bianca's Emboar used Attract to make Cameron's Samurott infatuated with it and was then able to let off a ton of attacks unchallenged to knock it out.

The final match up was between Cameron's Riolu and Bianca's Emboar. It was pretty one sided as Bianca's Emboar was already pretty tired and it couldn't land any hits. It was able to grab its foot at one point and throw it hard but Cameron's Riolu landed on the ground upright. Cameron's Riolu defeated Bianca's Emboar and as a result Bianca was eliminated from the Isshu League tournament while Cameron advanced to the second round.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Tackle Type BW 13 Knew as a Pignite
Flame Charge Type BW 13 Knew as a Pignite
Heat Crash Type BW 13 Knew as a Pignite
Flamethrower Type BW 27 Knew as a Pignite
Arm Thrust Type BW 73 First move it used in the Donamite Tournament
Hammer Arm Type BW 73 It changed tactics to use that to attack the concrete pillars of Trip's Conkeldurr
Fling Type BW 74 It caught the Stone Edge and used the rocks against Shootie's Roubushin
Attract Type BWS2 20 Its secret move