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Clemont's Heliolisk

Character Names
  • English / United States: Clemont's Heliolisk
  • Japanese / Japan: シトロンのエレザード
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Citron no Elezard
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Citron's Elezard
Voice Actors
Clemont's Heliolisk resides at the Lumiose Gym where it battles Trainers under the direction of the Clembot.

It seemed very happy to see Clemont when he returned to the gym. During the Master Recognition Battle mode, Clemont told Heliolisk to come at him with all its might. It learned new battle techniques and moves from the direction of the Clembot but Clemont was able to defeat his Heliolisk to prove to the Clembot that he was the master.

In the second match up in the gym battle against Ash Ketchum, it initially faced off against Ash's Goodra. It managed to paralyze it with Thunder Wave which forced Ash's Goodra to switch out with Ash's Hawlucha. During that matchup, Ash Ketchum was able to find a chance and it actually worked and Ash's Hawlucha managed to knock out Clemont's Heliolisk with a High Jump Kick.

Ash Ketchum later explained that Clemont's Heliolisk stops moving for a moment to take aim when using Flash. It also extends its collar outwards before using the move and this also causes a moment of vulnerability.
Known Moveset
Thunderbolt Type
First Seen: XY 9
A Thunderbolt as a way of greeting and its a procedure Citron programmed the Citroid to do
Bulldoze Type
First Seen: XY 9
Citroid taught it the move as Citron did not teach it
Dragon Tail Type
First Seen: XY 9
Useful as a physical whip like attack
Parabolic Charge Type
First Seen: XY 9
It not only attacks every opponent around it, it also restores health.
Thunder Wave Type
First Seen: XY 67
The effect is temporary Paralysis.
Flash Type
First Seen: XY 67
Temporarily blinds opponents