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Character Names
  • English / United States: Clembot
  • Japanese / Japan: シトロイド
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Citroid
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Citroid
Voice Actors
The Clembot is an artificial life form created by Clemont. Clemont was so busy as a Gym Leader that he barely had any time for my beloved inventions. That's when he got the idea of making a capable Gym Leader Robot that could help him with his Gym matches. It is currently the interim Gym Leader of the Lumiose Gym.

The name Citroid is a combination of Citron and Android.

Clemont initially incorporated his image of an ideal Gym Leader into the AI but it later proved to be too strict as it required challengers to have at least 4 gym badges. Clemont did a few tweaks to change its software to give it a more modest attitude, that the number of badges a Trainer has is irrelevant, added kindness to its strictness, to never forget to give advice to the challenger after the battle and finally compassion.

It has a Master Recognition Battle mode which requires an voice activation code in order to initiate the mode. During the initial setup, the Clembot was damaged and instead of Clemont having the code set as "Croquette" it set the password as "Please bear with me from today on. I'm Citron, the Gym Leader!". This caused Clemont a lot of problems as he couldn't initiate the Master Recognition Battle mode properly. He finally figured out what happened as was able to initiate the code to do the battle to prove that he was Clemont.

Its memory got erased during an incident with Flare Gang while trying to protect the Prism Tower and the Kalos region. Citron and the Citroid destroyed the Flare Gang's mind system and successfully set Zygarde free, however, that turned out to be a cruel trade-off that cost the Citroid its memory. Clemont was unable to recover its memory but he was able to repair its body back to normal.

Alvin had visited the gym a few days earlier and lost to the Clembot and he wanted a rematch because he had been beaten to a pulp by it and he wanted to get the badge. Unfortunately, the Clembot's memory had been erased and its battle style was basically back to a beginner as well. Despite this, Clemont agreed to let Alva come back the next day to battle the Clembot when repairs to the gym were completed and he could do some more tweaking to Clembot.

Motivated and pumped up to get the badge, Alva fought with all he could and remembered what Clembot had taught him; that Pokémon have endless potential and that drawing out their strengths is a Trainer's duty. Alva and his Pokémon believed in those words and worked hard and it paid off as they defeated the Clembot to get the Voltage Badge.
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