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Chairman Rose

Character Names
  • English / United States: Rose
  • Japanese / Japan: ローズ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Rose
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Rose
Voice Actors
Rose is a character first introduced in "Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield". Being the president of the Galarian mega-corperation Macro Cosmos, as well as serving as current chairman of the Galarian Pokemon League, he was tasked with managing the Gyms, challengers, and attendees, as well as being a visionary behind the creation of Dynamax Bands.

After losing his father in a mining accident in some canons, Rose was traumatized into believing that Galar needed a new energy source better than coal, electricity, wind, or water and they needed it fast, despite the current energy source still having 1,000 years left of life. This inspired him to capture the legendary Pokémon Eternatus, and summon it to restart an ancient devastating event called The Darkest Day, in the hopes of harnessing the power generated from it to power the Galar region and the entire world for centuries to come.

His miscalculations caused Eternatus to get free and go beserk, and it required the use of Dande and the player, Victor or Gloria, to capture it and end The Darkest Day. After this, he would turn himself in. Leon would take his Chairman position after the events and losing his champion title

Rose is a cold, calculating, and manipulative man, having used Bede as a grunt for his bidding, but immediately airing him out to dry after Bede was caught, manipulating Oleana's feelings and using her talents when no one else would, and making the region think he was a chill dude. However, he was an honest worker at the same time, having worked in the coal mines just like his father did prior to his success. After becoming a child prodigy, his younger brother, Peony, would defect from the family, and Rose would scrub all mention of him from available records when it came to his biography. This strain in relationship caused Peony to step down from being the Galarian champion not long after Rose became Chairman. Due to this family relation, Rose is the uncle of both Peonia and Penny.

Pokémon the Series

Rose is the president of Macro Cosmos and the chairman of the Galar Pokémon League. Chairman Rose was the man who first endorsed Leon. He was in the stadium watching the Masters Eight battle of Leon vs Raihan and he looked quite happy after Leon won the match.

His company develops and supplies energy to Galar. His dream is to harness the power of Eternatus to power the Galar region for the next 1000 years.

He discovered Leon as a young Trainer and helped him get to where he is now as champion and he owes him a lot for that assistance. Leon introduced Ash Ketchum to Chairman Rose just after they defeated the Gigantamax Coalossal. He celebrated their meeting by treating him to a Galar-style gourmet dinner.

After Ash Ketchum found out about his true intentions, he battled and defeated Chairman Rose. Ash Ketchum, Leon and Goh then group battled Eternatus and defeated it. During the battle, Rose watched from his helicopter but ended up crashing. Leon began searching high and low to find him.
Owned Pokémon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Chairman Rose's Copperajah
  • Japan ローズのダイオウドウ
  • Japan Rose no Daioudou
  • Japan Rose's Daioudou
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Chairman Rose's Cufant
  • Japan ローズのゾウドウ
  • Japan Rose no Zoudou
  • Japan Rose's Zoudou
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Chairman Rose's Ferrothorn
  • Japan ローズのナットレイ
  • Japan Rose no Nutrey
  • Japan Rose's Nutrey