Character Information:

Goh's Scizor


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Goh's Scizor
  • Flag ゴウのハッサム
  • Flag Go no Hassam
  • Flag Go's Hassam
Goh's Scizor is the evolved form of Goh's Scyther. It evolved at The Castle of Chivalry after Wikstrom gave it a Metal Coat to hold while being transferred in his machine.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Swords Dance Type PM2019 7 Learned as a Scyther.
Slash Type PM2019 32 Learned as a Scyther.
Air Slash Type PM2019 56 Learned as a Scyther.
X-Scissor Type PM2019 60 Revealed during a training battle against Ash's Farfetch'd.
Metal Claw Type PM2019 71 Initially missed hitting Alolan Ninetales.