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Ash's Sirfetch'd


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Known As:
  • Flag Ash's Sirfetch'd
  • Flag サトシのネギガナイト
  • Flag Satoshi no Negigaknight
  • Flag Satoshi's Negigaknight
Ash's Sirfetch'd is the evolved form of Ash's Farfetch'd. It evolved during the rematch battle against Rinto's Gallade. It evolves after enduring an unusually tough battle against Rinto's Gallade which it ended up winning. During the battle, Ash Ketchum had the best response to Rinto when he said how much he believed in Farfetch'd. Those words protected Farfetch'd from then on and right after, Farfetch'd evolved to protect Ash Ketchum.

Pokémon World Championships Hyper Class Battle VS Drasna

While at the Lumiose Gym for training, just before this match, it learned the move Meteor Assault. The first match up was Ash's Sirfetch'd verses Drasna's Noivern. Noivern controlled much of this battle as its Boomburst proved to be hard on Sirfetch'd. It initially blocked it with its shield but the audience had to cover their ears it was so loud and it caused the ground to rupture and a rock hit its shield and knocked it out of its grip. It then lost its leek as well, hampering its normal battle stance but it recovered them but had taken significant damage in the battle and was recalled for Ash's Dracovish. Drasna ended up also recalling Noivern.

Drasna's Altaria battled Dracovish, and as it was nearing defeat, it was recalled and Ash's Sirfetch'd used Meteor Assault to knock out Drasna's Mega Altaria but it also was knocked out in the process. Sirfetch'd initially was going to rest in its Poké Ball, but it wanted to see the rest of the match from the sidelines.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Night Slash Type PM2019 27 Learned as a Farfetch'd.
Brutal Swing Type PM2019 27 Learned as a Farfetch'd.
Focus Energy Type PM2019 51 Learned as a Farfetch'd.
Fury Cutter Type PM2019 51 Learned as a Farfetch'd.
Detect Type PM2019 56 Learned as a Farfetch'd.
Meteor Assault Type PM2019 103 Ash's Dracovish liked to eat Sirfetch'd's leek when the end glows during the attack.