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Pokémon: Season 14 - Black & White: Collection 1

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Magna Pacific
Catalog #:  DBX13913
Release Date:  2012-02-15
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  PAL
Storage Medium:  DVD9
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


A new land, new rivals, new challenges, and all-new Pokémon make the 14th season of the Pokémon animated series one of the most exciting ones yet! When Ash and his mother accompany Professor Oak to the distant Unova region, Ash discovers Pokémon that hes never seen before and that he cant wait to catch! He may have Pikachu at his side together with new friends Iris and Cilan, but hell still need plenty of new Pokémon on his team if he wants to challenge Unovas expert Gym Leaders. His quest to become a Pokémon Master just got even tougher!


Episode List
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  •   Mijumaru! Meguroco! Close Call!!
  •   ミジュマル!メグロコ!危機一髪!!
  •   A Sandile Gusher of Change!
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  •   To the Isshu Region! The Shadow of Zekrom!!
  •   イッシュ地方へ!ゼクロムの影!!
  •   In the Shadow of Zekrom!
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  •   Iris and Kibago!
  •   アイリスとキバゴ!
  •   Enter Iris and Axew!
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  •   Battle Club! A Mysterious Pokémon Appears!!
  •   バトルクラブ!謎のポケモン現る!!
  •   The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!
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  •   Sanyo Gym! VS Baoppu, Hiyappu and Yanappu!!
  •   サンヨウジム! VSバオップ、ヒヤップ、ヤナップ!!
  •   Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
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  •   The Dream Site! Munna and Musharna!!
  •   夢の跡地!ムンナとムシャーナ!!
  •   Dreams by the Yard Full!
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  •   Tsutarja - Attraction via Getting!?
  •   ツタージャ・ ゲットでメロメロ!?
  •   Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!
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  •   Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!
  •   ダルマッカとヒヒダルマ!時計塔の秘密!!
  •   Saving Darmanitan from the Bell!
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  •   Pendror's Rampage! Rescue Kibago!!
  •   ペンドラー暴走!キバゴを救え!!
  •   The Bloom Is on Axew!
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  •   Rival Battle! The Formidable Pururill!
  •   ライバルバトル!強敵プルリル!
  •   A Rival Battle for Club Champ!
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  •   Ishizumai! Take Back your Home!!
  •   イシズマイ!自分の家をとりもどせ!!
  •   A Home for Dwebble!
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  •   The Yabukuron Squadron and the Secret Base!?
  •   ヤブクロン戦隊と秘密基地!?
  •   Here Comes the Trubbish Squad!
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  •   Chillarmy is Tidy!?
  •   チラーミィはきれいずき!?
  •   Minccino—Neat and Tidy!
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  •   Shippo City! The Great Museum Adventure!!
  •   シッポウシティー!博物館で大冒険!!
  •   A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!
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  •   Shippo Gym Match! VS Gym Leader Aloe!!
  •   シッポウジム戦!VSジムリーダー・アロエ!!
  •   The Battle According to Lenora!
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  •   Rematch at Shippo Gym! New Move Explosion!!
  •   再戦シッポウジム!新技炸裂!!
  •   Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!
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  •   The Roughneck Who Came From An Egg!
  •   タマゴからかえったあばれん坊!
  •   Scraggy—Hatched to Be Wild!
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  •   Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arti!!
  •   ヤグルマの森!クルミルとアーティ!!
  •   Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!
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  •   Hiun City! Fushide Panic!!
  •   ヒウンシティ! フシデパニック!!
  •   A Venipede Stampede!
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  •   Hiun Gym Match! Purehearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!
  •   ヒウンジム戦! 純情ハートの虫ポケモンバトル!!
  •   Battling for the Love of Bug-Types!
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  •   Sommelier Showdown! Ishizumai VS Futachimaru!!
  •   ソムリエ対決! イシズマイVSフタチマル!!
  •   A Connoisseur's Revenge!
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  •   Pikachu VS Meguroco VS Koaruhie!!
  •   ピカチュウvsメグロコvsコアルヒー!!
  •   Dancing with the Ducklett Trio!
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  •   The Skyarrow Bridge and Gothiruselle!
  •   スカイアローブリッジとゴチルゼル!
  •   The Lost World of Gothitelle!
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  •   Beware of the Cute Face! Paralyzed by Emonga!!
  •   かわいい顔に要注意!エモンガでシビレビレ!!
  •   Emolga the Irresistible!