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  • United States In the Shadow of Zekrom!
  • Japan イッシュ地方へ!ゼクロムの影!!
  • Japan Isshu-chihō e! Zekrom no kage!!
  • Japan To the Isshu Region! The Shadow of Zekrom!!
  • Germany Im Schatten von Zekrom!
  • France Dans l'Ombre de Zekrom !
  • Spain ¡Bajo la sombra de Zekrom!
  • Sweden I Zekroms skugga!
  • Italy All'ombra di Zekrom!
  • Mexico ¡A la sombra de Zekrom!
  • Finland Zekromin varjossa!
  • Taiwan 前往合眾地方!捷克羅姆的身影!!
  • Poland W cieniu Zekroma!
  • Netherlands In de schaduw van Zekrom!
  • Brazil Na Sombra do Zekrom!
  • Norway I Zekroms skygge!
  • Denmark I Zekroms skygge!
  • South Korea 하나지방과 제크로무의 어두운 그림자!
  • Portugal Na Sombra do Zekrom!
  • Russia В тени Зекрома!


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OLM Team Kato

Japan Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
Japan Storyboard 須藤典彦 (Norihiko Sudō)
Japan Episode Director 小山賢 (Masaru Koyama)
Japan Animation Director 志村泉 (Izumi Shimura)

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Best Wishes!
心のファンファーレ (バージョン1)
Kokoro no Fanfare (Variant 1)
Best Wishes!
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Open your Hand
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Japan 三間雅文 (Masafumi Mima) Voice Director

Japan 松本梨香 (Rica Matsumoto) Satoshi
Japan 大谷育江 (Ikue Ōtani) Satoshi's Pikachu
Japan 悠木碧 (Aoi Yūki) Iris
Japan 津田美波 (Minami Tsuda) Iris' Kibago
Japan 林原めぐみ (Megumi Hayashibara) Musashi
Japan 三木眞一郎 (Shin-ichiro Miki) Kojiro
Japan 犬山イヌコ (Inuko Inuyama) Nyarth
Japan 福圓美里 (Misato Fukuen) Mijumaru
Japan 西村ちなみ (Chinami Nishimura) Pokabu
Japan 豊島まさみ (Masami Toyoshima) Hanako
Japan 三宅健太 (Kenta Miyake) Sakaki
Japan 渡辺明乃 (Akeno Watanabe) Shootie
Japan 進藤尚美 (Naomi Shindō) Professor Araragi
Japan 浅井清己 (Kiyomi Asai) Matori
Japan 金光宣明 (Nobuaki Kanemitsu) Air Traffic Controller A
Japan 鈴木恭輔 (Kyosuke Suzuki) Air Traffic Controller B
Japan 石塚運昇 (Unshō Ishizuka) Narration
Japan 石塚運昇 (Unshō Ishizuka) Professor Yukinari Okido Uncredited
Japan 三木眞一郎 (Shin-ichiro Miki) Shootie's Tsutarja Uncredited

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Aoi Studio
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United States Tom Wayland Voice Director

United States Sarah Natochenny Ash Ketchum
United States Sarah Natochenny Delia Ketchum
United States Eileen Stevens Iris
United States James Carter Cathcart James
United States James Carter Cathcart Meowth
United States James Carter Cathcart Professor Samuel Oak
United States Michele Knotz Jessie
United States Kayzie Rogers Iris' Axew
United States Rodger Parsons Narrator
United States Jason Griffith Trip's Snivy
United States Khristine Hvam Professor Juniper
United States Emily Bauer Jenness Matori
United States Jamie McGonnigal Trip
United States Lisa Ortiz Oshawott
United States Ted Lewis Giovanni
United States Ted Lewis Professor Juniper's Assistant
United States Erica Schroeder Deerling
United States Erica Schroeder Pidove
United States Marc Thompson Tepig
United States Marc Thompson Ash's Unova Pokédex
United States Tom Wayland Patrat
United States Marc Thompson Air Traffic Control A
United States Tom Wayland Air Traffic Control B
United States Tom Wayland Kid
United States Ted Lewis Professor Juniper's Assistants (B)

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DuArt Media Services
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Croatia Saša Buneta Ash Ketchum
Vietnam Đặng Hoàng Khuyết Ash Ketchum
Malaysia Zetgi Izzati Ash Ketchum
Hong Kong Huang Yujuan Ash Ketchum (Cable Dub)
Indonesia Sofie . Ash Ketchum (Redub)
Serbia Đorđe Simić Ash Ketchum
Croatia Sven Šestak Meowth
Indonesia Salman Pranata Meowth (Disney Dub)
Episode Director
Animation Director
Ash, a fledgling trainer from Pallet Town, prepares for his embark into a new region filled with never before seen species. Ash's house is situated on a small road in Pallet Town surrounded by a small white picket fence and adorning a brilliant red roof. Inside our hero's residence, Ash begins zipping up his jacket while Pikachu sits atop his bed. After Ash finishes zipping up his jacket, Pikachu jumps onto his back in a gleeful fashion.

Ash's room consists of a small dresser, which contains a Teddiursa statue, a desk, and a bunk bed. After Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulders, he rushes for the door however manages to leave his prized hat behind. But shortly after shutting the door to his bedroom, realizes he had left his hat and rushes back inside to grab it.

After securing his hat to his head, Ash questions Pikachu if he is excited for their new adventure. Pikachu confirms with a cute expression of "Pika". Ash continues by stating that it has been a very long time since he has last taken a vacation with his mother.

Delia interrupts the two announcing that Professor Oak has come to pick them up. Delia walks over and adjusts Ash's hat and then states they are ready to go. Outside, Oak is adorning a red headband, sunglasses, green shirt with a pineapple pattern, and sitting inside a yellow vehicle.

Ash questions Oak's weird choice of outfit. Oak responds stating that he has a vacation "feeling" and hasn't been to the Unova Region for a very long time. Delia questions the Professor's original intention of visiting the Unova Region for work rather than leisure. Oak confirms when he isn't attending a congress; he has ample free time to enjoy himself. Oak shakes his fist announcing that is time to go. Ash, in an enthusiastic manner, shouts to Pikachu; "All right. Let's go, Pikachu!”

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth are situated in a remote Team Rocket base and are conferenced with their leader, Giovanni. Giovanni is conferenced through a remote connection and his image is displayed on a screen overhead. Team Rocket stands in the middle of a dark room with three bright spotlights overhead. Inside, Giovanni questions the trio as to what Team Rocket's goals are. Jessie confirms that Team Rocket's goal is to locate and obtain strong Pokémon. James states that they additionally have a goal of obtaining rare Pokémon. Meowth states that their goal is to then use those captured Pokémon to take over the world.

Giovanni confirms that their answer is correct stating that their goal is to form the strongest Pokémon army and rule the world. Afterwards, Giovanni displays a map of the Unova Region and states that it is to become a new foothold in their plan to conquer the world. Giovanni states that he is therefor granting a mission to Team Rocket as infiltrating operatives to enter the Unova region by them selves.

Giovanni terminates the transmission and sits down in his chair as Persian brushes up against his leg. His secretary announces that they have gathered reports that an organization of unknown identity is operating in the Unova region. Giovanni responds stating that once Team Rocket acts, the organization will definitely start moving and reveal their identity.

Afterwards, Ash, Oak, and Delia, board a hydroplane and begin departure towards the Unova Region. The plane's giant motors thrust them into the air and they begin propelling towards a new region. Nearby, Team Rocket is seated four rows behind dressed in a black coat, hat, and sunglasses. Jessie states that she is surprised that they came across Ash on their flight to Unova. Meowth states that they will definitely succeed in capturing Pikachu this time. James confirms that their first objective in Unova Region will be to capture Pikachu.

Ash examines a small booklet, which features a map of the Unova Region and various activities that can be performed in the region such as dining or sightseeing. Ash states there will be a lot of species in which he has not yet seen. Oak confirms that he is indeed correct. Oak states that Unova is full of Pokémon, which don't appear in Kanto, Jouto, Houen, or Sinnoh. Ash giggles in joy at the thought of all the species in which he has not yet laid his eyes upon.

After a few moments, the plane shatters through the clouds and allows Ash to be able to lay his eyes upon the new region. The Unova control tower announces that Flight 151 from Kanto will soon reach its destination. The hydroplane begins it's decent and gracefully lands into the water and arrives at the dock. Ash exits from the plane stating that they've finally arrived.

Ash, Oak, and Delia begin walking towards town however Pikachu stands at the dock for a few moments. After realizing Pikachu has stopped following, Ash turns around and yells for Pikachu. Pikachu simply stares out in the ocean in an unresponsive state. After a few moments, a luminous cloud begins approaching town. Ash rushes up to Pikachu questioning Pikachu as to "What's the matter?” Pikachu continues staring into the distance unresponsive to Ash. After a few seconds, an Alomomola jumps out of the ocean. Ash states that it is a Pokémon that he hasn't seen before. Ash runs towards the end of the dock to manage to catch a glimpse of the new species.

As Ash speeds away, Team Rocket exits from the plane. Ash makes it to the end of the dock however the Alomomola is nowhere to be found. Ash questions if there are more of it around. The luminous cloud continues to approach the town and is surrounded in an electrical force. As Ash and Pikachu stare at the cloud, a mechanical arm thrusts through the air and captures Pikachu. Ash rushes toward Pikachu and attempts to break him free from his prison. Ash looks upward and Meowth is seen holding the claw mechanism and is attempting to reel in Pikachu. Ash shouts out questioning whom the mysterious individuals are. Jessie states that if he must ask who they are, the answer he will receive will be for the sake of tomorrow. After a few moments, the mysterious individuals throw off their disguises revealing to Ash that they are in fact, Team Rocket.

Ash shouts for Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Pikachu's cheeks begin to build a current and after a few moments, Pikachu launches a devastating Thunderbolt. The electrical attack flows through the mechanical arm towards Meowth however Meowth manages to use a fan-shaped attachment to deflect the attack. James laughs at Ash's futile attempt and Jessie confirms that they never leave out anti-electricity measures. The thundercloud rapidly approaches town and soon engulfs the surrounding area of the shore. The lightning of the cloud begins to crackle which causes everyone nearby to look upward.

Pikachu's cheeks begin to spark uncontrollably and a wave of electricity thunders downward engulfing Team Rocket and shattering the mechanical arm. Inside of the control tower, all of the instrumentation begins to react to the electrical force from the thundercloud. Ash manages to wake up from the electrical force, which struck Team Rocket to find himself and Pikachu underneath the eye of the storm. Pikachu is entirely engulfed in an electrical force generated from the thundercloud. Inside of the cloud, Zekrom's silhouette can be seen. Pikachu launches a Thunderbolt attack into the cloud however it is deflected by Zekrom's massive energy. Ash soon comes to the realization that there is something inside of the thundercloud.

Meanwhile, a young girl and her Akew, are situated just outside town in a tree. The crackling of the lightning directs the two towards the disturbance in the sky. The girl states that there must be something exciting happening. Her Akew jumps into her hair and the two dash away towards the electrical disturbance. The girl, previously unknown to the audience, is known as Iris. Iris is a young girl and is one of the gym leaders of Opelucid City with a specialization in Dragon types. She adorns an outfit, which features the colors pink and tan. Her hair is violet and is large enough to house her prized Akew. Iris jumps down from the tree and grasps onto a vine swinging through a nearby forest towards the port town.

Delia and Oak rush towards Ash whom is in the center of the thundercloud. Pikachu's cheeks continue to spark and Ash questions if the thundercloud is generated by a Pokémon. Zekrom thunders up into the sky disappointing the cloud and releasing an electrical force, which strikes Ash and Pikachu. A few moments after Zekrom's disappearance, the equipment in the Control Tower returns to normal. A control tower staff member announces that the system has recovered and there are no abnormalities.

Ash manages to recover from Zekrom's electrical attack and stands up soon realizing that Pikachu was knocked unconscious from Zekrom's enormous energy. Ash brings Pikachu to his arms asking if he is ok. Pikachu confirms that he is fine with a short "Pika Pika" and Ash brings Pikachu to his arms shouting "Thank You". Oak and Delia run towards Ash questioning if he is all right. Oak questions if anything had happened to him. Ash looks down to Pikachu for confirmation however after a few moments, Pikachu's cheeks begin to spark uncontrollably again. After a few moments, Pikachu jumps onto Ash's shoulders as if nothing were wrong. Delia states that it was a very large thundercloud. Ash questions where the Pokémon (Zekrom) had disappeared to whom generated the thundercloud. Oak states that they were unable to see a Pokémon and it only appeared to be a thundercloud.

A woman's voice interrupts the group and shouts for Oak. Oak turns around and announces that it is Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper is a professor of Unova Region whom assists fledgling trainers in choosing their first Pokémon and starting their journey. Juniper has brown hair, adorns two earrings, which are diamond shaped, and a white blouse. Juniper apologizes for being so late in picking the three up. She states that there was a terrible flash of lightning and questions if they are all right. Oak confirms that they are fine and introduces the young woman to Ash and Delia as Juniper. Oak states that even at her young age, she's a very important person in Pokémon research in the Unova region.

Afterwards, the four enter a red vehicle and begin heading towards the laboratory. As the vehicle thrusts down the road, a group of Deerling can be seen in the distance. After sighting the vehicle, the deerling begin racing alongside the vehicle. After a few moments, a group of Pidove flies overhead the vehicle. A group of Patrat can also be seen further in the distance scurrying through the forest. Juniper asks Ash about what he thinks about the new region and if this is the first time for him seeing Unova's Pokémon species. Ash confirms that it is his first time as Pikachu cheeks begin sparking again. Delia notices that Pikachu's cheeks were emitting sparks earlier as well. Juniper states they should complete a check-up on Pikachu once they reach the laboratory.

Juniper states that Kanto Pokémon are rare in Unova and asks Oak if he will teach her about their species. Ash asks Juniper if Pikachu are rare in Unova. Juniper states that wild ones have not been sighted in Unova. Oak states that once they arrive at the laboratory, Ash would be able to meet other species that he has also never met before. The vehicle begins to make a sharp turn and a group of Swanna can be seen in the distance resting in a small lake. After a few moments, small groups of Swanna take flight.

Our heroes manage to arrive at Nuvema Town, home to Juniper's laboratory. A group of children run down a sidewalk and a Minccino chases afterwards in a cute fashion. Juniper announces that the laboratory is just ahead. The laboratory is a two level structure that contains a transmission tower and small greenhouse located off to the distance. Afterwards, Pikachu is connected to a diagnostic machine where multiple sensors are attached to its body. Juniper stares at a diagnostic screen examining Pikachu's data. Juniper confirms that although Ash stated that Pikachu was affected by a huge amount of electric energy, she does not see any abnormalities in Pikachu's data. After hearing Juniper's statement, Ash looks towards Pikachu in a joyous state, glad that there was no damage to Pikachu. Pikachu jumps up in excitement however Juniper states that Pikachu should stay still because there are multiple examinations that must still be completed. Ash states that Pikachu should have a little bit more patience however Pikachu looks down in disappointment.

After a few moments, a lab assistant enters the room and announces that a new trainer that will begin his journey has arrived. Juniper looks at the assistant in a surprised state realizing that it is already time for the trainer to arrive. Ash questions Juniper wondering about who the new trainer is. Oak states that Juniper has the duty to give new trainers of the Unova region their first Pokémon.

In the lobby of the laboratory, a young boy is seen taking pictures of the laboratory. He adorns blonde hair, a red blazer, tan pants, and black sneakers. Juniper shouts greeting the young boy as Trip carrying a small cart behind her. Trip greets Juniper and states that it is finally the day when he can begin his journey as a Pokémon Trainer. Juniper nods in confirmation that Trip has been waiting for the day for a very long time. Ash asks if Trip was unable to sleep due to being excited and thrilled over beginning his Pokémon Journey.

Trip stares at Ash questioning who he is. Juniper introduces Ash as a trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. Ash states that it was nice to meet Trip. After a few moments, Trip begins laughing at the thought. Ash scolds Trip asking him what is so funny. Trip states that he was just thinking that Ash came from a hick town. Ash shouts out: "Hey! What do you mean, "hick town"". Juniper attempts to calm the two down stating that it is Trip's first day as a trainer and he should enjoy it. Juniper turns around and approaches the small cart that has three Pokeballs.

Juniper reaches for the first Pokeball and launches it into the sky releasing Tepig. Tepig explodes from the Pokeball in a glimmering light. Ash leans down and Tepig turns towards the end of the room shooting flames from his snout. Ash states that he is very energetic as a fire type. Next, Juniper extends her arm releasing Oshawott. Oshawott explodes from the Pokeball in a cute pose. Ash leans down towards Oshawott stating that he is quite cute. Trip stares at the two Pokémon in deep thought. Oshawott blushes at Ash's comment regarding its cuteness. Finally, Juniper releases the Grass type, Snivy. Snivy stands in a confident state with his arms extended at his hips. The three Pokémon race forward and form a short line. Ash states that it must be a very tough choice and all three look like they're worth raising. Trip shouts in an arrogant manner that is his choice regarding his starter. Ash states that if he had to choose, it would be very difficult. Trip reaches for his camera and begins taking pictures of the starter Pokémon. After a few moments, Trip states that he is decided and has chosen Snivy. Snivy looks upward in a confident state, as if to have already known the outcome. Tepig sighs in disbelief and Oshawott stands in a paralyzed state.

After Trip's confirmation, Juniper delivers the Pokémon Zukan (Pokedex) to Trip. Trip uses the device to query Snivy's data. The Zukan chirps stating: "Snivy, the grass snake Pokémon. It is always calm and does not get perturbed by anything. It uses its leaf tail for photosynthesis to produce energy." After a few moments, Juniper presents Trip with five Pokeballs, which can be used to capture and carry Pokémon inside. Juniper states that a trainer can have up to six Pokémon at one time. Trip grabs the small box of Pokeballs and is then presented with Snivy's Pokeball. Trip expands the Pokeball and recalls Snivy inside. Juniper wishes Trip luck with his studies as a trainer. Trip thanks Juniper and exits the laboratory. Ash follows Trip and shouts for him to wait. Ash questions Trip if he is going to complete Gym matches. Trip states that if Pokémon Trainers go from gym to gym and collect eight victory badges, they are allowed to challenge the Unova League. Ash states that it is the same as the Kanto region. Pikachu soon exits the lab and starts racing towards Ash. Ash questions Pikachu if the examinations are complete and Pikachu responds in confirmation.

Trip reaches for his Pokémon Zukan, having never seen a Kanto region Pokémon. The robotic voice of the Zukan states: "Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. The evolved form of Pichu. While raising its tail to check its surroundings, it occasionally gets struck by lightning." After querying his Zukan, Trip begins taking photos of Ash and Pikachu. Ash questions Trip what his intentions are. Trip states that it is an incident that a Pikachu is in the Unova region. Ash confirms that it is not an incident. Ash states that Pikachu is his number one partner. Trip questions if Pikachu is strong. Ash confirms Pikachu's Strength and questions if Trip would like to try out Snivy in a Pokémon Battle.

Trip launches his Pokeball into the sky releasing Snivy in a shimmering light. Trip continues taking pictures of Ash and Pikachu. Ash questions Trip why he continues to take photos. Trip responds that he is documenting his Pokémon journey because it is Snivy's first math. In the distance, Oshawott hides behind a tree watching the battle from a distance. Ash states that it is also his first battle in the Unova region as well. Pikachu shouts for Pikachu to use Quick Attack. Pikachu thunders forward in a flash and smashes into Snivy. Snivy is knocked backwards and manages to recapture his grip sliding alongside the soft terrain. Snivy dashes forward with an overpowering Tackle however Pikachu manages to dodge. Ash commands for Pikachu to launch Thunderbolt. Pikachu begins charging in preparation for the attack however becomes unable to launch the attack. Snivy manages to take advantage of the situation and tackles Pikachu, slamming him into the ground towards Ash. Ash commands for Pikachu to use Thunderbolt once more. Pikachu prepares to charge another attack however after a few moments, is still unable to launch a thunderbolt attack. In a confused state, Pikachu begins gasping for air unable to comprehend why he is unable to use Thunderbolt. Ash shouts at Pikachu asking what is wrong.

Trip questions Ash if he is actually taking the battle seriously. Ash directs for Pikachu to use Volt Tackle. Pikachu begins thundering towards Snivy in a furious speed however is unable to form an electrical force around himself to allow the usage of Volt Tackle. Ash stares at Pikachu in a confused state unable to understand why Pikachu is unable to use electrical attacks.

Trip shouts in an arrogant manner if this was part of Ash's strategy to command for moves that Pikachu actually cannot use. After coming to the realization that Pikachu is unable to use electrical attacks, Ash shouts for Pikachu to use Iron Tail, a non-electric attack. Pikachu's tail begins to shimmer and soon after, Pikachu flips forward slamming his tail into the group. Snivy manages to dodge the moment before Iron Tail slams into the ground. Trip shouts for Snivy to use Grass Mixer. Snivy begins spinning in a furious motion creating a tornado containing grass energy, which is originated from its tail. After the tornado is formed, Snivy spins his body rotating the tornado and capturing Pikachu inside. After capturing Pikachu, Snivy flips forward slamming Pikachu into the ground creating a plume of dust and debris. Ash moves his arms to shield himself from the debris and shouts out "Pikachu!”

A few moments afterwards, the dust settles and Pikachu is found in battered shape unable to move. Ash stares in shock and races to Pikachu's aid. Ash reaches down and grasps Pikachu in his arms. Trip states that the match has been decided and that for his first match, he worked quite well together with Snivy. Trip states that he is glad that he chose Snivy and recalls Snivy into his Pokeball. Trip shouts in an arrogant state that Ash should start from the basics. Ash rushes towards the laboratory to determine an answer as to why Pikachu is unable to use electric-based attacks. Pikachu is reattached to the diagnostic equipment and Ash questions Juniper about what is wrong with Pikachu. Juniper states that Pikachu has fallen into an overload state. Juniper states that Pikachu has taken in too much electric energy from the thundercloud and the lightning. Oak confirms that it is the reason why Pikachu didn't feel well and couldn't use its Electric attacks. Ash questions if Pikachu will ever be able to use Electric movies again.

After a few moments, a screen in the laboratory that displays Pikachu’s vitals begins to flicker, similar to the event, which happened with the equipment in the control tower. Pikachu's body begins to emit an electrical force in reaction to Zekrom's approach. The thundercloud generated by Zekrom continues to approach the laboratory. Oak confirms that it is the same as the thundercloud that had previously affected the port.

Meanwhile, Iris and Akew examine the thundercloud in a nearby forest making their way towards the disturbance.

Afterwards, electrical energy from Zekrom strikes the laboratory's transmission tower which floods into Pikachu. The laboratory's diagnostic equipment powers off and Pikachu shouts out in pain. Juniper directs a lab assistant to restore the laboratory system. Juniper questions if the cloud could have been created by Zekrom, a Pokémon of legendary origin. Ash questions whom Zekrom is. Juniper states that Zekrom is a legend in the Unova region. Juniper states that the huge thundercloud is god's eye protecting people and Pokémon. Juniper announces that the numerous lightning bolts are referred to as hammers of judgment as well as pillars supporting the sky.

An immersive electrical force surrounds Pikachu's body. Pikachu continues to shout out in pain as the electricity engulfs its body.

Pikachu is suddenly afflicted with a strange phenomenon. Will Pikachu get its Electric moves back? The curtain on Ash and Pikachu's adventure rises with a storm!

English Official Summary

Ash excitedly arrives in the Unova region along with Pikachu, his mom, and Professor Oak. Meanwhile, Team Rocket’s Boss, Giovanni, has given them an important assignment in the Unova region. As Jessie, James, and Meowth prepare for their new assignment, Professor Oak introduces Ash to Professor Juniper, one of the top researchers in Unova. Suddenly, a dark storm cloud appears, and Pikachu is hit with a massive amount of electricity! Professor Juniper does a quick examination of Pikachu, but she doesn’t seem to find anything wrong. Later on, however, when Ash battles a budding new Trainer named Trip and his first Pokémon Snivy, Pikachu can’t use any Electric-type moves! Back at Professor Juniper’s lab, we learn that Pikachu is still suffering the effects of the lightning strike during the thunderstorm. Just as Professor Juniper reaches her conclusion, the same dark cloud appears as suddenly as before! The professor then recounts the story of the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom, and everyone wonders if it could be responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Pikachu’s Electric-type powers. Will Pikachu ever be able to use those powers again?

French Official Summary

Tandis que Sacha, très enthousiaste, arrive dans la région d’Unys avec Pikachu, sa maman et le Professeur Chen, nous découvrons que, dans le même temps, Giovanni a assigné à la Team Rocket une importante mission, dans la région d’Unys également. Tandis que Jessie, James et Miaouss se préparent, le Professeur Chen présente Sacha au Professeur Keteleeria, une des plus brillantes chercheuses de la région d’Unys. Soudain, un nuage de tempête apparaît, et Pikachu est atteint par une énorme décharge électrique. Après un premier examen de Pikachu, le Professeur Keteleeria affirme que tout semble en ordre. Mais, plus tard, lorsque Sacha affronte un Dresseur trop sûr de lui, du nom de Niko et son Pokémon de départ, Vipélierre, Pikachu n’arrive pas à utiliser ses Mouvements de Type Electrik ! De retour au laboratoire du Professeur Keteleeria , nous découvrons que Pikachu a en fait été très affecté par la dose massive d’électricité absorbée durant l’orage, lorsque, tout à coup, le même nuage de tempête apparaît à nouveau! Le Professeur Keteleeria évoque alors l’histoire du Pokémon Légendaire, Zekrom, ce qui amène tout le monde à s’interroger sur la véritable cause de la disparition des pouvoirs de Type Electrik de Pikachu. Pikachu sera-t-il un jour à nouveau capable d’utiliser ses pouvoirs?!

German Official Summary

Ash ist sehr aufgeregt, als er endlich mit Pikachu, seiner Mutter und Professor Eich in der Einall-Region ankommt. Zur gleichen Zeit bekommt Team Rocket von Giovanni einen wichtigen Auftrag, der die Einall-Region betrifft. Während Jessie, James und Mauzi sich auf diesen Auftrag vorbereiten, stellt Professor Eich Ash Professor Esche vor, eine wissenschaftliche Koryphäe der Einall-Region. Plötzlich ziehen dunkle Gewitterwolken auf, und Pikachu wird von einer unglaublich großen Menge Energie getroffen. Professor Esche untersucht Pikachu. Sie kann jedoch nichts Auffälliges finden. Aber später, als Ash gegen einen angehenden neuen Trainer namens Diaz und sein 1. Pokémon Serpifeu kämpft, kann Pikachu keine Elektro-Attacken mehr einsetzen! In Professor Esches Labor stellt sich dann heraus, dass Pikachu während des Gewitters von einer riesigen Menge Energie getroffen wurde. Und plötzlich taucht dieselbe dunkle Gewitterwolke wieder auf! Professor Esche erzählt daraufhin Ash, Professor Eich und Ashs Mutter die Legende von dem Legendären Pokémon Zekrom. Und alle fragen sich, was wohl der Grund dafür sein könnte, dass Pikachus Elektro-Kräfte auf so mysteriöse Weise verschwunden sind. Wird Pikachu diese Kräfte jemals wieder einsetzen können?

Italian Official Summary

Mentre Ash, entusiasta, arriva nella regione di Unima insieme a Pikachu, sua mamma e il Professor Oak, scopriamo che Giovanni ha assegnato un compito importante al Team Rocket, sempre nella regione di Unima. Mentre Jessie, James e Meowth si preparano per la loro nuova missione, il Professor Oak presenta ad Ash la Professoressa Aralia, uno dei migliori ricercatori della regione di Unima. Improvvisamente appare una nuvola scura di temporale e Pikachu viene colpito da una scarica enorme di elettricità. Dopo aver esaminato Pikachu, la Professoressa Aralia non sembra trovare niente che non vada. Ma, successivamente, quando Ash lotta contro un nuovo Allenatore di nome Diapo e il suo Pokémon iniziale Snivy, Pikachu non riesce a utilizzare nessuna mossa di Tipo Elettro. Tornati al laboratorio della Professoressa Aralia, scopriamo che Pikachu ha assorbito un enorme quantità di energia durante il temporale e, proprio in quel momento, la stessa nuvola scura riappare. La Professoressa Aralia racconta la storia del Pokémon Leggendario Zekrom, che fa sì che tutti si chiedano cosa quale sia stata realmente la causa della misteriosa scomparsa dei poteri di Tipo Elettro di Pikachu. Riuscirà Pikachu a recuperare i suoi poteri?

Portuguese Official Summary

Enquanto Ash chega animadamente à Região de Unova junto com Pikachu, sua mãe e o Professor Carvalho, nós descobrimos, ao mesmo tempo, que Giovanni designou a Equipe Rocket para uma tarefa importante na Região de Unova também. Enquanto Jessie, James e Meowth se preparam para sua nova tarefa, o Professor Carvalho apresenta Ash para a Professora Juniper, uma das principais pesquisadoras da Região de Unova. De repente, uma nuvem negra de tempestade aparece, e Pikachu é atingido por uma enorme descarga elétrica. Após inicialmente examinar Pikachu, a Professora Juniper parece não encontrar nada de errado. Mais tarde, quando Ash batalha com um novo Treinador chamado Trip e seu Pokémon iniciante Snivy, Pikachu não consegue usar nenhum dos seus movimentos tipo elétrico. De volta ao laboratório da Professora Juniper, descobrimos que Pikachu foi afetado por uma enorme descarga elétrica absorvida durante a tempestade, de repente a mesma nuvem negra aparece novamente! Então, a Professora Juniper, conta a história do Pokémon lendário Zekrom, fazendo todos se perguntarem o que poderia ter causado o misterioso desaparecimento dos poderes tipo elétrico de Pikachu. Pikachu será capaz de utilizar esses poderes novamente?

Finnish Official Summary

Kun innostunut Ash saapuu Unova-alueelle mukanaan Pikachu, äitinsä ja professori Oak, meille selviää, että samaan aikaan Giovanni on antanut Rakettiryhmälle tärkeän tehtävän, joka suoritetaan niinikään Unova-alueella. Samalla kun Jessie, James ja Meowth valmistautuvat uuteen tehtäväänsä, professori Oak esittelee Ashin professori Juniperille, joka on eräs Unova-alueen huippututkijoista. Yllättäen taivaalle ilmaantuu synkkä myrskypilvi ja Pikachuun osuu valtava sähkölataus. Alustavan tutkimuksen jälkeen professori Juniper ei löydä Pikachusta mitään vikaa. Myöhemmin kuitenkin, kun Ash ottelee uutta lupaavaa kouluttajaa Trippiä ja hänen aloitus-Pokémoniaan Snivya vastaan, Pikachu ei voikaan käyttää mitään sähkötyypin liikkeitä! Professori Juniperin laboratoriossa selviää lopulta, että Pikachun tilan aiheuttaa sen ukkosmyrskyn aikana itseensä imemä sähkölataus, kun sama myrskypilvi ilmaantuu äkisti uudestaan! Professori Juniper kertoo silloin legendaarisen Pokémonin Zekromin tarinan, mikä saa kaikki pohtimaan Pikachun sähkötyypin voimien oudon katoamisen todellista syytä. Voiko Pikachu käyttää sähkövoimiaan enää koskaan?!

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Cuando Ash llega con entusiasmo a Región Unova junto con Pikachu, su madre y el Profesor Oak, descubrimos que Giovanni asignó al Equipo Rocket una misión importante en esa región. Mientras Jessie, James y Meowth se preparan para su nuevo encargo, el Profesor Oak presenta a Ash a la Profesora Juniper, una de las principales investigadoras de Región Unova. De pronto, una oscura nube de tormenta aparece y Pikachu es golpeado por una enorme cantidad de electricidad. Después de hacerle una revisión preliminar a Pikachu, la profesora Juniper no parece encontrar nada malo. Pero, más adelante, cuando Ash se enfrenta a un nuevo entrenador llamado Trip y a su primer Pokémon Snivy, Pikachu no puede usar ningún movimiento tipo Eléctrico. De vuelta en el laboratorio de la profesora Juniper, descubrimos que Pikachu fue afectado por una enorme cantidad de energía eléctrica absorbida durante la tormenta, cuando de pronto la misma nube oscura aparece nuevamente. La Profesora Juniper entonces cuenta la historia de Zekrom, el Pokémon Legendario, haciendo que todos se pregunten si esa podría ser la causa de la misteriosa desaparición de los movimientos tipo Eléctrico de Pikachu. ¿Podrá Pikachu utilizar esos poderes de nuevo?

Spanish Official Summary

Ash llega a la región de Teselia junto a Pikachu, su mamá y el Profesor Oak. Al mismo tiempo, Giovanni, el jefe del Team Rocket, ha encomendado a su equipo una importante misión también en la región de Teselia. Mientras Jessie, James y Meowth se preparan para su nueva misión, el Profesor Oak presenta a Ash a la Profesora Encina, una de las mejores investigadoras de esta región. De pronto, aparece una nube negra de tormenta, y Pikachu recibe una cantidad enorme de electricidad. Tras examinar a Pikachu, la Profesora Encina no parece encontrar nada malo. Pero más tarde, cuando Ash combate contra un Entrenador novato llamado Trip y su Pokémon inicial, Snivy, Pikachu no puede usar ningún movimiento de tipo Eléctrico. De vuelta en el laboratorio de la Profesora Encina, descubrimos que Pikachu sigue sufriendo los efectos del rayo recibido durante la tormenta. Justo cuando la Profesora Encina está llegando a esta conclusión, aparece la misma nube negra de antes. La Profesora Encina cuenta entonces la historia del Pokémon legendario Zekrom, y todos se preguntan si esta podría ser la causa de la desaparición de los poderes de tipo Eléctrico de Pikachu. ¿Podrá Pikachu volver a usar sus poderes otra vez?

English Great Britain Official Summary

Ash excitedly arrives in the Unova region along with Pikachu, his mom, and Professor Oak. Meanwhile, Team Rocket’s Boss, Giovanni, has given them an important assignment in the Unova region. As Jessie, James, and Meowth prepare for their new assignment, Professor Oak introduces Ash to Professor Juniper, one of the top researchers in Unova. Suddenly, a dark storm cloud appears, and Pikachu is hit with a massive amount of electricity! Professor Juniper does a quick examination of Pikachu, but she doesn’t seem to find anything wrong. Later on, however, when Ash battles a budding new Trainer named Trip and his first Pokémon Snivy, Pikachu can’t use any Electric-type moves! Back at Professor Juniper’s lab, we learn that Pikachu is still suffering the effects of the lightning strike during the thunderstorm. Just as Professor Juniper reaches her conclusion, the same dark cloud appears as suddenly as before! The professor then recounts the story of the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom, and everyone wonders if it could be responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Pikachu’s Electric-type powers. Will Pikachu ever be able to use those powers again?

Russian Official Summary

Эш с радостью прибывает в регион Юнова с мамой и профессором Оуком. Мы в то же время узнаем, что Джованни отправляет в регион Команду Р с новым заданием. Пока Джесси, Джеймс и Мяут готовятся к новой миссии, профессор Оук знакомит Эша с профессором Джунипер, одним из лучших умов региона. Внезапно появляется ужасная туча, и в Пикачу попадает молния. В ходе осмотра профессор Джунипер не находит у Пикачу никаких повреждений. Однако в ходе боя с молодым тренером Трипом и его Снайви оказывается, что у Пикачу пропали электрические способности! Оказывается, что Пикачу вобрал в себя критическое количество электричества во время грозы. Профессор Джунипер рассказывает о легендарном покемоне Зекроме, который, вероятно, имеет какое-то отношение к потере электрических способностей. Восстановит ли Пикачу когда-нибудь свои прежние силы?

Dutch Official Summary

Wanneer Ash vol spanning aankomt in de Unova regio, samen met Pikachu, zijn moeder en Professor Oak, zien we dat tegelijkertijd Giovanni Team Rocket ook een belangrijke taak heeft gegeven in de Unova regio. Terwijl Jessie, James en Meowth zich voorbereiden op hun nieuwe opdracht, stelt Professor Oak Ash voor aan Professor Juniper, een van de top researchers van de Unova regio. Plotseling verschijnt er een donkere onweerswolk en Pikachu wordt geraakt door een enorme hoeveelheid elektriciteit. Professor Juniper onderzoekt Pikachu en ontdekt niets vreemds. Maar later, als Ash met de kersverse nieuwe trainer Trip en zijn eerste Pokémon Snivy aan het vechten is, kan Pikachu geen Elektrisch soort aanvallen gebruiken! Eenmaal terug in het lab van Professor Juniper, ontdekken we dat Pikachu toch is geraakt door de grote hoeveelheid elektriciteit, die hij heeft geïncasseerd tijdens de onweersbui. Op dat moment verschijnt diezelfde onweerswolk opnieuw! Professor Juniper vertelt dan het verhaal van de Legendarische Pokémon Zekrom, waardoor iedereen zich afvraagt wat de reden kan zijn van het mysterieuze verlies van Pikachu’s Elektrisch soort krachten. Zal Pikachu ooit weer in staat zijn om die krachten weer te gebruiken?

Norwegian Official Summary

Når Ash spent ankommer Unova-regionen sammen med Pikachu, moren sin og professor Oak, oppdager vi at Giovanni samtidig har gitt Team Rocket et viktig oppdrag i Unova-regionen også. På samme tid som Jessie, James og Meowth forbereder seg på sitt nye oppdrag, introduserer professor Oak Ash for professor Juniper, en av toppforskerne i Unova-regionen. Plutselig kommer det en mørk stormsky, og Pikachu blir truffet av en massiv mengde elektrisitet. Etter første undersøkelse av Pikachu finner ikke professor Juniper noe galt. Men senere, når Ash skal kjempe mot en ivrig ung trener som heter Trip og hans start Pokémon Snivy, kan ikke Pikachu bruke Elektrisk-type trekk! I professor Junipers lab finner vi ut at Pikachu har blitt skadet av den massive mengden energi  den absorberte under tordenværet, når plutselig den samme mørke skyen dukker opp igjen! Professor Juniper husker da historien om den Legendariske Pokémon Zekrom, og alle lurer på hva som kan være årsaken til at kreftene til Pikachu på mystisk vis er borte. Vil Pikachu noen gang være i stand til å bruke kreftene sine igjen?

Swedish Official Summary

Medan Ash anländer spänd av förväntan till Unova-regionen, med Pikachu, sin mamma och professor Oak, upptäcker vi samtidigt att Giovanni har gett Team Rocket ett viktigt uppdrag i Unova-regionen också. Medan Jesse, James och Meowth förbereder för sitt nya uppdrag, introducerar professor Oak Ash för professor Juniper, en av de ledande forskarna i Unova-regionen. Plötsligt dyker ett mörkt åskmoln upp och Pikachu träffas med en massiv mängd elektricitet. Efter att ha undersökt Pikachu, verkar professor Juniper inledningsvis inte kunna hitta något som är fel. Men senare, när Ash strider mot en lovande ny tränare vid namn Trip och hans nybörjar-Pokémon Snivy, kan Pikachu inte använda några Elektrisk-typ moves! Tillbaka i professor Junipers labb, upptäcker vi att Pikachu faktiskt har blivit påverkad av en massiv mängd elektricitet, som absorberades under åskstormen. Då dyker plötsligt samma moln upp igen! Då återberättar professor Juniper legenden om den Legendariska Pokémon Zekrom och detta gör så att alla undrar exakt vad det är som orsakade Pikachus mystiska förlust av Elektrisk-typ krafter. Kommer Pikachu någonsin kunna använda de där krafterna igen!?

Danish Official Summary

Da Ash spændt ankommer til Unova-regionen sammen med sin mor, professor Oak og Pikachu, finder vi samtidig ud af, at Giovanni har givet Team Rocket en vigtig opgave, som også foregår i Unova-regionen. Så mens Jessie, James og Meowth gør sig klar til deres nye opgave, kan professor Oak præsentere Ash for professor Juniper, en af top-forskerne i Unova-regionen. Pludselig kommer en sort stormsky til syne, og Pikachu bliver ramt af en voldsom mængde elektricitet. Ved Professor Junipers første undersøgelse af Pikachu finder han ikke noget galt. Men senere, da Ash kæmper med en vordende ung træner ved navn Trip og dennes start Pokémon Snivy, kan Pikachu ikke bruge nogen Elektrisk-type træk! Tilbage på professor Junipers laboratorium bliver det klart, at Pikachu faktisk har taget skade af den enorme mængde elektricitet, den har absorberet under tordenvejret – og pludselig viser den samme sorte sky sig en gang til! Professor Juniper genfortæller så historien om den Legendariske Pokémon Zekrom, og får alle til at spekulere over, hvad der dog kan have forårsaget, at Pikachus Elektrisk-type kræfter på mystisk vis er forsvundet. Vil Pikachu nogen sinde kunne genvinde disse kræfters brug?


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Giovanni
  • Japan サカキ
  • Japan Sakaki
  • Japan Sakaki
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Delia Ketchum
  • Japan ハナコ
  • Japan Hanako
  • Japan Hanako
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Samuel Oak
  • Japan オーキド ユキナリ博士
  • Japan Yukinari Okido-hakase
  • Japan Professor Yukinari Okido
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris
  • Japan アイリス
  • Japan Iris
  • Japan Iris
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Iris' Axew
  • Japan アイリスのキバゴ
  • Japan Iris no Kibago
  • Japan Iris' Kibago
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trip
  • Japan シューティー
  • Japan Shootie
  • Japan Shootie
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Trip's Snivy
  • Japan シューティーのツタージャ
  • Japan Shootie no Tsutarja
  • Japan Shootie's Tsutarja
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Professor Juniper
  • Japan アララギ博士
  • Japan Araragi-hakase
  • Japan Professor Araragi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Matori
  • Japan マトリ
  • Japan Matori
  • Japan Matori

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Snivy
  • Japan ツタージャ
  • Japan Tsutarja
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tepig
  • Japan ポカブ
  • Japan Pokabu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Oshawott
  • Japan ミジュマル
  • Japan Mijumaru
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Patrat
  • Japan ミネズミ
  • Japan Minezumi
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pidove
  • Japan マメパト
  • Japan Mamepato
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Minccino
  • Japan チラーミィ
  • Japan Chillarmy
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Swanna
  • Japan スワンナ
  • Japan Swanna
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Deerling
  • Japan シキジカ
  • Japan Shikijika
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Alomomola
  • Japan ママンボウ
  • Japan Mamanbou
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Reshiram
  • Japan レシラム
  • Japan Reshiram
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Zekrom
  • Japan ゼクロム
  • Japan Zekrom


Starting on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023, selected episodes from the Pocket Monsters anime were available as part of the Anipoke Selection on the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel but were region locked. This episode was posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023.

In the Isshu region, Satoshi meets Iris, who aspires to become a Dragon Master, and Dent, a Pokémon sommelier!

Script Error

The Japanese narrator starts off as they do at the beginning of the series and movies by explaining what 'Pokémon' stands for. The English dub skips the 'Pocket Monsters' explanation part.

English Narrator: The Pokémon world!
Japanese Narrator: Pocket Monsters, "Pokémon" for short.
(ナレーター): ポケットモンスター 縮めてポケモン。

Paint Edit

A poster above Satoshi's bed in his room in Masara Town, Kanto region says: "Pokemon Monster Ball Get". Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
[bwtext]POKEMON[/bwtext] POKEMON
[bwtext]GET[/bwtext] GET


Script Error

Sakaki in the Japanese original specifically states that the plan is to 'take over the world'. Giovanni in the English dub just states that the Unova region is vital to completing Team Rocket's plan.

Giovanni: A major new stepping-stone that will move us toward the successful completion of our plan.
Sakaki: This place is to become a new foothold in our plan to conquer the world.
(サカキ): 我がロケット団世界征服計画の新たな足がかりとなる場所だ。

Paint Edit

Isshu-chihō (イッシュ地方) is the name of the region in Best Wishes. The rest of the decryption seems to be animators notes. It also refers to ANA7 and our loving friend Sonansu! The animators note also makes a Japanese airline reference reminding that its not JAL but instead ANA. The caption for the mountain picture is a reference to Heidi, Girl of the Alps (アルプスの少女ハイジ). Anime Language transcriptions:

Headline 1
Anime Language Decrypted

Turquoise text 1
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext2]HIUNNSITELINOMATENAROU[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]KISETUNIYOTTEHASHANABIGAAGARUKOTOMO[/bwtext2], [bwtext2]ARU[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]ANA[/bwtext2]7[bwtext2]DEHAPIKATYUUMYASO[/bwtext2]-[bwtext2]NANNSUGASORAWO[/bwtext2], [bwtext2]MIAGERU ENNDELINNGUN[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]UNINATTEORI[/bwtext2], [bwtext2]INNSYOULTEKINAKATTOTONATETIIRU[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]V[/bwtext2]
Hiun City's skyscrapers. Depending on the season, fireworks are set off too sometimes. In ANA7, Pikachu and Sonansu look up into the sky in the ending, creating an impressive cut. It's not JAL, it's ANA.

Caption Night Picture
Anime Language Decrypted Translated

Headline 2
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext]REIOUTOGAMUZU KONNNA[/bwtext] REIOUTOGAMUZU KONNNA ? Layout diffi[cult?]. Like this [...]

Turquoise text 2
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext2]JINOHAITIGAMUZUKASIIMAARIKONOATARINIMOJIWOHAITI[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]SUTUNOHAP[/bwtext2], [bwtext2]UTUKUSIKUN MOJIDEUMEREBAIIMONNDEMONAIKEREDO[/bwtext2], [bwtext2]JINOHAITIHAKONNNAMONNDEIIYAROKA[/bwtext2]. [bwtext2]IKETEMASUKA[/bwtext2]?[bwtext2]DOUDEUK[/bwtext2]. ? JINOHAITIGAMUZUKASIIMAARI KONOATARINIMOJIWOHAITI. SUTUNOHAP, UTUKUSIKUN MOJIDEUMEREBAII MONNDEMONAIKEREDO, JINOHAITIHAKONNNA MONNDEIIYAROKA. IKETEMASUKA?DOUDEUK. ? The arrangement of the letters is difficult. Around here, I'll arrange some letters too. [???], I know it's not about prettily filling everything with letters, but is the way the letters are arranged here okay? Will this do? What do you think?

Caption Table Picture
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext2]SUTEKIRESUTORA[/bwtext2] SUTEKIRESUTORA Fancy Restaurant

Line above Mountain Picture
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext2]YO[/bwtext2]-[bwtext2]ROOHEHI[/bwtext2]-[bwtext2]TEKINA[/bwtext2] YO-ROOHEHI-TEKINA Europe-esque

Caption Mountain Picture
Anime Language Decrypted Translated
[bwtext2]ARUPUSUNOSYSUNOSYOUJOSYASHIN[/bwtext2][?][bwtext2]KJ[/bwtext2] ARUPUSUNOSYSUNOSYOUJOSYASHIN[?]KJ Girl of the Alps in Sysu [Swiss?], Photo


Script Error

The English dub added an extra line for the Air Traffic Control man.

Air Traffic Control: You are cleared for landing.

Paint Edit

One frame was not painted correctly during a scene just after Zekrom leaves. Pikachu's ear is missing the black tip.

Paint Edit

Anime Language transcriptions:

Anime Language Decrypted
imgimgimgimgimgimgimgimg TSUTAZYA


Script Error

The reference to the thundercloud being like god's eye (神の目) was removed from the English dub.

Professor Juniper: From within its thundercloud, Zekrom watches over people and Pokémon.
Professor Araragi: The huge thundercloud is a god's eye protecting people and Pokémon.
(アララギ): 巨大な雷雲は人とポケモンを見守る神の目。

DVD Extras Concept Art

The Japanese rental DVD that included this episode had a special artwork collection feature.

DVD Extras Interview

The Japanese rental DVD contained a 6 minute interview with Rica Matsumoto talking about her character Satoshi.

Special First-Airing Segment Live Preview Show

Shoko-tan, Robert and TIM from Pokémon Sunday (ポケモン☆サンデー) did a live broadcast to introduce the new series Pocket Monsters Best Wishes. They were on stage with Rica Matsumoto who sang the original opening theme Aim To Be A Pokémon Master live before the episode began. The hosts were on most of the day as they were introducing various shows related to the franchise that were airing throughout the day including: It's About to Start! It's a Pokémon Festival! Best Wishes, Live Broadcast! It's a Pokémon Festival! Best Wishes, Live Broadcast! It's a Pokémon Festival! Best Wishes and Live Broadcast! It's a Pokémon Festival! Best Wishes (15:51).

Who's that Pokémon Black and White

Pidove - The 'Who's that Pokémon?' segment returns as the commercial eye catch in the English dub.

Eyecatch Zekrom and Reshiram Eyecatch

Zekrom Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi and Pikachu.

Reshiram Commercial Return Eyecatch with Satoshi and Pikachu.

Okido Segment Pokémon Live Caster

This Okido segment did not air in the initial airing of the episode but only in subsequent repeats on channels like Kids Station and on the DVDs.

Pokémon Live Caster & Senryu
Theme The first Pokémon a beginning Trainer chooses: Tsutarja (ツタージャ), Pokabu (ポカブ), Mijumaru (ミジュマル)
Japanese パートナー みず・くさ・ほのお まよっちゃう
Romaji Paatonaa mizu kusa honoo mayocchau
Translated Partner, Water, Grass, Fire, I can't decide

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 BW M06A World of Pokémon The narrator introduces the viewers to the World of Pokémon.
Japan 01:22 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Sakaki assigns a mission to Rocket Gang for Isshu (some parts have omitted instruments).
Japan 02:21 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 (Bonus Track)
The plane departs from Kanto, towards Isshu (low-key version).
Japan 03:05 ベストウイッシュ!
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes!
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 04:33 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (TL): Surf
Title card
Japan 04:47 BW M08 カラクサタウン
Japanese (TL): Karakusa Town
The plane arrives at Isshu's airport.
Japan 05:48 BW M09 Rocket Gang's Work Rocket Gang appears in new suits.
Japan 06:03 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation Rocket Gang takes Satoshi's Pikachu.
Japan 06:51 BW M11 Zekrom Pikachu is struck by a blue lightning.
Japan 09:20 BW M12 6番道路 (秋~冬)
Japanese (TL): Route 6 (Spring to Summer)
Professor Araragi appears. The music overlaps with the Eyecatch Break.
Japan 11:14 BW M06A World of Pokémon Sponsor Message (starts 10 seconds through)
Japan 11:24 BW M38B Let's Give It A Try Eyecatch Return (stars 1:53 minutes through).
Japan 11:38 BW M13 ポケモンセンター
Japanese (TL): Pokémon Center
The car arrives at Kanoko Town.
Japan 12:33 BW M14A A Curious Encounter Shootie is introduced (low-key version).
Japan 13:24 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (TL): Route 4
Shootie is introduced to the starter pokemon.
Japan 15:54 BW M14C Today's Isshu Curiosity Pikachu runs up to Satoshi.
Japan 16:44 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Shootie and Satoshi begin their first battle.
Japan 17:57 BW M17 Battle! Shootie Pikachu struggles to use thunderbolt(Some instruments have been omitted)
Japan 19:42 伝説(ひかり絵)
Japanese (Romanized): Densetsu (Hikari e)
Japanese (TL): Legend (Picture of Light)
Movie 12 BGM - Satoshi runs back to the Pokémon Center with Pikachu after losing.
Japan 20:20 BW M11 Zekrom Zekrom strikes again.
Japan 21:54 心のファンファーレ
Japanese (Romanized): Kokoro no Fanfare
Japanese (TL): Fanfare of the Heart
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:15 BW M06C World of Pokémon Professor Okido's Pokémon Live Caster
Japan 24:16 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Best Wishes Episode 2 Preview
Japan 24:45 ベストウイッシュ! (オリジナルカラオケ)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes! (Original Karaoke)
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Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 BW M06A World of Pokémon The narrator reintroduces the world of pokemon.
United States 01:23 BW M05 Rocket Gang's Plan Giovanni assigns a mission to Team rocket.
United States 02:22 ベストウイッシュTV BGM-M01 (ボーナストラック)
Japanese (Romanized): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 (Bonus Track)
Japanese (TL): Best Wishes TV BGM-M01 (Bonus Track)
The plane departs(Low key version)
United States 03:05 Black & White English opening
United States 03:36 BW M07 なみのり
Japanese (TL): Surf
Title card
United States 03:50 BW M08 カラクサタウン
Japanese (TL): Karakusa Town
Ash and pikachu arrive in the Unova region
United States 04:51 BW M09 Rocket Gang's Work Team rocket appear meters behind Ash.
United States 05:06 BW M10 Rocket Gang's Operation Team rocket take pikachu.
United States 05:54 BW M11 Zekrom Team rocket and Ash get blasted away by a Lighting bolt.
United States 08:23 BW M12 6番道路 (秋~冬)
Japanese (TL): Route 6 (Spring to Summer)
Professor Juniper appears.(The track starts with omitted instruments)
United States 10:27 BW M13 ポケモンセンター
Japanese (TL): Pokémon Center
The car arrives at Nuvema town
United States 11:22 BW M14A A Curious Encounter Trip is introduced(Low-key version)
United States 12:13 BW M15 4番道路
Japanese (TL): Route 4
Trip decides between the three starters.
United States 14:47 BW M14C Today's Isshu Curiosity Pikachu runs out.
United States 15:38 BW M16 Rivals In Isshu Ash and Trip prepare for battle.
United States 16:51 BW M17 Battle! Shootie Pikachu can't use any electric attacks.
United States 18:36 伝説(ひかり絵)
Japanese (Romanized): Densetsu (Hikari e)
Japanese (TL): Legend (Picture of Light)
Ash takes pikachu into Juniper's lab.
United States 19:13 BW M11 Zekrom The storm cloud appears again.
United States 20:50 Black & White English ending.

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 24
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 19
07 Sep 2010 08:16 AM
AnimeBot Automated Bots
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: イッシュ地方へ!ゼクロムの影!!/Isshu-chihō e! Zekrom no kage!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
09 Sep 2010 12:37 AM
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Zekrom??? i thught ash would only see reshiram in this epsiode but it would be cool if both appeared
09 Sep 2010 11:43 PM
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Ash's new eyes are scary. :/
12 Sep 2010 01:26 AM
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Quote From: precita
Ash's new eyes are scary. :/
lol i like the eyes anyways but i had to admit they are freaking looking
24 Sep 2010 01:31 AM
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I thought it was pretty good. there were only a few times where Ash eyes really bothered me, and they all happened to be the same ones that were generally used in the commercials for the premier XD And, to be honest, I thought the expressions on all the characters were great.

I'm a bit disappointed that Pikachu's electricity problem was solved so quickly, though, but I really shouldn't have been hoping for a season-long story arc involving Pikachu being unable to use electricity like I was. Such is life.
24 Sep 2010 08:17 AM
Sunain Administrator
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This episode certainly exceeded my expectations. The background music was epic but its unfortunate that we probably won't most of it on CD. The episode had more of a movie feel to it than an episode which made it that much better. A good start to the series.
25 Sep 2010 04:02 AM
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I loved the movie-like intro and the new attack animations - especially those for Quick Attack and Iron Tail. I won't talk about the music, since everyone already knows how awesome it was. xD Aside from that, I really liked how Satoshi also had a myriad of expressions - thanks to the "reset" - perhaps more than he's shown in the whole of D&P.
25 Sep 2010 10:23 AM
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I'm glad we got to see Delia again after so long.

I doubt we'll see much of the way of older characters this series, even Gary isn't likely to appear in Isshu, unlike the way they hyped him up for DP.

Iris officially seems to be the new Misty, complete with being a Gym leader, so this is probably why Misty has been phased out of Pokemon. I very much doubt Misty will ever appear in Pokemon ever again now, especially since she hasn't appeared in nearly 300 episodes and never appeared in DP.

In any case, I am now convinced the writers consider Tracey and Misty their least favorite characters. Their disinterest in them grows more apparent with each passing generation.
26 Sep 2010 09:47 AM
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I hear that Iris is actually the daughter of the dragon type gym leader in the anime. Is this true or not?
07 Oct 2010 05:35 AM
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I think it was a great episode indeed. Great animation, lots of new things happening, Zekrom was awesome, music was awesome :) Great start of the new series
03 Nov 2010 12:40 AM
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This was definitely a great start to the series and I really liked the Mamanbo that Ash saw in the beginning. I really hoped that it would be his first Pokémon in Isshu.
Zekrom was also really cool. I liked how it seemed like part of the thundercloud and seemed to be able to move at will, but compared to the legendary Pokémon from Sinnoh it doesn't seem like much. I mean, the Dragon Trio and Arceus and each have their own dimension and Zekrom only has a thundercloud! I'm curious to see where Reshiram resides. It was rather contrived that only Ash and Pikachu were affected by Zekrom. It would have been more realistic had the whole building been affected.
The drive to the Pokémon lab was also pretty cool for showing a few different types of Pokémon. It really made the region seem new and not taken for granted by Ash, which it usually seems like when he is just passing through.
15 Feb 2011 11:13 AM
Sunain Administrator
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The English dub was quite accurate when compared to the Japanese original. A few changes here and there but overall it was identical. I really miss the original Professor Oak English voice.

English Dub Edit's: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/episodes/1177#Edits
22 Mar 2011 05:13 AM
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My opinion; Pikachu went to level 100 to level 5 when he got his voltage fixed.

really now every since advance season started, pikachu been losing battles and got used less and less. I see that pokemon fans are disappointed that pikachu keeps losing like that. It was much more fun in the old days plus the new season surprisingly bores me =/ maybe because now that the seasons are game is with the abilities the attacck effects and etc
24 Apr 2011 12:50 PM
michan Administrator
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Title in Swedish added today. Thank you, TV4, for skipping episodes randomly just to rush forward in the anime!
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10 Mar 2012 09:57 AM
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Danish Airdate: Today
Title: I Zekrom's skygge!