Aria's Delphox

Known As:
  • Flag Aria's Delphox
  • Flag エルのマフォクシー
  • Flag Elle no Mafoxy
Aria's Delphox is the evolved form of Aria's Braixen. It evolved sometime after its appearance at the award ceremony for the Kalos Queen title. It was revealed in a double battle against Serena's Fennekin.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Fire Spin Type XY 47 Learned as a Braixen
Fire Blast Type XY 47 Learned as a Braixen
Flamethrower Type XY 64 Countered Serena's Fokko's Flamethrower and proved to be more powerful.
Mystical Fire Type XY 64 Eureka noted that its move was really pretty.