Character Information:

Tracey's Marill


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Tracey's Marill
  • Flag ケンジのマリル
  • Flag Kenji no Maril
Voiced By:
Tracey's Marill was revealed when Tracey Sketchit decided that he needed a good Pokémon to help him find the Crystal Onix. Tracey's Marill has very sensitive ears that can detect distant sounds and the round, rubbery tip of its tail can expand and contract, assisting Marill in the water. While swimming, Tracey's Marill tail floats so he can see where it's going. Misty realized that Tracey Sketchit and his Marill make a good team as Tracey's Marill could hear a Pokémon long before Tracey Sketchit could even see it. Tracey Sketchit would often play a Pokémon cry on his dex for Marill to help it learn what the Pokémon sounded like so it could search for that particular Pokémon. Tracey's Marill ears would twitch when it was searching or it found something.
Series Title
OI 7 The Crystal Iwark/クリスタルのイワーク/The Crystal Onix
OI 8 ピンクのポケモンじま/In the Pink/Island of the Pink Pokemon
OI 10 おどる!ポケモンショーボート!/Dance! Pokemon Showboat!/Stage Fight
OI 11 Bye Bye Psyduck/Goodbye Koduck! Return Again Golduck?/さよならコダック!またきてゴルダック?
OI 12 Sailing Joy! Cross the Stormy Sea!/セイリングジョーイ!あらなみをこえて!/The Joy of Pokemon
OI 15 A Shipful of Shivers/The Ghost Ship and the Ghost Pokemon!/ゆうれいせんとゆうれいポケモン!
OI 17 Strike - A Warrior's Pride/ストライクせんしのほこり/Tracey Gets Bugged
OI 18 みなみのしまだよぜんいんしゅうごう!/A Way Off Day Off/It's the Southern Islands, Everyone Gathers!
OI 24 Pikachu VS Nyarth!?/ピカチュウVSニャース!?/Bound For Trouble
OI 26 ひけしたいけつ!ゼニガメVSカメール/Fire-Extinguishing Showdown! Zenigame VS Kameil/Pokemon Water War
OI 33 Goodbye, Laplace!/さよならラプラス!/Viva Las Lapras
OI 36 ライバルたいけつ!サトシVSシゲル!!/Rival Showdown! Satoshi VS Shigeru!!/The Rivalry Revival
GS 109 さよならフシギダネ!オーキドていのぼうけん!!/Bulbasaur...the Ambassador!/Goodbye, Fushigidane! Adventure in Okido's Garden!!
AG 134 The Okido Laboratories! Everyone Gathers!!/オーキド研究所!全員集合!!/The Right Place at the Right Mime
Movie 2 The Explosive Birth of the Mythical Pokémon Lugia/Pokémon the Movie 2000 - The Power of One/幻のポケモン ルギア爆誕
Short 2 Pikachu's Rescue AdventureピカチュウたんけんたいThe Pikachu Expedition