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Ash's Noctowl

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Noctowl
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのヨルノズク
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Yorunozuku
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Satoshi's Yorunozuku
Voice Actors
After Ash rescued Noctowl from Team Rocket, Ash battled and captured it.

Pidgey Express

In the episode PM166, Ken (Malachy's Grandfather's Pidgey) was injured by a Fearow and Ash's Noctowl rescued it. Pidgey fell out of the sky into the nearby forest. Ash Ketchum and friends found it on the edge of a cliff and Ash's Noctowl went down to get it. Initially the Ken (Malachy's Grandfather's Pidgey) was afraid of Noctowl but it used Hypnosis to make it think its a Pidgey. More comfortable now, the two fly up and Brock bandages its injured wing.

Later on, Ken (Malachy's Grandfather's Pidgey) and Ash's Noctowl went to a cloud and then used gust on it to reveal Team Rocket and their balloon. Ash's Noctowl uses Hyponsis on Team Rocket who then falls asleep and starts drifting away. Ken (Malachy's Grandfather's Pidgey) and Ash's Noctowl start pulling at the bag and manage to rip some holes in it so the Pidgey could all escape. With Ash's Noctowl as an instrumental helping hand, the Pidgey Express and the Pidgey were saved.
Series Title
GS 38 Fowl Play/An Alternate-colored Yorunozuku! Get It!!/いろちがいのヨルノズク!ゲットだぜ!!
GS 39 Startled by Ringuma!!/Forest Grumps/リングマでドッキリ!!
GS 46 Type Casting/ウソッキーはどこにいる!?/Where is Usokkie!?
GS 47 Fossil Fools/Fossil Pokemon Park! Ruins of Alph!!/こだいポケモンパーク!アルフのいせき!!
GS 48 ポッポやのでんしょポッポ!/Carrying On/The Poppo Man and his Carrier Poppo!
GS 51 ジャングルのさんびき!おんせんバトル!!/A Hot Water Battle/The Jungle Trio! Hot Spring Battle!!
GS 53 さよならロコン!ポケモンビューティーコンテスト!!/Beauty and the Breeder/Goodbye, Rokon! Pokémon Beauty Contest!!
GS 55 Power Play/Blacky! Dark Night Battle!!/ブラッキー!やみよのたたかい!!
GS 56 レディアン!かぜのたにをこえて!!/Redian! Cross the Valley of Wind!!/Mountain Time
GS 58 Aim to Become a Metamon Master! Imite Returns!!/めざせメタモンマスター!イミテふたたび!!/Imitation Confrontation
GS 64 Hellgar and Togepi!/Houndoom's Special Delivery/ヘルガーとトゲピー!
GS 65 やけたとう!マツバとうじょう!!/A Ghost Of A Chance/The Burned Tower! Enter Matsuba!!
GS 66 エンジュジム!ゴーストバトル!!/Enju Gym! Ghost Battle!!/From Ghost to Ghost
GS 68 Yamikarasu! The Stolen Badges!/ヤミカラス!うばわれたバッジ!!/All That Glitters
GS 72 ここほれウリムー!おんせんをさがせ!!/Spring Fever/Dig here, Urimoo! Search for a Hot Spring!!
GS 73 フリーザーVSプリン!ふぶきのなかで!/Freezer VS Purin! Within the Blizzard!!/Freeze Frame
GS 75 ノコッチはのこっちない!?/A Nokocchi 'nok'-off!?/The Dunsparce Deception
GS 76 Sonansu! That's Right?/ソーナンス!そうなんす?/The Wayward Wobbuffet
GS 77 タケシたおれる!あぶないキャンプ!!/Takeshi Collapses! Dangerous Camp!!/Sick Daze
GS 80 ゴルバットVSかめんのじょおうムサシ!いせきのたたかい!!/Control Freak/Golbat VS Masked Queen Musashi! Battle in the Ruins!!
GS 82 Nidorino Nidorina! Takeshi's Rose-Colored Days!?/ニドリーノニドリーナ!タケシのバラいろのひび!?/The Heartbreak of Brock
GS 84 ベイリーフはどこへいった!?ハーブばたけでつかまえて!/Turning Over a New Bayleef/Where has Bayleaf Gone!? The Catcher in the Herbs!
GS 86 The Big Pokémon Balloon Race! Crossing a Storm!!/The Big Balloon Blow-Up/ポケモンききゅうだいレース!あらしをこえて!!
GS 87 ムチュールにもうむちゅう!!スーパースターはポケモンがおすき?/Much Ado About Muchul!! Do Superstars Love Pokémon?/The Screen Actor's Guilt
GS 89 カクレオンはどこにいる!?みえないポケモンにだいこんらん!/The Kecleon Caper!/Where is Kakureon!? Great Confusion over the Invisible Pokemon!
GS 91 True Mother Miltank! The Secret of the Desert!/Got Miltank!/せいぼミルタンク!さばくのひみつ!
GS 97 サニーゴでアミーゴ!おうがんとうのたいけつ!!/Sunnygo the Amigo! Showdown on Yellow Rock Island!!/The Corsola Caper
GS 103 The Legend of the Silver Wing! The Fight on Silver Rock Island!!/Hi Ho Silver...Away!/ぎんいろのはねのでんせつ!ぎんがんとうのたたかい!!
GS 105 A Parent Trapped!/The Imprisoned Lugia!/とらわれのルギア!
GS 107 Fly, Hoho! Aim for Asagi!!/Throwing in the Noctowl!/とべホーホーごう!アサギをめざし!!