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Cilan's Dwebble

Character Names
  • English / United States: Cilan's Dwebble
  • Japanese / Japan: デントのイシズマイ
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Dent no Ishizumai
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Dent's Ishizumai
Voice Actors
While on route to Shippo City, Cilan and his traveling companions Ash Ketchum and Iris found a group of Ishizumai that were picking on a weaker Ishizumai. The stronger Ishizumai stole the weaker Ishizumai home, a gray rock that it had been working on. Cilan became friends with the Ishizumai and helped it defeat the gang of Ishizumai to recover its home. As Cilan was departing, the Ishizumai didn't want to part and Cilan realized this, he too had become attached to the Ishizumi and he capture it.

In BW31, Ash's Oshawott lost its Scallsword. Cilan realized that his Dwebble was really good at chiseling rocks so he instructed his Dwebble to make a rock Scallsword for Ash's Oshawott. Initially it was too big and too heavy for Ash's Oshawott to hold but Ash's Oshawott managed to build up enough strength to hold it. The rock Scallsword didn't last too long though as it was smashed by Stephan's Blitzle during their rematch battle.

Battle against Burgundy's Dewott

Burgundy challenged Cilan to a battle so she could exact her revenge on him for not being at the gym when she returned. Burgundy's Dewott was revealed first and even though Cilan knew that his Dwebble had a type disadvantage, he still sent it out to battle as he predicted that Dwebble's Sturdy Ability would endure the Water type attacks. Cilan's Dwebble also used Protect continuously which helped reduce the damage it was taking. Burgundy's Dewott ended up getting tired attacking so much and that's when Cilan's Dwebble fought back with a quick combination of attacks to defeat it.

Don Battle against Trip's Gurdurr

In the first round of the Don Battles in Raimon Town, Cilan was faced up against Trip. Cilan's Dwebble was matched up against Trip's Gurdurr. Through most of the battle, Cilan's Dwebble struggled to keep up against Trip's Gurdurr who had evolved recently and was now stronger. Trip's Gurdurr actually cracked Cilan's Dwebble's shell with a powerful Rock Smash and left it a bit dazed. As Trip's Gurdurr was going in to finish it off, Cilan surprised Trip by ordering Dwebble to use Rock Slide which ended up trapping Trip's Gurdurr under tons of large rocks. With Trip's Gurdurr struggling to get free from the rocks, Cilan's Dwebble finished it off with a Slash attack, eliminating Trip from the tournament and advancing Cilan to the second round.

Cilan's Dwebble evolved into Cilan's Crustle during a conflict with Rocket Gang at the Electric Stone Cave in BW64.
Known Moveset
Slash Type
First Seen: BW 11
Often used in combination with X-Scissor
Protect Type
First Seen: BW 11
Its main defensive move
X-Scissor Type
First Seen: BW 11
One of its main attacking moves
Shell Smash Type
First Seen: BW 11
Discards its defense and raises the attack power. Used on the boss Ishizumai to get its shell back
Rock Slide Type
First Seen: BW 42
Was revealed that it had learned the move in the battle against Shootie. Iris was surprised that it had learned it.
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