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Ash's Pidgeotto

Character Names
  • English / United States: Ash's Pidgeotto
  • Japanese / Japan: サトシのピジョン
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Satoshi no Pigeon
  • Japanese (Trans) / Japan: Satoshi's Pigeon
Ash's Pidgeotto was the second Pokémon that Ash captured while in the Viridian forest. Ash sent out Ash's Caterpie to battle the Pidgeotto, not realizing that Bug-type Pokémon are weak against Flying-type Pokémon. Pidgeotto quickly dealt significant damage to Ash's Caterpie, forcing Misty to suggest that Ash Ketchum recall it. Ash Ketchum then called out Pikachu and ordered him to use Thundershock on the Pidgeotto. Weakened by Pikachu, Ash Ketchum was then able to capture Pidgeotto with a PokéBall.

As a Flying type, Ash's Pidgeotto often helped prevent Team Rocket from using their hot air balloon by puncturing it. Brock said that Ash's Pidgeotto would stand up to any kind of attack if it was to protect Ash from harm.

While walking through a forest near Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum realizes the Spearow that he hit with his Poké ball on the first day that he was on his journey must have evolved into a Fearow. A bunch of Pidgey and Pidgeotto were stuck in a tree and were too afraid to leave it. Ash's Pidgeotto helped them be brave enough to leave but just as they did the Fearow attacked Ash's Pidgeotto and injured it. Realizing that the Pidgey and Pidgeotto were still in trouble, Ash's Pidgeotto evolved into a Pidgeot.

Kanto Pokémon League

Just before Ash Ketchum's fifth round battle against Ritchie, Jessie had tricked Ash Ketchum into leaving the arena by impersonating Ritchie. Jessie, James and Meowth all delayed Ash Ketchum from reaching the arena and Pidgeotto had to use all of its energy in helping Ash Ketchum get to the arena before he was disqualified. Unfortunately, due to the amount of energy Pidgeotto had used up, Ash Ketchum decided not to use it in the fifth round.
Known Moveset
Gust Type
First Seen: SL 3
Quick Attack Type
First Seen: SL 3
Sand Attack Type
First Seen: SL 4
Wing Attack Type
First Seen: SL 7
Whirlwind Type
First Seen: SL 32
Series Title
SL 3 ポケモン ゲットだぜ!/Get Pokémon!/Ash Catches a Pokémon
SL 4 Challenge of the Samuraiサムライしょうねんのちょうせん!Challenge of the Samurai Boy!
SL 5 Showdown in Pewter City/ニビジムのたたかい!/The Fight at Nibi Gym!
SL 6 Pippi and the Moon Stone/Clefairy and the Moon Stone/ピッピとつきのいし
SL 7 The Water Flowers of Hanada City/ハナダシティのすいちゅうか/Water Flowers of Cerulean City
SL 8 Road to the Pokémon League/The Path to the Pokemon League/ポケモンリーグへのみち
SL 13 マサキのとうだい/Masaki's Lighthouse/Mystery at the Lighthouse
SL 15 Battle Aboard the St. Anne/サントアンヌごうのたたかい!/Battle Aboard the St. Anne!
SL 16 Pokemon Shipwreck/A Pokémon Robinsonade/ポケモンひょうりゅうき
PM 18 Beauty and the BeachアオプルコのきゅうじつHoliday at Aopulco
SL 19 メノクラゲドククラゲ/Menokurage and Dokukurage/Tentacool and Tentacruel
SL 27 Hypno's Naptime/Sleeper and Pokémon Regression!?/スリーパーとポケモンがえり!?
SL 32 The Ninja Poke-Showdown/セキチクにんじゃたいけつ!/Sekichiku Ninja Showdown!
SL 37 メタモンとモノマネむすめ/Metamon and the Copycat Girl/Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
SL 40 イーブイ4きょうだい/The Four Eievui Brothers/The Battling Eevee Brothers
SL 41 Wake up Snorlax/おきろ!カビゴン!/Wake up! Kabigon!
SL 45 うたって!プリン!/The Song of Jigglypuff/Sing! Purin!
SL 50 トゲピーはだれのもの!?/Whose is Togepi!?/Who Gets to Keep Togepi?
SL 53 こどものひだよぜんいんしゅうごう/The Purr-fect Hero/It's Children's Day, Everyone Gathers
SL 55 シャッターチャンスはピカチュウ/Pikachu in Focus/Pokemon Paparazzi
SL 57 The Breeding Center Secret/The Day Care Secret!/そだてやのひみつ!
SL 58 もえろ!グレンジム!/The Heat is on! Guren Gym!/Riddle Me This
SL 62 Pippi VS Purin/Clefairy Tales/ピッピVSプリン
SL 63 Tokiwa Gym! The Final Badge!/トキワジム!さいごのバッジ!/The Battle of the Badge
SL 66 An Iwark Bivouac/Snow Way Out/イワークでビバーク
SL 71 Lights, Camera, Quacktion!/Pokémon the Movie!/ポケモン・ザ・ムービー!
SL 74 げきとつ!ちょうこだいポケモン/Fierce Battle! Pokémon of Yore/The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis
SL 75 ガラガラのホネこんぼう/Bad to the Bone/Garagara's Bone Club
SL 78 Fire and Ice/こおりのフィールド!ほのおのたたかい!/The Ice Field! Flame Battle!
SL 80 ライバルとうじょう!/A Friend In Deed/The Arrival of a Rival!