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  • United States A Marathon Rivalry!
  • Japan 燃えよカビゴン!ポケスロンの王者!!
  • Japan Moe yo Kabigon! Pokéthlon no ōja!!
  • Japan Get Fired Up, Kabigon! The King of Pokéthlon!!
  • Germany Wissenschaft ist auch nicht alles!!
  • France Une rivalité marathon
  • Spain ¡Un maratón de rivalidad!
  • Sweden En maraton-rivalitet!
  • Italy Rivalità da maratona!
  • Mexico ¡El Maratón de Rivales!
  • Finland Urheilujuhlan tuntua!
  • Taiwan 燃燒吧卡比獸!神奇寶貝全能競技賽的王者!!
  • Czechia Pokéathlon!
  • Norway En maratonrivalisering!
  • Denmark Maratonduel!
  • South Korea 포켓슬론! 잠만보 VS 피카츄!
  • Portugal Quem Corre Por Gosto Não Cansa!
  • Russia Марафонское противостояние!


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With Dawn aiming for her fifth ribbon, Ash and his friends continue their journey towards Asatsuki Town, where a Pokémon Contest will be held. Our heroes walk down a short path surrounded by lush vegetation. Up Ahead, a gigantic trampoline is in the middle of the path. Brock and Ash both question why a trampoline is in the middle in the trail. Pikachu and Piplup jump off their trainer's shoulders and onto the trampoline taking a short break from the walking. After a few moments, a humungous Snorlax blocks out the sun and explodes down onto the trampoline launching Piplup and Pikachu into the air.

Ash and Dawn hurriedly rush to catch their pokémon and prevent the impending fall. Snorlax bounces on the trampoline a few times and soon thunders to the ground. Dawn opens her Pokédex and queries Snorlax's data. In a robotic voice the unit squeals: "Snorlax, the Doze Pokémon; It's stomach can digest anything. When its belly is full, it becomes too lethargic to even lift a finger, so it is safe to climb onto its belly. An unknown scientist interrupts the three stating that Snorlax's nerve reaction has improved by 15 percent. Ash questions who the individual is.

The scientist arrogantly announces they are Yūta, the heaven-sent child of science, whom is conducting a study on Snorlax's reflexivity and agility. Brock compliments Yūta on his training with Snorlax and the excellent results.

Ash and friends are led to a small structure down the trail which is Yūta's training facility. Snorlax can be viewed through a pane of glass and is connected to an array of sensors. Yūta states he holds scientific tests on a daily basis in order to improve his Pokémon's abilities. A large metallic unit is placed atop Snorlax's head which functions both as a blindfold and to capture experiment data.

Yūta additionally places a similar unit atop his head which is designed to raise the synchronization between Pokémon and trainer. Yūta presses a yellow button on the unit's console which starts a treadmill underneath Snorlax. Snorlax begins a slow paced walk and his thunderous steps crash through the silence in the laboratory. The pace gradually increases and soon the unit presents hurdles for Snorlax to traverse. The training unit is designed to transmit Yūta's thought patterns to Snorlax and increase reflexivity and reaction time. Yūta synchronizes with Snorlax and jumps enabling him to foresee the obstacle ahead. As Yūta jumps forward, Snorlax also jumps in synchronization. Ash, Brock, and Dawn simply stare in astonishment at Snorlax's level of synchronization with Yūta.

Yūta places a small suction cup on Snorlax's chest and measures his improvement in synchronization. He proclaims that synchronization between himself and Snorlax have increased by 10 percent.

The scientific method of training is unique compared to the standard method of training between a trainer and fellow pokémon. Normally, a pokémon gains experience with his trainer through countless battles and tests of endurance. Ash clearly supports the standard method of training stating that himself and Pikachu are connect by the bond between their hearts rather than through a machine. Yūta laughs at Ash's remarks claiming that they are connected by the power of science. Yūta's statement and plain disregard for the standard method of training infuriates Ash and Pikachu. Ash proposes that Yūta and he have a battle to test who has the stronger bond with their Pokémon.

Yūta laughs at Ash's response arguing that a simple result of a battle cannot determine the difference of synchronization between Pokémon. Yūta suggests an alternative contest which will additionally test speed, jumping, power, technique, and stamina in comparison to a simple one-on-one battle.

Pokéthlon, a tournament that originally started in the Johto region, consists of ten competitions in total, however in each tournament only three of the ten competitions are held. Participating trainers enter one Pokémon for each competition. Yuka announces that the next upcoming Pokéthon would be held in Tsubaki Town, located near Asatsuki Town. Brock questions Yūta if this is the first time that a Pokéthon will take place in Sinnoh. Yūta is suprised at Brock's question assuming that this was their first time encountering a Pokéthon. Ash states they had prior knowledge about Pokéthons due to traveling through the Johto Region.

The first contest consists of "Catch Saucers" which is followed by a half-time show featuring "Bound Field". The third and final bout in the afternoon half is "Dash Hurdles". Brock states that it will be a prequalifying event for trainers to gain entry into a National Event. Ash and Pikachu are amped up to enter and conquer the contest however Yūta attempts to squash their dreams spouting that they cannot win with their unscientific philosophy.

The Pokéthon will be held at a stadium which consists of a running track and a lush green field in the middle. A small tent is setup near the stadium entrance to assist trainers with completing registration. A congregation of young and old trainers huddles around the tent discussing possible strategies for the competition. Ash questions Dawn if she will enter the contest. Dawn confirms she will not be entering due to the upcoming contest. Yūta arrogantly proclaims that they will not lose to Pokémon who are all about idealism. Snorlax, exhausted, responds with a simple growl to confirm Yūta's proclamation. Ash examines Snorlax stating that he appears to be fatigued from training too much. Yūta further examines Snorlax's data determining that both its reflexes and power have decreased and level of fatigue increased by 25%. Yūta questions Ash's ability to foresee Snorlax's fatigue without connecting to him with a computer.

“You, young man!”, shouts an older man, James of Team Rocket, with vibrant purple hair and a perky Meowth. The man offers a scientific massage to refresh Snorlax and to relieve his fatigue. Yūta simply looks at the man in a questionable state wondering what an actual "scientific message" is and what positive effects it may have on Snorlax. The man babbles stating that the best kinds of super-scientific messages are given through his services. Yūta and Snorlax are led to a nearby red and gold colored tent. The man opens the curtain's revealing a robotic device with various arms to assist in the messaging procedure. Additionally a young woman, Jessie, is inside whom is wearing a light colored top and pants with a vivacious purple hair color. The woman shouts in joy that their messaging technique, the PokéHeart, will relieve Snorlax's stress and seek out the fatigue in the muscles.

Meowth proclaims that with their service, Snorlax's performance will additionally increase scientifically. In a cunning and corrupt state of mind, Jessie commands that Meowth should keep up the work and bring more Pokémon to their service that Giovanni might enjoy. James and Meowth hide behind the stadium studying Ash and conspiring to take advantage of the situation. “Nice Pikachu!” shouts Meowth as the two point to Ash's Pikachu. James compliments Ash on his training efforts with Pikachu. Meowth offers their message services to Ash to assist in relieving Pikachu's stress from day to day training and the service is free. Ash excitedly asks Pikachu if he would like to participate but Pikachu simply stares away in disagreement. James and Meowth draw Ash in by promising they will have Pikachu's services completed by the time he is scheduled to participate in the Pokéthon. James hurriedly reaches over and grabs Pikachu. The two rush back to the tent before Ash has a chance to object or ask any further questions.

A thunderous roar is heard overheard as the competition begins to commence. The first contest is Catch Saucers which consists of the trainer making his Pokémon jump by leaping onto a seesaw whom in return will collect the saucers that coming flying towards it. Jumping Power, Acceleration, and teamwork are important aspects which are tested in the first bout. The participants are commanded to enter the field in the center of the stadium to commence the first bout. Ten contestants are included in the first bout which includes Nuzleaf, Medicham, Grumpig, Mankey, Ash's Monferno, Yūta's Hitmonlee, Drowsee, and Sneazel. Yūta proclaims that his Hitmonlee clearly has greater jumping power than Monferno and he will prove it with his scientific training while Ash stresses that they have been strengthened by Pokémon Battles. Shortly after, pink saucers begin exploding from launchers located in front of the contestants.

Ash and Yūta both jump off the platform and launch Monferno and Hitmonlee into the air. Both Pokémon begin to slam down the saucers into their respective areas. Afterwards, the bout results are displayed on an overhead board awarding Team Ash and Team Yuto with twenty points each.

The second bout is replaced by an exhibition of Bound Field which is presented by the winner of the tournament in Johto, Spoink. Spoink is located on a small trampoline underneath a lighted grid atop. The grid is square and consists of approximately 21 lights which illuminate at different times. The pokémon uses the trampoline to jump and hit the correct light in the grid. Meanwhile, Ash and Yūta hurry back to the message parlor to reclaim their pokémon and participate in the third bout. The two head opposite ways and manage to slam into each other at the entrance to the tent. Yūta shouts out asking what's wrong with Ash. Ash informs Yūta that his Pikachu is also getting a message. As the two begin to enter the tent, it begins to inflate revealing the iconic Team Rocket hot air balloon. The balloon begins to gain altitude with Pikachu captured below in a cage attached to the bottom and Snorlax attached to a cord.

Team Rocket explodes into their unique intro with Wobbuffet and Manane as support. Yūta simply stares in disbelief unknown of Team Rocket or their objective in the Sinnoh Region. Ash explains they are a group whom steal Pokémon from others. Team Rocket wave to the two as they make their escape but soon their ascent is stopped by the massive weight of Snorlax. Musashi lectures James and Meowth about why they didn't take its Pokéball also. With a flick of her wrist, Musashi releases her pokéball calling upon the assistance of Yanmega. Yanmega thrusts down with Steel Wing cutting the rope attaching Snorlax to the balloon. Musashi extends her pokéball forward calling back Yanmega. Ash calls upon Staraptor whom explodes outward and begins ascending toward the balloon. Meowth presses a red button on a console which launches two robotic arms from the sides of the balloon. Meowth begins slamming the buttons on the console which in return causes the hands to begin slamming against Staraptor's chest knocking him unconscious. Ash extends his arm returning Staraptor to the safety of his Pokéball.

Musashi excitedly thanks Meowth for his excellent work in defeating Straptor. A loud thud is heard emitting from the balloon as Team Rocket look downward to discover the disturbance. Snorlax begins jumping on a nearby trampoline to propel itself up to Team Rocket's altitude. Meowth attempts to use the two robotic arms to halt Snorlax's ascent however his massive weight crushes the arms breaking Pikachu's cage free from the balloon and launching Team Rocket into the great blue sky. Pikachu manages to escape from the cage midair and Ash begins running in his direction to break his fall. Snorlax thunders towards Pikachu's location and slides downward using its soft belly to break Pikachu's fall and prevent injury. James proclaims that they finally managed to capture Pikachu and failed again. Meowth states that possibly it is Team Rocket's fate to fail at capturing Pikachu. The team rockets off into the air in a shimmering light.

Yūta thanks Snorlax for his participation in defeating Team Rocket. Ash thanks Yūta for assisting with saving Pikachu however Yūta claims he only saved Pikachu so that it would be a fair competition and he could prove the superiority of scientific training compared to battle/endurance training. The announcer's voice is heard overhead announcing the third bout, Dash Hurdles, would start in a few moments. Ash and Yūta hurry back to the stadium to participate in the third bout. Eight Pokemon and trainers are placed in starting positions on the track which consists of Glaceon, Stunky, Magby, Abra, Machoke, Luxio, Pikachu, and Snorlax. Brock and Dawn begin to worry about Ash and Yūta's whereabouts. Ash's voice breaks their tension shouting that they are ready for the third bout. Ash and Yūta step onto their platforms and are handed a device similar to the blindfold device previously used in the laboratory. Yūta explains that the device allows a trainer to synchronize with their Pokémon and is based on the same principles as the device that he uses for training. The Pokémon carry cameras which are attached to their forehead while the trainers wear goggles which display images. The hurdles are hidden on the track and will appear at a very fast pace giving the trainer and pokémon very little time to react. The trainers have to jump to send their Pokémon a signal to jump over the hurdles. The overhead display illuminates announcing 3, 2, 1, and finally Go!

The Pokémon explode forward heading towards their first obstacle. Ash & Pikachu encounter the first obstacle. Ash jumps sending the signal to Pikachu to jump as well and dodge the obstacle. A Machoke's trainer misaims the jump and Machoke slams into the obstacle. Pikachu and Snorlax lead the pack with Glaceon, Machoke, and Luxio right behind. The crowd explodes in anticipation of the final stretch of the race. Brock and Dawn cheer out for Ash's success. Both Pikachu and Snorlax speed across the finish line in a photo-finish. Snorlax manages to barely snatch the competition by the difference of its belly. Yūta is announced as the winner with the most combined points in the contest. A wreath is placed atop his head as the two waves to the audience. Ash congratulates Yūta on his amazing performance and determination. The both come to realize that both training methods can be effective when implemented. Ash states he will attempt to employ Yūta's training methods with Pikachu as well while Yūta states that science is not the answer to everything. The two shake hands forming an everlasting friendship.

Ash got a new friend at the Pokéthon, which he entered for the first time. Now, it's finally time for Dawn's Pokémon Contest, the Asatsuki Tournament! What trials and tribulations will test Dawn's strength and endurance?

English Official Summary

Continuing toward Daybreak Town and Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, Ash and our gang meet up with a Snorlax that is exercising on a trampoline. Snorlax is being "scientifically trained" by its Trainer—a boy named Daniel. Daniel uses sophisticated methods and monitoring equipment to train his Pokémon, as the look of his physically fit Snorlax shows. Ash believes that tuning into a Pokémon's feelings is the superior way to train, but Daniel disagrees. When Ash challenges Daniel to a battle, Daniel informs our heroes of the Pokéathlon, which will be held that very day there in Camellia Town! Ash agrees to enter the sports event and compete against Daniel, among many other Trainers. Ash and Daniel tie in the first round. The second round is only an exhibition performance. The third round is to be a challenging Hurdle Dash! Ash is excited at the prospect, but a disguised Team Rocket has set up a massage center, and asks both Daniel and Ash to leave their Pokémon there for a "relaxing massage"—with the real purpose of stealing Pikachu and Daniel's Snorlax! Daniel manages to free Pikachu from Team Rocket's grip, and the two Trainers are finally set to see their Pokémon compete in the Hurdle Dash. They stay neck-and-neck the whole way, but eventually Snorlax wins...by a belly! When Ash congratulates Daniel and says his "scientific training" merits a closer look, Daniel sheepishly tells Ash that he is now more interested in a training style that concentrates on his Pokémon's feelings! So, with new friendship and mutual respect, Daniel says goodbye to our heroes, and they continue toward Daybreak Town.

French Official Summary

Nos héros rencontrent un Dresseur dont le style est très différent de celui de Sacha. Il ne tardera pas à en faire la démonstration lors d'une compétition unique.

German Official Summary

Unsere Helden treffen einen Trainer, der ganz anders als Ash kämpft. Ein Wettbewerb stellt die Unterschiede deutlich heraus!

Italian Official Summary

I nostri eroi incontrano un Allenatore con uno stile molto diverso da quello di Ash, come si capisce al termine della sfida tra i due!

Portuguese Official Summary

Continuando no caminho para a Cidade Daybreak e o próximo torneio Pokémon de Dawn, nossos heróis encontram um Snorlax, treinando em uma cama elástica. Snorlax está sendo “treinado cientificamente” por seu treinador, um garoto chamado Daniel. Daniel usa um treinamento muito sofisticado e monitora o equipamento no processo, e seu Snorlax plenamente em forma comprova isso. Entretanto, Ash acha que sintonizar com os sentimentos de um Pokémon é a maneira de treinar e Daniel discorda. Quando Ash desafia Daniel para uma batalha, Daniel, ao invés disso, informa nossos heróis sobre o Pokéathlon que acontece naquele mesmo dia na Cidade Camellia e Ash concorda em entrar e competir com Daniel, entre tantos outros treinadores. Após Ash e Daniel empatarem no 1º round, o 2º é uma exibição de apresentações, mas o 3º round é um obstáculo. Enquanto Ash, ansiosamente, contempla o evento, uma Equipe Rocket disfarçada arma um centro de massagem e pede tanto a Daniel como a Ash para deixarem seus Pokémon lá para uma “relaxante massagem”, mas com o verdadeiro propósito de roubar o Pikachu e o Snorlax de Daniel! Mas o pensamento de Daniel é rápido e consegue libertar Pikachu das garras da Equipe Rocket e os 2 treinadores e seus Pokémon finalmente entram para competir no que seria um obstáculo. Apesar de ficarem pescoço-à-pescoço o tempo todo, Snorlax vence, por um tantinho! Mas quando Ash parabeniza Daniel e diz que o “treinamento científico” dele era valioso observando mais de perto, Daniel, timidamente diz a Ash que ele, agora, está mais interessado em um estilo de treinamento do que se concentrar mais em sentimentos! Então, com a nova amizade e o respeito mútuo, Daniel despede-se de nossos heróis, e eles continuam em direção à Cidade Daybreak.

Finnish Official Summary

Jatkaessaan matkaansa kohti Daybreak Townia Dawnin seuraavaan Pokémon-kilpailuun sankarimme tapaavat Snorlaxin, joka treenaa trampoliinilla. Snorlaxin kouluttaja, poika nimeltä Daniel, valmentaa sitä tieteellisesti. Daniel käyttää hyvin edistyksellisiä valmennus- ja seurantavälineistöä ja tästä on todisteena erittäin hyvässä kunnossa oleva Snorlax. Ash on kuitenkin sitä mieltä, että Pokémonin tunteiden huomioiminen on koulutuksessa tärkeää, mutta Daniel ei usko häntä. Kun Ash haastaa Danielin otteluun, Daniel ehdottaa sen sijaan Pokéathlonia, joka pidetään samana päivänä Camellia Townissa. Ash suostuukin osallistumaan ja kilpailemaan Danielia ja montaa muuta kouluttajaa vastaan. Ash ja Daniel ovat tasoissa ensimmäisen kierroksen jälkeen. Toisena on näytösesitys, ja kolmantena lajina on aitajuoksu. Kun Ash jo innoissaan odottaa kilpailua, Rakettiryhmä on pukeutunut valeasuihin ja perustanut hierontakeskuksen, jonne pyytää Danielia ja Ashiä jättämään Pokémoninsa saamaan ”rentouttavaa hierontaa” – vaikka heidän tarkoituksenaan on tietenkin varastaa Pikachu ja Danielin Snorlax! Danielin nopeiden hoksottimien ansiosta Pikachu pääsee vapaaksi ja niin nämä kaksi kouluttajaa Pokémoneineen ovat valmiita aitajuoksuun. Kilpa on todella tiukka, mutta Snorlax voittaa mahanmitalla! Kun Ash onnittelee Danielia ja myöntää, että “tieteellinen koulutus” ansaitsee tarkempaa huomiota, Daniel tunnustaa nolona, että on nyt kiinnostuneempi koulutustyylistä, joka keskittyy enemmän tunteisiin! Joten Daniel ja Ash eroavat ystävinä ja toisiaan kunnioittaen, ja sankarimme jatkavat kohti Daybreak Townia.

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

Pokémon es la mejor forma de entrenar, pero Daniel tiene otra opinión. Cuando Ash reta a Daniel a una batalla, Daniel les informa del Pokéatlón que se llevará a cabo ese día en Pueblo Camelia, Ash acepta entrar y competir contra Daniel, entre otros entrenadores. Después del empate entre Ash y Daniel en la primera ronda, la segunda ronda es una exhibición de actuación, pero la tercera ronda es una carrera de obstáculos. Mientras Ash emocionado contempla el evento, el Equipo Rocket disfrazado monta un centro de masajes y pide a Daniel y Ash que dejen a sus Pokémon para un “masaje relajante”, pero el propósito real es robarse tanto a Pikachu de Ash como al Snorlax de Daniel. Pero Daniel rápidamente logra liberar a Pikachu de las manos del Equipo Rocket y los dos entrenadores finalmente se enfrentan en la Carrera de Obstáculos. Aunque se mantienen mano a mano en todo el camino, Snorlax gana por muy poco. Pero cuando Ash felicita a Daniel y le dice que su “entrenamiento científico” realmente vale la pena, Daniel le dice tímidamente que se concentrará más en los sentimientos. Así que con su nueva amistad y respeto mutuo, Daniel se despide de nuestros héroes, y ellos continúan hacia Pueblo Amanecer.

Spanish Official Summary

Nuestros héroes descubren un Entrenador con un estilo muy diferente al de Ash, ¡como se demuestra en una excepcional competición que marca la diferencia!

English Great Britian Official Summary

Continuing toward Daybreak Town and Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, Ash and our gang meet up with a Snorlax that is exercising on a trampoline. Snorlax is being "scientifically trained" by its Trainer—a boy named Daniel. Daniel uses sophisticated methods and monitoring equipment to train his Pokémon, as the look of his physically fit Snorlax shows. Ash believes that tuning into a Pokémon's feelings is the superior way to train, but Daniel disagrees. When Ash challenges Daniel to a battle, Daniel informs our heroes of the Pokéathlon, which will be held that very day there in Camellia Town! Ash agrees to enter the sports event and compete against Daniel, among many other Trainers. Ash and Daniel tie in the first round. The second round is only an exhibition performance. The third round is to be a challenging Hurdle Dash! Ash is excited at the prospect, but a disguised Team Rocket has set up a massage center, and asks both Daniel and Ash to leave their Pokémon there for a "relaxing massage"—with the real purpose of stealing Pikachu and Daniel's Snorlax! Daniel manages to free Pikachu from Team Rocket's grip, and the two Trainers are finally set to see their Pokémon compete in the Hurdle Dash. They stay neck-and-neck the whole way, but eventually Snorlax wins...by a belly! When Ash congratulates Daniel and says his "scientific training" merits a closer look, Daniel sheepishly tells Ash that he is now more interested in a training style that concentrates on his Pokémon's feelings! So, with new friendship and mutual respect, Daniel says goodbye to our heroes, and they continue toward Daybreak Town.

Russian Official Summary

Сделав остановку по пути в Дейбрейк Таун, место проведения следующих состязаний Доун, наши герои замечают Снорлакса, тренирующегося на батуте. Оказывается, это часть научной тренировки, которую проводит тренер по имени Дэниэл. Дэниэл использует для тренировки покемонов последние технологии и сверхточное оборудование, что положительно сказывается на результатах Снорлакса. Эш же считает, что главное эмоциональный контакт с покемоном, а не технологии. Дэниэл возражает и приглашает Эша принять участие в Покатлоне и посостязаться с другими тренерами, на что Эш немедленно соглашается. Первый раунд Эш и Дэниэл сводят вничью. Участники же Команды Р, уличив момент, переодеваются в массажистов и обманом уговаривают Эша и Дэниэла оставить у них своих Пикачу и Снорлакса для расслабляющего массажа. На самом же деле, злодеи планируют похитить могучих покемонов. Но Благодаря смекалке Дэниэла покемонов удается освободить из лап Команды Р, и наши герои могут продолжить своё сражение в Покатлоне. В напряженной битве победу с небольшим преимуществом одерживает Снорлакс! Но, когда Эш подходит к Дэниэлу с поздравлениями, тот признается, что теперь больше заинтересован в методе Эша. На этом наши герои, ставшие добрые друзьями с Дэниэлом, прощаются с ним и продолжают свой путь к Дейбрейк Тауну.

Dutch Official Summary

Wanneer onze helden weer op weg zijn naar Daybreak Town en Dawn’s aankomende Pokémon Wedstrijd, ontmoeten ze een Snorlax die op een trampoline traint. Snorlax wordt “wetenschappelijk” getraind door zijn Trainer, een jongen met de naam Daniel. Daniel maakt tijdens de training gebruik van een aantal zeer geavanceerde meet- en controle-instrumenten, en zijn welgevormde Snorlax getuigt daarvan. Ash denkt dat je beter tijdens de training aan het gevoel van een Pokémon moet werken, maar Daniel is het daar niet mee eens. Als Ash Daniel uitdaagt voor een Gevecht, vertelt hij de helden over een Pokéathlon die diezelfde dag wordt gehouden in Camellia Town, en Ash stemt ermee in daaraan mee te doen en het tegen hem op te nemen. Nadat Ash en Daniel na de eerste ronde gelijk staan, is de tweede ronde een optreden en de derde ronde een Hordeloop. Terwijl Ash enthousiast aan het evenement mee doet, heeft een vermomd Team Rocket een massagesalon opgezet en vragen aan Daniel en Ash om hun Pokémon achter te laten voor een ontspannende massage, met de bedoeling Pikachu en Daniel’s Snorlax te stelen! Maar door Daniel’s snelle optreden wordt Pikachu bevrijd en zijn de twee trainers en hun Pokémon eindelijk klaar om aan de hordeloop mee te doen. Het wordt een nek-aan-nekrace, maar uiteindelijk wint Snorlax! Ash feliciteert Daniel en vertelt hem dat hij het interessant vond om zijn “wetenschappelijke training” eens nader te bekijken. Daniel vertelt Ash dat hij zich gerealiseerd heeft dat hij zich niet te veel op de wetenschap moet richten, maar ook moet leren de gevoelens van zijn Pokémon te begrijpen. Er is een nieuwe vriendschap ontstaan, met wederzijds respect. Daniel neemt afscheid van onze helden, die hun reis vervolgen naar Daybreak Town.

Norwegian Official Summary

Mens de fortsetter på reisen til Daybreak Town og Dawns neste Pokémon-konkurranse, møter våre helter Snorlax, som trener på en trampoline. Snorlax blir "vitenskapelig trent" av treneren sin – en gutt ved navn Daniel. Daniel bruker noen veldig sofistikerte trenings- og observasjonsutstyr i prosessen, og hans veldig godt trente Snorlax er beviset på det. Men Ash tror at å bli kjent med en Pokémon sine følelser er måten å trene på, og Daniel er uenig. Når Ash utfordrer Daniel til en kamp, informerer istedet Daniel våre helter om Pokéatlonet som skal holdes den samme dagen, der, i Camelia Town, og Ash sier ja til å delta og konkurrere mot Daniel, og mange andre trenere. Etter at det blir uavgjort melom Ash og Daniel i første runde, er den andre runden en oppvisningsopptreden, og den tredje runden er et Hindersprang. Mens Ash fornøyd vurderer konkurransen, setter et forkledt Team Rocket opp et massasje-senter og spør både Daniel og Ash om å la sine Pokémon bli der for å få en "avslappende massasje" – mens den egentlige angendaen er å stjele både Pikachu og Daniels Snorlax! Men Daniels raske tenkning får Pikachu fri fra Team Rocket sitt grep, og de to trenerne og deres Pokémon kan endelig konkurrere i Hinderspranget. Selv om det er veldig likt hele veien, vinner Snorlax – med en magelengde! Men når Ash gratulerer Daniel og sier at det verdt å ta en nærmere titt på hans "vitenskapelige trening", forteller Daniel Ash litt fårete at han nå er mer interessert i en trenerstil som konsentrerer seg mer om følelser! Så med nye vennskap og gjensidig respekt sier Daniel farvel til våre helter, og de fortsetter mot Daybreak Town.

Swedish Official Summary

Under sin fortsatta resa mot Daybreak Town och Dawns nästa Pokémon-tävling möter våra hjältar Snorlax, som tränar på en trampolin. Snorlax blir ”vetenskapligt tränad” av sin tränare – en pojke vid namn Daniel. Daniel använder väldigt avancerad tränings- och övervakningsutrustning under processen, och hans vältränade Snorlax bekräftar att metoden fungerar. Dock anser Ash att det enda sättet att träna är att förstå sin Pokémons känslor, men Daniel håller inte med. När Ash utmanar Daniel till strid informerar Daniel istället våra hjältar om att man samma dag ska hålla en Pokéathlon där i Camellia Town, varpå Ash går med på att anmäla sig för att tävla mot Daniel och många andra tränare. Efter att det blivit oavgjort mellan Ash och Daniel i första ronden blir andra ronden en uppvisningsprestation, varpå man i tredje ronden tävlar i Hinder-stöt. Medan Ash entusiastiskt går igenom evenemanget har ett maskerat Team Rocket satt upp ett massagecenter och ber både Daniel och Ash att lämna sina Pokémon hos dem för ”uppiggande massage” – medan de i själva verket har för avsikt att stjäla både Pikachu och Daniels Snorlax! Men tack vare Daniels snabbtänkthet lyckas de befria Pikachu från Team Rocket, och de 2 tränarna och deras Pokémon kan slutligen tävla i Hinder-stöt. Även om de ligger jämsides hela vägen vinner Snorlax – med en mage! Men när Ash gratulerar Daniel och säger att det kan vara värt att studera hans ”vetenskapliga träning” lite närmare, säger Daniel generat till Ash att han nu är mer intresserad av en träningsstil med större fokus på känslor! Så, med nyvunnen vänskap och ömsesidig respekt tar Daniel farväl av våra hjältar som fortsätter mot Daybreak Town.

Danish Official Summary

På deres fortsatte rejse mod Daybreak Town og Dawns næste konkurrence, støder vores helte på en Snorlax, der træner på en trampolin. Snorlax bliver ”videnskabeligt trænet” af sin træner, en dreng ved navn Daniel. Daniel benytter meget avanceret trænings- og overvågningsudstyr i processen, hvilket hans Snorlax’ ypperlige form tydeligt viser. Ash mener imidlertid, at den bedste træningsmetode er at komme på bølgelængde med en Pokémons følelser, men Daniel er uenig. Ash udfordrer Daniel til en kamp, men Daniel fortæller dem i stedet, at der samme dag afholdes Pokéathlon lige der i byen Camellia Town, og Ash indvilger i at deltage og konkurrere mod Daniel og en række andre trænere. Første runde ender uafgjort mellem Ash og Daniel. Anden runde er en opvisningsrunde, mens tredje runde er en Forhindringsspurt. Mens en spændt Ash udtænker sine træk, har Team Rocket forklædt sig og indrettet et massage-center. De beder både Ash og Daniel om at efterlade deres Pokémon dér til en gang ”afslappende massage” – mens de i virkeligheden pønser på at stjæle såvel Pikachu som Daniels Snorlax! Men Daniel tænker hurtigt og har held til at befri Pikachu fra Team Rocket, og så er de 2 trænere og deres Pokémon omsider klar til at konkurrere i Forhindringsspurt. Selvom det er tæt løb hele vejen, vinder Snorlax – med en mavebredde! Men da Ash lykønsker Daniel og siger, at hans ”videnskabelige træningsmetoder” nok er værd at se nærmere på, siger Daniel forlegent, at han er blevet interesseret i en træningsstil, der fokuserer mere på følelser! Med et nyfundet venskab og gensidig respekt tager Daniel afsked med vores helte, som fortsætter mod Daybreak Town.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Pikachu
  • Japan サトシのピカチュウ
  • Japan Satoshi no Pikachu
  • Japan Satoshi's Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Dawn
  • Japan ヒカリ
  • Japan Hikari
  • Japan Hikari
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Dawn's Piplup
  • Japan ヒカリのポッチャマ
  • Japan Hikari no Pochama
  • Japan Hikari's Pochama
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Wobbuffet
  • Japan ムサシのソーナンス
  • Japan Musashi no Sonansu
  • Japan Musashi's Sonansu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James' Mime Jr.
  • Japan コジロウのマネネ
  • Japan Kojirō no Manene
  • Japan Kojiro's Manene
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Yanmega
  • Japan ムサシのメガヤンマ
  • Japan Musashi no Megayanma
  • Japan Musashi's Megayanma
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Staraptor
  • Japan サトシのムクホーク
  • Japan Satoshi no Mukuhawk
  • Japan Satoshi's Mukuhawk
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Monferno
  • Japan サトシのモウカザル
  • Japan Satoshi no Moukazaru
  • Japan Satoshi's Moukazaru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Daniel
  • Japan ユウタ
  • Japan Yūta
  • Japan Yuta
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Daniel's Hitmonlee
  • Japan ユウタのサワムラー
  • Japan Yūta no Sawamular
  • Japan Yuta's Sawamular
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Daniel's Snorlax
  • Japan ユウタのカビゴン
  • Japan Yūta no Kabigon
  • Japan Yuta's Kabigon

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Mankey
  • Japan マンキー
  • Japan Mankey
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Abra
  • Japan ケーシィ
  • Japan Casey
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machoke
  • Japan ゴーリキー
  • Japan Goriky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Drowzee
  • Japan スリープ
  • Japan Sleep
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ampharos
  • Japan デンリュウ
  • Japan Denryu
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Politoed
  • Japan ニョロトノ
  • Japan Nyorotono
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Aipom
  • Japan エイパム
  • Japan Eipam
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Quagsire
  • Japan ヌオー
  • Japan Nuoh
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Granbull
  • Japan グランブル
  • Japan Granbull
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Heracross
  • Japan ヘラクロス
  • Japan Heracros
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Sneasel
  • Japan ニューラ
  • Japan Nyula
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Teddiursa
  • Japan ヒメグマ
  • Japan Himeguma
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Ursaring
  • Japan リングマ
  • Japan Ringuma
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Smeargle
  • Japan ドーブル
  • Japan Doble
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tyrogue
  • Japan バルキー
  • Japan Balkie
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Elekid
  • Japan エレキッド
  • Japan Elekid
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Magby
  • Japan ブビィ
  • Japan Buby
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Miltank
  • Japan ミルタンク
  • Japan Miltank
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Nuzleaf
  • Japan コノハナ
  • Japan Konohana
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Medicham
  • Japan チャーレム
  • Japan Charem
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Spoink
  • Japan バネブー
  • Japan Baneboo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Grumpig
  • Japan ブーピッグ
  • Japan Boopig
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Luxio
  • Japan ルクシオ
  • Japan Luxio
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Stunky
  • Japan スカンプー
  • Japan Skunpoo
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Weavile
  • Japan マニューラ
  • Japan Manyula
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Glaceon
  • Japan グレイシア
  • Japan Glacia

Culture Reference

The script title for this episode was first revealed a few months ahead of time during the DP143/144 special to promote Kotone.

Script Error

The Zukan and PokeDex entries differ slightly between the Japanese and English Dub.

English Dub
Dex: Snorlax, the sleeping Pokemon.
Dex: Snorlax becomes much too lazy to lift even a finger when it has a full belly which then makes it safe to bounce upon.

Zukan: Kabigon, the Doze Pokémon.
(ポケモン図鑑): 「カビゴン」… いねむりポケモン。

Zukan: Its stomach can digest anything.
(ポケモン図鑑): その胃袋は なんでも消化できる。

Zukan: When its belly is full, it becomes too lethargic to even lift a finger, so it is safe to climb onto its belly.
(ポケモン図鑑): 満腹になると指すら動かすのが面倒になりお腹にのっても大丈夫。

Culture Reference

Jessie actually states the name of the device in the English dub as the "Mark II". The first time this massage machine made its appearance and presumably was the "Mark I" version was in the Legend of Dratini (ミニリュウのでんせつ) episode, one of the only episodes that wasn't dubbed in English.

English Dub
Jessie: Our "Massage Mastered It, Mark II" employs the scientific method to examine and best treat Pokemon pooped-outness!

Musashi: This massage machine scientifically seeks out the fatigue in the muscles and treats it scientifically!
(ムサシ): このマッサージマシンは科学的に筋肉の疲労を判断し科学的に治療するのです。

Culture Reference

Nyarth presses the buttons really fast for the magic arms "Hundred Crack Fist!" attack. The attack is based off the "Atatatatatatatatata" move from the Japanese anime series Hokuto no Ken (北斗の拳) where Kenshiro (ケンシロウ) punches and kicks super fast.

Culture Reference

The in-air Team Rocket dialog was changed in the English dub. The dialog begins right after Pikachu lands on Snorlax' stomach.

English Dub
James: No! Pikachu's been saved by a stomach!
Jessie: I thought you'de been saved by half a brain.
Meowth: Cut it out! This is a reality show.

Kojiro: Ah! For once we got Pikachu, and then...
(コジロウ): あ~!せっかくゲットしたピカチュウが…。

Musashi: Why does it always end up like this?!
(ムサシ): なんでいつもこうなっちゃうのよ!

Nyarth: Indeed. Maybe it's our fate?
(ニャース): そうだニャ 運命なのかニャ。

Eyecatch Diamond and Pearl HD Eyecatch

Satoshi-centered Commercial Intro Eyecatch with Satoshi, Pikachu, Takeshi and Hikari.

Hikari-centered Commercial Return Eyecatch with Hikari, Pochama, Satoshi and Takeshi.

Okido Segment Great Pokémon Examination

Professor Okido's Great Pokémon Examination
Pokémon Yukinooh (ユキノオー)
Quiz Level Advanced Level (上級レベル)
Quiz Question What is Yukinooh also known as due to using various Ice moves?
Quiz Answer The Ice Monster

Episode Music Regions
Music Player

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:00 Movie 3 Short - Hanecco Appear The group continues the journey towards Asatsuki Town.
Japan 00:31 Movie 2 Short - Exploration Club Kabigon jumps into the trampoline.
Japan 01:38 サイコー・エブリディ!
Japanese (Romanized): Saikou Everyday!
Japanese (TL): The Greatest Everyday!
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 03:05 2006-2010(DP)-Subtitle Diamond & Pearl Title Card
Japan 03:20 1997-1998-M08 しのびよる影
Japanese (Romanized): Shinobi yoru Kage
Japanese (TL): Sneaking from the Shadows
Yuta shows his scientific facility.
Japan 05:11 1997-1998-M68 闘志
Japanese (Romanized): Tōshi
Japanese (TL): Fighting Spirit
Yuta explains the Pokéthlon.
Japan 06:58 1997-1998-M49 Prayer (Sample) Yuta tries to deny that Kabigon is tired.
Japan 07:36 1997-1998-M65A No Way, No How Kojiro and Nyarth (in massage therapists disguises) offer Yuta to make a "scientific massage" for Kabigon.
Japan 08:53 1997-1998-M66 Goofball Alert Kojiro and Nyarth see Satoshi and offer his Pikachu a massage.
Japan 09:54 1997-1998-M68 闘志
Japanese (Romanized): Tōshi
Japanese (TL): Fighting Spirit
The Pokéthlon event is officially introduced.
Japan 10:54 1997-1998-M59 道案内
Japanese (Romanized): Michiannai
Japanese (TL): Guide
The first competition begins.
Japan 11:41 2006-2010(DP)-Eyecatch B Eyecatch Break
Japan 11:47 2006-2010(DP)-M21 210ばんどうろ(昼)
Japanese (Romanized): 210-ban dōro (hiru)
Japanese (TL): Route 210 (Day)
Sponsor Message
Japan 11:58 2006-2010(DP)-Eyecatch D Eyecatch Return
Japan 12:20 Movie 3 Short - The Pichu Bros. A faster version of the music plays as Baneboo gives a halftime show.
Japan 13:15 2006-2010(DP)-M19 Rocket Gang's balloon emerges from the tent they were hiding in.
Japan 14:36 2006-2010(DP)-M13 戦闘!野生ポケモン
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Yasei Pokémon
Japanese (TL): Battle! Wild Pokémon
Musashi sends out Megayanma to cut the rope holding Kabigon.
Japan 15:57 Movie 5 BGM - Satoshi Races Movie 5 BGM - Kabigon uses the trampoline to crach onto Rocket Gang's balloon.
Japan 17:10 Movie 8 BGM - Mew Teleports Movie 8 BGM - Satoshi and Yuta rush to the stadium.
Japan 17:47 2002-2005(AG)-M17 The Hurdle Dash race concept is explained by the host.
Japan 18:56 2006-2010(DP)-M23 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Gym Leader
Japanese (TL): Battle! Gym Leader
The race begins.
Japan 20:32 2006-2010(DP)-M22 206ばんどうろ(昼)
Japanese (Romanized): 206-ban dōro (hiru)
Japanese (TL): Route 206 (Day)
Yuta wins the race and the competition.
Japan 21:54 ドッチ~ニョ?
Japanese (Romanized): Dotchi~nyo?
Japanese (TL): Which one~ is it?
Live Action Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 23:14 ファンファーレ
Japanese (TL): Fanfare
Movie 8 BGM - Professor Okido's Great Pokémon Examination
Japan 23:20 舞踏会
Japanese (Romanized): Butou Kai
Japanese (TL): Ballroom Dance
Movie 8 BGM - Professor Okido asks a question about Yukinooh.
Japan 24:15 2006-2010(DP)-M05 ~君のそばで(ヒカリのテーマ)~ (BONUS-TRACK)
Japanese (Romanized): Kimi no soba de (Hikari no Theme)
Japanese (TL): By Your Side (Hikari's Theme)
Diamond & Pearl Episode 161 preview
Japan 24:44 ハイタッチ!(インストバージョン)
Japanese (TL): High Touch! (Instrumental Version)
Sponsor Message

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 Movie 3 Short - Hanecco Appear The group continue their trek.
United States 01:38 We Will Carry On English opening
United States 04:23 1997-1998-M68 闘志
Japanese (Romanized): Tōshi
Japanese (TL): Fighting Spirit
Daniel explains the pokeathlon.
United States 12:05 2006-2010(DP)-M19 Team rocket escape with Pikachu and Snorlax.
United States 17:45 2006-2010(DP)-M23 戦闘!ジムリーダー
Japanese (Romanized): Sentō! Gym Leader
Japanese (TL): Battle! Gym Leader
The race begins.
United States 19:22 2006-2010(DP)-M22 206ばんどうろ(昼)
Japanese (Romanized): 206-ban dōro (hiru)
Japanese (TL): Route 206 (Day)
Daniel wins the pokeathlon.
United States 20:46 We Will Carry On English ending

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 27
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 7
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: 燃えよカビゴン!ポケスロンの王者!!/Moe yo Kabigon! Pokéthlon no ōja!!. Please comment below! Thanks, your friendly PM.Net AnimeBot
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This was a real let down episode. I was hoping that it would be good and that they could finally replace Contests with the Pokethlon. The fact Pikachu was beat by a Kabigon in terms of speed is unrealistic. An unfortunate let down.
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Sorry, obese people (i.e. Kabigon) cannot outrun skinny people (i.e. Pikachu). Try again.
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Well, given that the Pok
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first comment here yeah:)

i'm sorry but this was hands down one of the most unrealistic (in pokemon terms anyways) episode ever, the animation was good and i agree with both bgt and sunain in the point about the Kabigon beating pikachu in terms of speed. A pokemon that known for two things it speed and well thunderbolt.
Big thumbs down!!
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I did a comparison for this episode. I found the name of the machine in the dub to be quite interesting considering they didn't really name it in the Japanese version.

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Quote From: Sunain
This was a real let down episode. I was hoping that it would be good and that they could finally replace Contests with the Pokethlon. The fact Pikachu was beat by a Kabigon in terms of speed is unrealistic. An unfortunate let down.

How could they replace Contest with Pokethlon mid-region? Dawn's story wasn't even over yet at this point of DP.

I also doubt the Pokethlon would have become anywhere near as popular as Contests were when they debuted back in AG.
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Quote From: precita
How could they replace Contest with Pokethlon mid-region? Dawn's story wasn't even over yet at this point of DP.

Well I didn't mean right away during the current episodes. Obviously Dawn's ribbon collection and the Grand Festival needed to be completed. I was hoping after that story was complete but the episode in general was a bit of a letdown unfortunately that I don't see them implementing Pokethlons in anymore episodes.
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Characters in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Satoshi, Hikari, Takeshi, Satoshi's Pikachu, Hikari's Pochama, Yuta, Yuta's Kabigon, Kojiro, Nyarth, Musashi, Yuta's Sawamular, Satoshi's Moukazaru, Musashi's Sonans, Kojiro's Manene, Musashi's Megayanma, Satoshi's Mukuhawk

Pokémon in Episode: Current Episode Guide Info Correct? [Yes]
Poster advertising Pokéthlon: Nyula, Eipam, Granbull, Balkie, Nuoh, Miltank, Nyorotono, Denryu, Himeguma, Ringuma, Doble, Heracros, Elekid
Boopig (unnamed trainer's), Manyula (unnamed trainer's), Sleep (unnamed trainer's), Mankey (unnamed trainer's), Charem (unnamed trainer's), Konohana (unnamed trainer's), Baneboo (unnamed trainer's), Casey (unnamed trainer's), Goriky (unnamed trainer's), Skunpoo (unnamed trainer's), Buby (unnamed trainer's), Luxio (unnamed trainer's), Glacia (unnamed trainer's)

Pokémon Attacks used in Episode:
- Musashi's Megayanma: Steel Wing

Episode Location: Pokéthlon Stadium / Tsubaki Town

Episode Highlights:
- Satoshi and his friends continue traveling towards Asatsuki Town for Hikari's next Pokémon but on their way there, they see a trampoline set up in the forest. Pikachu and Pochama start jumping on it, but suddenly, a Kabigon comes out of nowhere and starts jumping on the trampoline too. Seconds later, Kabigon's trainer, Yuta, appears and introduces himself to the group.
- Our heroes follow Yuta to his lab, where he tells them everything about the Pokéthlon and the way he's practicing using scientific means in order to take part in the competition.
- Yuta and Satoshi both register in order to take part in the Pokéthlon tournament. Seeing as Pikachu and Kabigon are a little tired, Satoshi and Yuta decide to let them have a massage by a disguised Rocket Gang before the third round of the tournament begins.
- Both Satoshi and Yuta manage to earn the highest score in the first round of the Pokéthlon tournament, which consisted of the Disc Catch challenge.
- In order to be able to compete in the third round, Satoshi and Yuta rush to get their Pokémon back, but they find out that the massage business was a trap set by Rocket Gang so that they could steal Satoshi's Pikachu and Yuta's Kabigon. With the help of Yuta's Kabigon, though, Rocket Gang's plan fails and Satoshi manages to get his Pikachu back.
- Having gotten their Pokémon back, both Satoshi and Yuta rush back to the stadium in order to compete in the third round.
- After an intensive hurdle race, Kabigon manages to emerge victorious against Satoshi's Pikachu, and Yuta wins the first place at the Tsubaki Pokéthlon Tournament.

Eyecatch info:
- first one: Satoshi, Hikari, Takeshi, Satoshi's Pikachu (the one where Satoshi throws the monster ball)
- second one: Hikari, Satoshi, Takeshi, Hikari's Pochama (the one where Hikari holds the pink Pokémon Zukan)

Number of Times Team Rocket Blasted off in the episode: One. Timestamp: 16:33-16:47.

Team Rocket Balloon Enhancements: Mechanical Arms Enhancement.
Screenshot can be seen here: http://www.pocketmonsters.net/imageboard/thread/2212. Timestamp: 16:10.

Did Team Rocket use a Mecha in the episode?: No.

Did Team Rocket use a motto variation in the episode?: Yes.
[Japanese - translation]
Musashi: 'We hear a voice asking, "What on Earth is... ?!"'
Kojiro: 'And run away at the speed of light!'
Musashi: 'Oh, the wind!'
Kojiro: 'Oh, the earth!'
Nyarth: 'Oh, the sky!'
Musashi: 'Tell the world, it's a massage!'
Kojiro: 'The heart of finger pressure therapies is the PokéHeart!'
Musashi: 'Moxa or needles, if you relax...'
Kojiro: '...you'll feel the fascinating relief of your body's relaxation as well.'
Musashi: 'Musashi!'
Kojiro: 'Kojiro!'
Nyarth: 'And it's Nyarth!'
Musashi: 'We are the heroes of the era!'
Kojiro: 'We are the invincible...'
All: '...Rocket Gang!'
[Sonans and Manene appear at the end of the motto.]

Jessie: 'Out of this world, that's how we roll.'
James: 'Being grounded can take its toll.'
Jessie: 'On the wind!'
James: 'Past the stars!'
Meowth: 'Heart and soul!'
Jessie: 'Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace.'
James: 'Dashing all hope, putting fear in its place.'
Jessie: 'Magic fingers bring calming and joy.'
James: 'But not to a certain twerpish boy.'
Jessie: 'Jessie!'
James: 'And James!'
Meowth: 'Meowth's the name!'
Jessie: 'You do-gooders sure are uptight.'
James: 'We're Team Rocket.'
All: 'Wanna fight?'
[Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. appear at the end of the motto.]

Episode Extras: [Japanese version] Professor Okido's Great Pokémon Examination. Theme: Yukinooh.
(Question: What is Yukinooh also known as due to using various Ice moves?
Answer: The Ice Monster.)
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