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Titles and Airdates
  • United States An Evolution in Taste!
  • Japan 2022-02-11 ヤドキング!カレーなる遭遇!!
  • Japan 2022-02-11 Yadoking! Curry naru sōgū!!
  • Japan 2022-02-11 Yadoking! A Curry-zy Beautiful Encounter!!
  • Canada 2022-07-09 An Evolution in Taste!

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Supereffective Type

Japanese Summary:


Japanese Summary Translation:

The floating island where Galar Yadon live collides with Yadon Island and the situation immediately gets explosive?! Even Satoshi and Go get involved, trying to get everyone to become friends...! Make note of the Rapper Boss' voice!

Satoshi and Go once again visit "Yadon Island", the island where the Yadon live. Suddenly "the floating island where Galar Yadon live" collides with it and a herd of Galar Yadon led by a Galar Yadoking disembark! Satoshi and Go decide to help the Galar Yadon become friends with the Yadon, but once again the two undergo a mysterious transformation...?!


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Goh
  • Japan ゴウ
  • Japan
  • Japan Go
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Goh's Grookey
  • Japan ゴウのサルノリ
  • Japan Go no Sarunori
  • Japan Go's Sarunori
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Galarian Slowking
  • Japan ヤドキング(ガラルのすがた)
  • Japan Yadoking (Galar no sugata)
  • Japan Galar Yadoking
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Goh's Slowpoke
  • Japan ゴウのヤドン
  • Japan Go no Yadon
  • Japan Go's Yadon

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Slowpoke
  • Japan ヤドン
  • Japan Yadon
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Slowbro
  • Japan ヤドラン
  • Japan Yadoran
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Slowking
  • Japan ヤドキング
  • Japan Yadoking
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Rotom
  • Japan ロトム
  • Japan Rotom


On January 7th, 2022, the official Animedia magazine Twitter account posted a tweet reminding people that the February 2022 issue of the magazine, which was released the next day, featured comments from the Rocket Gang voice actors.

The February issue of Animedia comes with a pinup poster of Satoshi, Go and the others from the TV anime Pocket Monsters. In the article, director Director Jun Owada talks about the secret of drawing, the secret of the two eye catches, and the Yadon episode which will air in February 2022. On sale January 8.

アニメディア2月号はTVアニメ『ポケットモンスター』サトシ&ゴウたちのピンナップ付き。記事では大和田淳監督に作画秘話や2種のアイキャッチの秘密、2月放送予定の「ヤドン回」について熱くお話しいただきました★ バレンタインをテーマにしたQ&Aも必見です。1月8日発売。


On February 5th, 2021, the official Japanese anime Twitter account posted the official reveal that Abareru-kun would be voicing Galar Yadoking.

Comments from Hiroki Kobari, who plays Galar Yadoking:
"I've appeared as a voice actor in the Anipoke several times, but I'm honored to be playing the role of the Galar Yadoking this time! I put my heart and soul into my impromptu rap, to the point where I was drenched in sweat.

I wanted to make the Yadoking as interesting as possible, and the fact is that it's actually a good guy despite its face, I hope everyone will like it... I'll be very happy. Please look forward to the broadcast!"




On February 11th, 2022, the official Japanese Twitter account reminded people that this episode was available to watch on the official Japanese YouTube channel. The video was region locked to Japan only. It was available for 1 week from February 11th, 2022 to February 18th, 2022. This episode was specifically labeled as a limited time broadcast (期間限定配信).

Pocket Monsters Anime Episode 97 'Yadoking! A Curry-zy Beautiful Encounter!!'
What did you think!?
The heated rap battle between Galar Satoking and Goking
The vibes between the two are so hot and moving!
We recommend rewatching the video.
Episode 97 of Anipoke will be available for one week from today!
Please check it out!

アニポケ 第97話「ヤドキング!カレーなる遭遇!!」


CoroCoro Comic's Official website posted an article about this episode just before the original airing on February 11th, 2022. They also tweeted about the page on the official CoroCoro Comic Twitter account to promote it.

It's almost time for Anipoke! What's going on! The Island of Yadon... again!


The anime "Pocket Monsters" will start airing soon! It airs every Friday at 6:55 p.m. and it is very popular! In this article, we'll introduce you to the Pokémon and characters that will appear in today's episode, as well as comments from the voice actors and director, and other Anipoke information you won't find anywhere else! Satoshi and Go land on the terrifying (?) island again!!


Yadon, Yadon, Yadon! Satoshi and Go once again visit Yadon's Island, a paradise for Yadon's that is filled with them as far as the eye can see. Go is ready to get his hands on a Yadon, but something is wrong with the island! A group of Yadon from the Galar region, who were not there when they visited the island before, have landed on the island! 


▲ A Galar Yadon nibbles on the tail of a Yadon that was originally on the island, but it doesn't seem to like the taste. And this expression...


▲ The herd that landed included a Galar Yadoran! They seem to want to communicate with each other, but... no, I don't know what they're thinking!

There's another strange thing on the island. When Satoshi and his friends visited the island before, there was an ocean, but now there's a big mountain! And on that mountain is a Galar Yadoking and it is home to the Galar Yadon's, led by the Galar Yadoking.


▲ Satoshi and his friends are scared of the Galar Yadoking, which looks like it could be trouble, but...!?


▲ This is the expression on its face! It was actually a gentle Galar Yadoking!

The Galar Yadoking offers Satoshi and his friends it favorite food, Galanut Seeds (ガラナツの種). Satoshi and Go decide to use the Galanut Seeds to help Galar Yadon and his friends get along with the other Yadon's on the island, but... But will that nightmare will happen again...?


▲ Satoshi eats the Galanut seeds given to him by the Galar Yadon.


▲ Go also did.


▲ What's going on with Satoshi and the others...!?


▲ The seeds were so hot that they spewed fire!


▲ The nightmare of Yadon's Island is back! Satoshi's head now wearing the Galar Slowking's Shellder!!

In today's episode of Anipoke, Satoshi gets into a strange tension that we've never seen before! For those of you who haven't seen the episode where Satoshi and his friends visit Yadon's Island, watch episode 26 "Splash, Koiking! / Crown Yourself, Yadoking!" before today's episode!

【アニポケまであとちょっと!】どないやねん! ヤドンだらけの島…ふたたび!!
この記事はアニメ放送直前に、今日の放送回に登場するポケモンやキャラクターの紹介、声優さんや監督からのコメントなどなど、ほかでは聞けないアニポケ情報をお届けするコーナーだ! あの恐怖の(?)島にサトシとゴウが再び上陸!!
ヤドン、ヤドン、ヤドン! 見渡す限りヤドンだらけのヤドンたちの楽園「ヤドンの島」を再び訪れたサトシとゴウ。さっそくヤドンをゲットしようと気合十分なゴウだったが、島に異変が!! なんとヤドンの島に、以前訪れたときにはいなかったガラル地方のヤドンたちの群れが上陸してきたのだった!! 
▲上陸した群れにはヤドラン(ガラルのすがた)も! お互いコミュニケーションをとりたがっているような雰囲気はあるが…いや、何考えてるのか分かんねえ!!
そしてもう1つの島の異変。以前サトシたちが訪れたときは海だった場所になぜか大きな山が!? そしてその山にはヤドキング(ガラルのすがた)が!! 突然現れた山はガラルヤドキングが率いるガラルヤドンたちの住処になっていた。
▲一転してこの表情! 実は優しいガラルヤドキングなのだった!!
▲そしてヤドンの島の悪夢ふたたび! サトシの頭に今度はガラルヤドキングのシェルダーが!!
あんまり見たことない感じの妙なテンションになっちゃうサトシは今日のアニポケで! 以前サトシたちがヤドンの島を訪れたエピソードを見ていないキミは、今日の放送の前にエピソード26「はねろ! コイキング/かぶれ! ヤドキング」を見ておこう!


On February 10th, 2022, the official Japanese anime Twitter account posted a video promotion for this episode featuring Abareru-kun, who voiced Galar Yadoking, and Shoko-tan. The two did a short rap.


After Story

The official Japanese Anime PR Twitter account posted an After Story comic on February 13th, 2022 by #もじゃクッキー @mojacookie.

Anipoke Episode 97 After Story
Yadon returns with them from Yadon's Island Go's a lap pillow at Sakura Park!? This is its expression after being petted.
アニポケ 第97話アフターストーリー

Production Art

The official Japanese Anime PR Twitter account posted a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this Anipoke episode with a production artwork piece on February 10th, 2022. The picture featured Pikachu and Togedemaru.

A glimpse behind the scenes of the Anipoke production
This time, from episode 97, it's an original drawing of Galar Yadon.
It's hard to tell what Yadon is thinking.
What's with the expression on its face?


Special First-Airing Segment Pocket Monsters Pikachu Run

Data Broadcast Pokémon: Galar Slowking

Who's that Pokémon Pocket Monsters 2019


Let's PokéRiddle!! Let's PokéRiddle!!

The first part of the Let's PokéRiddle!! segment aired between the end of the episode and the ending theme.

Let's PokéRiddle!! Let's PokéRiddle!!

Guided by this pattern, the [?] Pokémon is?
Hint: The tails represent the part of the name.
Explanation: The tail represents last letter of the Pokémon's name and each of those letters is used in the name.
Answer: Yadoran


The official Japanese Anime PR Twitter account also posted the PokéRiddle and the answer on February 12/13th, 2022.

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:01 みんなのゆうき
Japanese (Romanized): Min'na no yūki
Japanese (Trans): Everyone's Courage
Japan 00:19 きみょうなせいたい
Japanese (Romanized): Kimyō na Seitai
Japanese (Trans): A Bizarre Way of Living
Satoshi and Go arrive at Yadon Island.
Japan 01:05 1・2・3 Opening Theme for the Japanese Version
Japan 02:34 サブタイトル
Japanese (Romanized): Subtitle
Japanese (Trans): Subtitle
Title Card
Japan 02:43 どないやねん ヤドン
English: The Slowpoke Song
Japanese: どないやねん ヤドン
Japanese (Romanized): Do naiya nen Yadon
Japanese (Trans): The Slowpoke Song
The group find the Yadon.
Japan 03:57 でっか!!
Japanese (Romanized): Dekka! !
Japanese (Trans): Big!!
A group of Galarian Yadon make their way to where the Kantonian Yadon are.
Japan 05:03 ぽかーん
Japanese (Romanized): Pokān
Japanese (Trans): Gasp
The two forms of Yadon meet for the first time.
Japan 06:09 イタズラ
Japanese (Romanized): Itazura
Japanese (Trans): Mischief
The Kantonian Yadon does not like the taste of the Galarian Yadon's tail.
Japan 07:21 ポケモンサーカス
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Circus
Japanese (Trans): Pokémon Circus
A Galarian Yadoran shows up.
Japan 08:43 いじっぱり
Japanese (Romanized): Ijippari
Japanese (Trans): Adamant
Galarian Yadoran heads towards the sound of screaming. (Galarian Yadoking's scream goes through the eyecatch)
Japan 09:11 アイキャッチB
Japanese (Romanized): Eyecatch B
Japanese (Trans): Eyecatch B
Eyecatch Return
Japan 09:45 GO! Gaalrian Yadoking uses Psychic to bring over the Galanut Seeds.
Japan 11:05 ハラハラドキドキ
Japanese (Romanized): Hara hara doki doki
Japanese (Trans): So Nerve-wracking
Galarian Yadoking scares Sarunori.
Japan 11:30 のーてんき
Japanese (Romanized): Nōtenki
Japanese (Trans): Lax
Satoshi and Go arrive at Galarian Yadoking's home.
Japan 13:11 じぶんらしく
Japanese (Romanized): Jibunrashiku
Japanese (Trans): Be Yourself
Satoshi and Go flash back to when they had Johtonian Yadoking's shell on their heads.
Japan 14:34 PM2019 Satoking Rap Satoshi has the Yadoking shell on his head.
Japan 14:55 ちっちゃ!
Japanese (Romanized): Chitcha!
Japanese (Trans): Tiny!
Go tries to recruit for Galarian Yadoking's band.
Japan 16:21 PM2019 Satoking Rap Satoshi wants to rap battle.
Japan 16:38 GO! The Johtonian Yadoking's shell is on Go's head.
Japan 19:34 はじまりのバトル Vocal Cut Ver.
Japanese (Romanized): Hajimari no Battle Vocal Cut Ver.
Japanese (Trans): Beginning Battle Vocal Cut Ver.
Everyone eats the noodles.
Japan 20:55 「ポケモンジム」~Tv Anime Ver.
Japanese (Romanized): 'Pokémon Gym' ~Tv Anime Ver.
Japanese (Trans): 'Pokémon Gym' ~Tv Anime Ver.
The Galarian Yadon, Yadoran and Yadoking say goodbye to everyone.
Japan 21:44 バツグンタイプ
Japanese (Trans): Supereffective Type
Ending Theme for the Japanese Version
Japan 23:11 1・2・3じかいよこく
Japanese (Romanized): 1・2・3 Jikai yokoku
Japanese (Trans): 1・2・3 Next Episode Preview
Pocket Monsters (2019) Episode 98 Preview

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 23
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 0
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The floating island where Galar Yadon live collides with Yadon Island and the situation immediately gets explosive?! Even Satoshi and Go get involved, trying to get everyone to become friends...! Make note of the Rapper Boss' voice!

Satoshi and Go once again visit "Yadon Island", the island where the Yadon live. Suddenly "the floating island where Galar Yadon live" collides with it and a herd of Galar Yadon led by a Galar Yadoking disembark! Satoshi and Go decide to help the Galar Yadon become friends with the Yadon, but once again the two undergo a mysterious transformation...?!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Daiki Yamashita: Go
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Hana Takeda: Sarunori
Noriaki Kanze: Galar Yadon
Shogo Sakata: Yadon
Tatsuki Kobe: Yadoran
Abareru-kun: Galar Yadoking
Marina Aicholtz: Go's Smartphone Rotom
Kenyu Horiuchi: Narration
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This episode was very funny as saying YO YO YO and HEY HEY HEY!