Ash's Dragonite

Known As:
  • Flag Ash's Dragonite
  • Flag サトシのカイリュー
  • Flag Satoshi no Kairyu
  • Flag Satoshi's Kairyu
After watching an interview with a person rescued by the Dragon Pokémon "Kairyu" on the news, Ash Ketchum and Go get really interested in Kairyu and when Professor Cerise tells them that there's rumored to be an "island where only the Dragon Pokémon Kairyu live", they immediately decide to go search for it. They head out to sea riding on Go's newly caught Pokémon Jugon, but run into a sudden storm on the way. The two get swept away by the waves and wash ashore on an island, where they're met by a group of them.

Ash notices that the Dragonair that was taking them on a tour of the island was having problems learning to fly, so he decides to help it out with a training session and help it learn how to use Dragon Dance. Pikachu uses Electroweb as a trampoline to jump on and on one of its bounces, Ash saw that Dragonair was glowing and he told it to spin around. It learned Dragon Dance and finally learned to fly.

Team Rocket showed up and attempts to get all the Dragonite but Ash and Go confront them to rescue Dragonite. Team Rocket used a Wailord which created a huge wave that sent Ash flying. Dragonair tried to come to his rescue but it was too slippery for him to grab on to. It evolved into Dragonite and grabbed Ash before he fell into the sea. Dragonite then blasted Team Rocket off into the sky with Hyper Beam.

After rescuing the other Dragonite, the Dragonite that Ash had befriended wanted to come with him, so Ash got out a Poké Ball and caught it.

Battle Festival Challenge in Shalour City vs Korrina

Ash Ketchum battled against Korrina at the Battle Festival Challenge in Shalour City. During the battle, Ash's Gengar was defeated by Korrina's Mienshao and Korrina's Lucario and it was sent out to face off against both of them who had little damage. Ash's Dragonite was able to fight back and defeat Korrina's Mienshao and then faced Mega Lucario. Despite having taken damage from the previous fight, Ash's Dragonite was able to power up its speed and attack using Dragon Dance. It was revealed that it knew the move Hyper Beam and it tried to use it during the battle but it was blocked during its power up stage. Hurricane then did significant damage to Mega Lucario and the two came to blows with Power-Up Punch and Dragon Claw as finishing moves. Both attacks landed but in the end, Dragonite was left standing to give Ash Ketchum the victory and raise his ranking to 921.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Dragon Dance Type PM2019 10 A move that combines concentration and rhythmic movement to increase the physical skills of a Pokémon.
Dragon Claw Type PM2019 14 Raid Battle against Golurk.
Hurricane Type PM2019 14 Raid Battle against Golurk.
Hyper Beam Type PM2019 25 It didn't fire Hyper Beam in time!