Korrina's Lucario

Known As:
  • Flag Korrina's Lucario
  • Flag コルニのルカリオ
  • Flag Corni no Lucario
Voiced By:
Korrina's Riolu had been together with Korrina since she was small. They we played together every day, laughed, ate and sometimes they fought. They grew up like siblings.

Korrina's Riolu evolved into Korrina's Lucario one day. Lucario and Korrina are soulmates. One day they met Ash Ketchum and Pikachu near Route 5 and they were their 99th straight battle. Korrina's Lucario defeated Pikachu for their 99th victory and Korrina noted that Pikachu was a strong opponent.

Rocket Gang noted that having a Lucario that could Mega Evolve and could defeat Pikachu was a Pokémon worth capturing. For a short time they managed to capture Korrina's Lucario but Rocket Gang ended up being the 100th straight victory as they were sent off flying.

Battle Festival Challenge in Shalour City vs Korrina

Ash Ketchum battled against Korrina at the Battle Festival Challenge in Shalour City. During the battle, Ash's Gengar was defeated by Korrina's Mienshao and Korrina's Lucario and it was sent out to face off against both of them who had little damage. Ash's Dragonite was able to fight back and defeat Korrina's Mienshao and then faced Mega Lucario. Despite having taken damage from the previous fight, Ash's Dragonite was able to power up its speed and attack using Dragon Dance. It was revealed that it knew the move Hyper Beam and it tried to use it during the battle but it was blocked during its power up stage. Hurricane then did significant damage to Mega Lucario and the two came to blows with Power-Up Punch and Dragon Claw as finishing moves. Both attacks landed but in the end, Dragonite was left standing to give Ash Ketchum the victory and raise his ranking to 921.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Swords Dance Type XY 30 Citron noted it raised its Attack.
Bone Rush Type XY 30 Ash was surprised and didn't know that Bone Rush could be used the way Korrina's Lucario used it.
Power-Up Punch Type XY 30 Defeated Pikachu in their first battle near Route 5
Aura Sphere Type XY 34 While perfecting its Mega Evolution transformation, it learned the move
Series Title
XY 30 Mega Revelations!コルニとルカリオ!メガシンカの秘密!!Corni and Lucario! The Secrets of Mega Evolution!!
XY 31 The Cave of Trials!ルカリオVSバシャーモ!試練の洞窟!!Lucario VS Burshamo! The Cave of Trials!!
XY 32 The Aura Storm!メガルカリオ対メガルカリオ!波導の嵐!!Mega Lucario VS Mega Lucario! A Storm of Wave Guidance!!
XY 33 Calling From Beyond the Aura!呼び合う心!波導のむこうへ!!Hearts Calling Out to One Another! Go Beyond Wave!!
XY 34 The Bonds of Mega Evolution!メガルカリオ対メガクチート!メガシンカの絆!!Mega Lucario VS Mega Kucheat! The Mega Evolution Bond!!
XY 39 Summer of Discovery!ポケモン・サマーキャンプ! ライバル三人組搭乗!!Pokémon Summer Camp! Enter the Rival Trio!!
XY 43 Origins of Mega Evolution!マスタータワー! メガシンカの歴史!!The Master Tower! The History of Mega Evolution!!
XY 44 Showdown at the Shalour Gym!シャラジム戦! ピカチュウVSメガルカリオ!!Shala Gym Match! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!!
XY 62 The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!サイエンスの未来を守れ!電気の迷宮!!Protect the Future of Science! The Labyrinth of Electricity!!
XYZ 19 Master Class Is in Session!マスタークラス開幕! 火花散る乙女の激闘!!The Master Class Begins! A Maidens' Fight Where Sparks Fly!!
XYZ 20 Performing A Pathway To The Future!エルVSセレナ!開け未来への扉!!Elle VS Serena! Open the Door to the Future!!
XYZ 30 A Diamond in the Rough!メレシーを探せ!ヌメルゴンとデデンネ!!Find Melecie! Numelgon and Dedenne!!
XYZ 39 A Towering Takeover!襲撃フレア団!プリズムタワーのジガルデ!!The Flare Gang Attacks! The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!!
XYZ 40 Coming Apart at the Dreams!衝撃ジガルデ対ジガルデ!壊れゆく世界!!The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!!
XYZ 42 Rocking Kalos Defenses!進撃する巨石!カロス防衛線!!The Megalith Advances! Kalos' Defense Line!!
XYZ 43 Forming A More Perfect Union!反撃のジガルデ!カロス最終決戦!!Zygarde Fights Back! The Final Battle for Kalos!!
XYZ 47 Till We Compete Again!終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!A Zero With No End! Till the Day we Meet Again!!
PM2019 25 命爆発バトルフェス!VSメガルカリオ!!A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!!